NEW VIDEO: David Wood’s Beliefs About Jesus |Muhammad vs Jesus|Part 1| Episode I

Episode One begins a series of responses to David Wood (aka Dajjal Wood) and his video "Muhammad vs. Jesus". I will first respond to the claims Wood makes about Jesus (peace be upon him), exposing Wood's ridiculous arguments, deception, and ignorance along the way, in shaa Allah. In a separate series, I will respond to …

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Watch “Ijaz Ahmad Threatened a Christian?” on YouTube

The Christian apologists are at it again, promoting false rumors and lies due to their failure to stop the inevitable victory of Islam, in shaa Allah. Now, they target brother Ijaz Ahmed, who has shredded Christianity and now shreds the lies propagated against him.

Watch “The BEST Channel on Youtube?!” on YouTube

Brother Farid surveys some of the other Muslim YouTube channels. Guess who made the list? 😁 May Allah reward our brother, not only for his efforts in destroying the Islamophobes but also for supporting the efforts of others as well.

NEW VIDEO: Slavery in Islam & Christianity

Who is the better role model regarding slavery: the Biblical Jesus or Muhammad (peace be upon them)? Christians are often critical of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) for owning slaves, and promote a false narrative of the Bible's alleged egalitarian views on slavery. In this video, we will set the matter straight and show the hypocrisy of …

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