Watch “Jesus vs Muhammad? (Peace Be Upon Them) David Wood Exposed. Acts 17 Apologetics.” on YouTube

Dead Wood, the chief clown of Christian apologetics, is really desperate! This video is brought to you by the "Halal Homer" channel. Subscribe to the brother's channel and show him your support!

Watch “11 Differences in 1 page of Quran (Response to David Wood)” on YouTube

Farid educates Dead Wood and the pseudoscholar Dan Brubaker on the preservation of the Quran. Christians, give it up. This stuff is way above your low intellect level. 😂

Watch “Variant Readings of the Qur’an (ft. David Wood)?” on YouTube

Ijaz puts the smackdown on desperate and ignorant Christians on the "variant readings of the Quran" and then finishes them off on their prized manuscript of the NT, the pathetically small P52 (which actually has an omission!). 😂