Watch “Got a Call from the FBI …” – Sheikh Uthman Ibn Farooq

MashaAllah, the sheikh seems to have really triggered the Three Stooges Hammer, Crook, and Hassamo. They and their cronies are trying to silence him by making false accusations of "terrorist threats". The Christians can't fight the truth with reasoned arguments, so they are trying to silence it using cowardly and deceptive tactics. InshaAllah, they will …

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Watch “Christian preacher’s lies against Islam backfired – Helps me give $500 to Charity” on YouTube

This is Dr. Sabeel Ahmed's response to Christian princess' pathetic claim of a "debate". Thanks CP for bringing more attention to Dr. Ahmed and leading to a $500 donation to charity! Alhamdulillah!

Watch “[FAKE DEBATE] Christian Prince vs Dr. Sabeel” on YouTube

Desperation! Christian princess is so desperate to make himself into a "schalah"! Now, he had the delusion that he "debated" a real scholar, Dr. Sabeel Ahmed! Watch the video and see how deluded CP and his fans really are.