NEW VIDEO: “Christian Prince Debates a Muslim on “Temporary Marriage” – Part 4″

This one will really hurt! Watch how Christian Prince, the "schalah", embarrasses himself by confusing nikah al-mut'ah with a something not even remotely related to it! Christian prince fans, stop following this man! He is deceiving you!

NEW VIDEO: “Christian prince debates a Muslim on “Temporary Marriage” – Part 3″

In this video, we will see how Christian Prince unwittingly threw his Bible under the bus in his rush to criticize "nikah al-mut'ah" as an illegitimate form of marriage. This will be entertaining, inshaAllah!

Watch “Got a Call from the FBI …” – Sheikh Uthman Ibn Farooq

MashaAllah, the sheikh seems to have really triggered the Three Stooges Hammer, Crook, and Hassamo. They and their cronies are trying to silence him by making false accusations of "terrorist threats". The Christians can't fight the truth with reasoned arguments, so they are trying to silence it using cowardly and deceptive tactics. InshaAllah, they will …

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