Watch “Refuting Yasir Qadhi AND David Wood [The Prophet’s ﷺ Marriage to Zaynab]” on YouTube – Farid Responds

Brother Farid provides a good refutation of Dead Wood and...unfortunately of Yasir Qadhi as well, on the fabricated Hadith about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Zaynab.

Watch “The BEST Channel on Youtube?!” on YouTube

Brother Farid surveys some of the other Muslim YouTube channels. Guess who made the list? 😁 May Allah reward our brother, not only for his efforts in destroying the Islamophobes but also for supporting the efforts of others as well.

Watch “Mohammed Hijab vs Apostate Prophet [HIGHLIGHTS]” on YouTube

This is just a small sample! Ridvan, aka Apus, took yet another beating. First, it was Daniel Haqiqatjou, and now, Mohammed Hijab. Hey Apus, maybe stick to being a small-time thug impressing your Hindutva fanboys and leave the debating to more educated people. 😂😂 For the full debate, see here:

Watch “Neurologist debunks ex-Muslim! [Epilepsy Argument Deflated]” on YouTube

Farid interviews a neurologist to debunk the fake diagnosis of the apostate "Gondal", the same guy who thinks that bestiality is okay. 🤦‍♂️ Sorry "Dr." Gondal, but we will rely on real doctors.