The Exodus in the Quran: A Response to a Reddit Reviewer

The Exodus in the Quran: A Response to a Reddit Reviewer بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْم “Thus do We relate to thee some stories of what happened before: for We have sent thee a Message from Our own Presence.”  - The Quran, Surah Taha, 20:99             This article is a response to a recent review that …

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Watch “David Wood Challenged Me to Refute This Video! (5 Disgusting “Facts”)” on YouTube

Another excellent refutation by brother Farid! First Apostate Prophet, then Christian Prince, and now David Wood. May Allah bless Farid! He is a rapidly becoming a legend in modern Muslim apologetics!

The Qur’an, the Jews and Ezra as the Son of God

Interesting discussion by Jonathan Brown on the belief that Uzayr was the “son of God”.

Blogging Theology

By Dr Jonathan Brown. This article was initially published at Al-Medina Institute.

Why does the Quran tell us that the Jews claim Ezra (ʿUzayr) is the son of God (Quran 9:30), when Jews do not make this claim or anything approaching it?  This is not a question that arose just recently during an interfaith panel. It’s not a new question at all. Even in the ninth century, the Zaydi Imam and renowned scholar al-Qāsim b Ibrāhīm al-Rassī (d. 860 CE), who had studied Jewish and Christian scriptures in Egypt and who had engaged in debates with priests and rabbis, said that he had never encountered a Jew who believed Ezra was the son of God.1 Nor was this a question that Muslims pondered at ease in the libraries of Baghdad or Cordoba. As early as the ninth century, Muslim scholars like al-Jāḥiẓ (d. 868, who wrote a famous…

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Did the Qurʾān borrow from the Syriac Legend of Alexander?

An interesting discussion on the Quran’s alleged borrowing from the Syriac legend of Alexander the Great.

Pondering Islam

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In 2007, an article appeared in Gabriel Said Reynold’s ‘The Qurʾān in its Historical Context’ titled ‘The Alexander Legend in the Qurʾān 18:83-102’, authored by Kevin Van Bladel. This article has proven to be a substantial contribution to understanding the background of the Dhū-lQarnayn pericope in sūrat al-Kahf, or ‘The Cave’. The primary thesis of Van Bladel’s paper is that the story of Dhū-lQarnayn essentially depends on the ‘Neṣḥānā d-Aleksandrūs’, otherwise referred to as the “Syriac Legend of Alexander1” in contemporary scholarship.

The Syriac Legend dates approximately to 630 A.D2, and was brought to light by the orientalist E.A Wallis Budge in 1889, apparently being a work appended to the Syriac edition of Pseudo-Callisthenes. In his book titled “The History of Alexander the Great…

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On Numbers 31, Christian compares Yahweh to a Mafia boss!

This is an interesting conversation between a CP fanboy and myself. After avoiding discussing the brutal murders of Midianite boys and the capture of the virgin girls as wives, this Christian was forced to admit that Yahweh's actions are more akin to Don Ciccio in the Godfather movies rather than the compassionate and forgiving Creator …

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Watch “Did the Sahaba make emendation to Quran? Islam Critiqued refuted (final part)” on YouTube

Part 2 of Muslim Allegation Hunters' refuation of "Islam Critiqued" on alleged "emendations" made to the Quran by some of the Sahaba. Also, what's the deal with "Islam Critiqued's" feminine-sounding voice? 🤔

Watch “Are there parts of Quran which were lost? Islam Critiqued & David Wood (Acts17Apologetics) refuted” on YouTube

Muslim Allegation Hunters are back at it! Watch this excellent refutation of Christian pseudoscholars on the issue of alleged "lost" part of the Quran. They also provide devastating evidence of lost books of the Bible, including some missing letters from Paul.