Watch “Christian preacher’s lies against Islam backfired – Helps me give $500 to Charity” on YouTube

This is Dr. Sabeel Ahmed's response to Christian princess' pathetic claim of a "debate". Thanks CP for bringing more attention to Dr. Ahmed and leading to a $500 donation to charity! Alhamdulillah!

Watch “[FAKE DEBATE] Christian Prince vs Dr. Sabeel” on YouTube

Desperation! Christian princess is so desperate to make himself into a "schalah"! Now, he had the delusion that he "debated" a real scholar, Dr. Sabeel Ahmed! Watch the video and see how deluded CP and his fans really are.

Watch “Christian Prince ATTEMPTS to Defend himself! (11 Lies)” on YouTube

Christian Dunce just keeps making things worse for himself. It's no wonder he is so afraid of accepting Farid's challenge for a moderated debate! In this video, brother Farid further exposes The Dunce's ridiculously low-level intellect. Make sure to watch the ending! 😉😂