The many roastings of Zozo Francisco…Richard Carrier Edition

It seems Zozo (aka Hanuman) Francisco, the sexually-frustrated Christian bigot and fanatic, has been trying to preach his religion to skeptics like Dr. Richard Carrier, and just like his many goofball rants on this blog, his rant on Carrier’s blog also resulted in his humiliation. The monkey got roasted! See below for his pathetic performance against Carrier. Everytime Carrier refuted Zozo, the latter panicked and resorted to Google searches in a vain effort to respond to Carrier’s overwhelming scholarship. Also note how Zozo tried to change subjects and make irrelevant comments after he failed to refute Carrier.

While I am no fan of Carrier and his extreme anti-religion views, he is nevertheless a scholar of history, including Christian history. In addition, Carrier rightfully called out Zozo’s bigotry and ignorance of Islam. Hats off to him for that.

Agreed, “A religion is a set of propositions. Most of which are false” so theist are blinded with such false dogma now tell me what are atheist blinded. Can you atheist show what good you had done for the world…Ok, Jesus never existed fine then how does it matter to you. Can you atheist show us from one antiquity a quote “love your enemy”. If no then why do you puke venom, being an atheist you people failed to show the history of early Christianity. Christopher Hitchens, accused Mother Teresa but can you show me what Christopher Hitchens gave to the world which Mother Teresa did not. By insulting God and people who try to do good for society, what do you atheist trying to prove. I never saw a blog of yours written in favor of Christianity, well i read your blogs and heard your debate, you have nothing new to say. Just ripping out verses and trying to connect irrelevance verses which make no sense.

Yes. “Love your enemy” was a known aphorism prior to Christianity. In Stoic philosophy, for example. See Musonius Rufus as the most renowned instance. Catch up here and here and here.

Countless atheists throughout history have made the world a better place. Indeed, ours are the largest and most successful charities in history: we call them governments. Evidence shows atheists are no less giving and caring than Christians. Start catching up here.

Whereas Jesus was actually a horrible person by the accounts fabricated of him. Catch up on that here.

If you want to know why I find the question of historicity interesting and became a leading researcher on it, read my book. It explains.

Atheists aim to have no false dogmas. Though many still do, we at least endeavor to end those errors, biases, and dependencies by committing to evidence-based reasoning and critical thought. Some succeed at this more than others. But we aim to have beliefs that will change with evidence; rather than dogmas, which are beliefs immune to evidence.

Mother Theresa, BTW, was also not a very good person. She sought to keep thousands in poverty and misery, rather than to end poverty and misery. Catch up here and here.

And Christianity has almost entirely been a heavy chain weighting humanity down and slowing its progress and betterment. What good there is in it, and that it has inspired, comes with too much that’s worse to warrant keeping the package. We need to dump all the bad and illogical and unevidenced stuff, and stick with what actually is good. Lo and behold, when you do that, what you end up with is Secular Humanism.

Also, please work harder on your grammar. this is what i got and yes can you provide evidence that book of “Daniel is a forgery”. And yes we have bits of manuscripts that comes from the 60-70 years after the original is written down. But we have to wait for Josephus’s manuscript about 800 years after the original is written and so goes with all the historians and yet it seems you have no problem with them. So, you are trying to be hypocrite. on the other hand every scholar let it be Bruce Metzger, F. F. Bruce, Bart Erhman, Dr. Dan Wallace agree with the dating and authenticity but you on the other side of the world even ready to disapprove their verdict. Well, hypocrisy right. So, not much of evidence only side wash. Thanks

That comment makes no sense. We don’t trust Josephus’s text either (it is riddled with interpolations and transmission errors), yet it wasn’t under intense dogmatic pressures to be altered as the NT was, so the distortion rate is vastly higher: as in fact we have confirmed precisely because we have so many manuscripts, we can see the extraordinarily high rate of errors and interpolations in the text! As Ehrman himself has proved in multiple books. Metzger too. And I don’t substantially disagree with Ehrman on the dating of the NT books. So what are you talking about? i picked this up and you have been refuted.

Richard Carrier August 20, 2018, 12:20 pm about Mother Teresa and please don’t quote Christopher Hitchikins, you atheist cannot do good for the world. Show me what you atheist did nothing. Mother Teresa was against abortion and fair enough she opposed killing so what is wrong..atheist don’t like it so i can understand. Can you atheist lay life for humanity if so then go back to such countries and start with your work helping don’t come and criticize someone. 22 coptic Christians were killed by ISIS and you don’t criticize that, the Armanian and Assariyan genocide and you don’t write about it. So, stop misquoting people and scriptures. Thanks, go out and do something for humans and then you have the right to whisper.

Your babbling here is not relevant to what you were just shown: Mother Theresa did no more good than countless atheist philanthropists and organizations have done, and yet she demonstrably did a lot of harm. She sought to glorify poverty and misery and extended a lot of it. We seek to cure poverty and misery. And thus end a lot of it.

If you are an atheist then here is what is written in Quran, so pick up your back first. So, when Islam comes you will be the first to be executed of. Don’t argue go do some research

A verse in a false scripture talking about a specific historical incident in which an order was delivered to kill a specific group of polytheists, has what to do with atheism? something on abortion, so Mother Teresa spoke about it she was wrong now what are your views.

Not relevant here. I will delete any further comments of yours that aren’t relevant to the article you are commenting on.

Mr. Richard if you have not read Islamic theology so don’t quote it, small advice. I had done research on it so please don’t argue.

I’m pretty sure I have far more education and experience with Islam than you do. I’ve written numerous articles on it and spent a whole day interviewing diverse Muslims from around the world, and then debating them in Dearborn Michigan several years ago, before an audience of a thousand Muslims. I seriously doubt you’ve done as much. Your behavior here suggests all you do is read the uninformed and skewed rants of bigots; and have never actually spoken to a Muslim or read Muslim commentaries.

15 thoughts on “The many roastings of Zozo Francisco…Richard Carrier Edition

  1. stewjo004

    Hahahahahahaha!!! Not nearly as friendly in the athiest camp then ours I see. Just a quick point did this dude just try to take credit for welfare when we were the ones who created it?

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  2. mr.heathcliff

    ” In addition, Carrier rightfully called out Zozo’s bigotry and ignorance of Islam. Hats off to him for that.”

    carrier is always anti-islam, but when he sees christians for the f_____ hypocrites they are, he calls them out.

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      1. stewjo004

        @ QB

        Very true but athiest part in the Fire is much hotter. Also did you read Carrier’s pathetic “primer” for Islam. Litterally starts with admit you know less. So discussion is over lol.

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      2. Yeah, he’s very extreme, but that’s how he is with all religions. At least he’s consistent. And when Zozo tried to change the subject to Islam using Surah 9:5, Carrier put him in his place for his ignorance and bigotry. You have to applaud that at least.


      3. mr.heathcliff

        “I respectfully disagree. I think his kufr is worse than any missionary.”

        i specifically had in mind the following

        As you can see the way carrier called out zozo for distorting ayah of quran, he knew distortion is coming from a hypocrite. I know this because he call out crosstians and bible verses when quran is attacked on his blog. this is what i had in mind. About his kufr …this was not what i had in mind, i was talking about hypocrisy of christian

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  3. Zozo is pissed! He has tried to post irrelevant comments filled with his usual perverted rants. These comments have been deleted. Funny how he keeps confirming his status as a sexually-frustrated troll. Is this pervert the best that Christianity has to offer?


  4. stewjo004

    @ QB

    I meant Zoze. Carrier and his crew was attacking Christianity and his first response was to deflect to Islam. It was just weird what do we have to do with the subject?

    And yeah he’s “consistent” (I don’t really think so) but I would rather have the Christians than these people personally. I find his pretentious attitude annoying.

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  5. This man has no class…clearly frustrated in life, most probably a loser, unwanted, maybe rejected, ignored, uunimportant, inherently self hating so he chose apologetics to feel better about himself but yet again his grossly frustration comes out because he knows he’s incompetent at this too…what a sad life and i’m laughing at it

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