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  1. Pk

    I wanted to ask how you can accept the quran as the word of God when I see a self contradiction between muslims who claim that the bible has been corrupted, when the quran claims that it has not been corrupted. Eg Surah 3:3-4 and 4.136 speak of Allah’s bookS and the scripture He revealed before the quran. And allah says to muhammad “if you were in doubt about the new revelations, ask those who were reading the scripture before you” (surah 10.94) so the bible cannot be corrupted otherwise allah would not have referred to it as “light and guidance” that can help Muhammad’s doubts. Thus if the bible is true, then the quran is false, because it contradicts the truth. But if the bible is false, then the quran is false, because the quran says that the bible is true. 
    So I see a contradiction here. How do you get around this, apart from saying ‘only some parts of the bible have been corrupted’ ??


  2. stewjo004

    @ Pk

    Hi PK welcome to the blog, could please move your post to the “Open Forum” page that would be super. This is so that other people interested in your question can see it in the relevant section and I’ll also post my answer there. Thank you.

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  3. Karim B

    Thanks Brother. I ask Allah to bring peace, security, health, healing, forgiveness and reward from Allah, prosperity and respect to African Americans and to multiply the number of Muslims and quality of their Islam.

    I also pray that Allah cleans Paul Williams life and heart because the 2 things that you mentioned are keeping him from Islam.

    Jazak Allahou Khair

    Karim B, Montreal

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