NEW VIDEO: “Arms” or “Seed”? A Response to Al-Finlandi on Daniel 11:31 & the False Prophecies About Antiochus

This video is a follow-up to my Twitter conversation with the Christian apologist Al-Finlandi about the clear false prophecies in Daniel 11 concerning the Seleucid Greek king Antiochus IV. Before watching the video, it is recommended that you read the discussion and familiarize yourself with the subject:

Watch “The Qur’an and the Secrets of Egypt” on YouTube – Many Prophets One Message

This is an excellent summary of the amazing knowledge of Egyptian history in the Quran, and also demonstrates the futility of the Christian argument that the Quran "copied" from the Bible. Interested readers can also see my 3-part series on the Exodus in the Quran and Bible:

NEW VIDEO: Attack of the Assassins | Muhammad vs Jesus | Episode 5 | Part 2

Did Muhammad (peace be upon him) have people assassinated for composing satirical poems about him? The stories are well-known and exploited by the deceitful Christian Sith. But are those stories reliable and historically valid? Let's lay this matter to rest once and for all, young padawans. Also included in this video is a refutation of …

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NEW VIDEO: David Wood & the OT Prophecies About Jesus

With Episode II, a series of refutations of David Wood's lies about Jesus (peace be upon him) begins. First in line, the alleged "dozens" of Old Testament "prophecies" that Jesus supposedly "fulfilled"... Prepare yourselves, young padawans. The shroud of the Dark Side has fallen. Begun the Jesus War has.

NEW VIDEO: David Wood’s Beliefs About Jesus |Muhammad vs Jesus|Part 1| Episode I

Episode One begins a series of responses to David Wood (aka Dajjal Wood) and his video "Muhammad vs. Jesus". I will first respond to the claims Wood makes about Jesus (peace be upon him), exposing Wood's ridiculous arguments, deception, and ignorance along the way, in shaa Allah. In a separate series, I will respond to …

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Watch “The BEST Channel on Youtube?!” on YouTube

Brother Farid surveys some of the other Muslim YouTube channels. Guess who made the list? 😁 May Allah reward our brother, not only for his efforts in destroying the Islamophobes but also for supporting the efforts of others as well.

NEW VIDEO: Slavery in Islam & Christianity

Who is the better role model regarding slavery: the Biblical Jesus or Muhammad (peace be upon them)? Christians are often critical of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) for owning slaves, and promote a false narrative of the Bible's alleged egalitarian views on slavery. In this video, we will set the matter straight and show the hypocrisy of …

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NEW VIDEO: “Concluding Remarks and Sincere Advice | Revelation Now | Part 9” on YouTube

In the previous 8 parts, we refuted the ridiculous claims of the Christian propaganda channel "Revelation Now" and its deceptive use of the book of Revelation to malign Islam. In this video, we will close the series with some final comments and some sincere advice to truth-seeking Christians.

New Video: Was Muhammad (pbuh) unsure of his salvation? | Revelation Now | Part 8

As we near the end of this series, we refute another preposterous claim made by the "Revelation Now", and one which is repeated ad nauseum by other Christian apologists. Was the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) uncertain of salvation? Is there no guarantee of salvation given to believers in Islam?