99 reasons why I really LOVE Islam (with sources)

Thank God for Islam!

Blogging Theology

1 Islam is our direct connection to the Creator of the universe (1:1)

2 Islam is the religion of all the prophets (peace be upon them) (2:136)

3 Islam is the religion of human nature (30:30)

4 Islam conforms to sound reason and rationality (2:164)

5 Islam guides us to “ways of peace” (5:16)

6 Allah is “the Most Merciful of the merciful” (12:64)

7 Allah is “the Forgiving, the Loving” (85:14)

8 Allah is “most kind to His servants” (2:206)

9 Allah “pardons much sin” (42:34)

10 Allah will give believers a “good life” in the world (16:97)

11 Allah orders “justice and good conduct” (16:90)

12 Allah orders “good treatment” to all members of society, especially parents (4:36)

13 Allah promises believers will go to Paradise “forever” (2:25)

14 Allah gives believers “a light by which to walk” (57:28)

15 Allah is the “source of peace” (59:23)


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