Watch “Emotional address of a Son in Court in New Zealand مسلمان کی مجرم سے گفتگو (جذباتی مناظر)۔” on YouTube

The son of one of the Christchurch victims speaks to the coward terrorist. I hope his words pierced the coward's heart. Watch how the scumbag turns away during the speech. May Allah bless the victims and their families and reward them with Jannatul Firdaws.

Letter to Baghdadi from Islamic Scholars

This is old news, but since some Christian boneheads, such as the pervert Zozo Francisco, claim that ISIS represents Islam, here is the Executive Summary of a letter signed and sent by 126 Islamic scholars from across the world. In the letter, the scholars refuted Baghdadi's abhorrent ideology while citing authentic Islamic sources. Source:

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