Watch “Despicable & Dishonest Missionaries | Mansur | Speakers Corner | Hyde Park” on YouTube

Brother Mansur exposes the lying Christian missionaries regarding the qiraat. If Christians need to lie like this to promote their religion and attack Islam, then isn't it obvious that they are desperate and don't have any good arguments?

NEW VIDEO: “Christian Prince Debates a Muslim on “Temporary Marriage” – Part 4″

This one will really hurt! Watch how Christian Prince, the "schalah", embarrasses himself by confusing nikah al-mut'ah with a something not even remotely related to it! Christian prince fans, stop following this man! He is deceiving you!

NEW VIDEO: “Christian prince debates a Muslim on “Temporary Marriage” – Part 3″

In this video, we will see how Christian Prince unwittingly threw his Bible under the bus in his rush to criticize "nikah al-mut'ah" as an illegitimate form of marriage. This will be entertaining, inshaAllah!

Watch “[Exposed:] Indian State Ties to Terrorist Groups in Pakistan and Afghanistan” – CJ Werleman

The duplicity and hypocrisy of America and the European nations when it comes to funding, arming, and training terrorist groups are well-known. But there is also undeniable evidence of Indian involvement in sponsoring terrorism. Journal CJ Werleman exposes the Indian state for funding terror groups like ISIS-K.

NEW VIDEO: “Herem & Human Sacrifice: Response to Luis on Deuteronomy 13”

The 4th and last video response (for now) to Christian apologist Luis Dizon and company on "herem" being a form of human sacrifice will deal with Deuteronomy 13 and the destruction of an entire Israelite city in which just one person is guilty of idol worship. I have argued that the city and its people …

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Watch “Robert Spencer ! The Most Embarrassing Islamophobe” – Detective O’Wil

The pathetic pseudo-scholar Robert Spencer gets educated on the Uthmanic writ, just as he is promoting a new book and begging people to buy it (he needs the money!). 😂😂