NEW VIDEO: “Concluding Remarks and Sincere Advice | Revelation Now | Part 9” on YouTube

In the previous 8 parts, we refuted the ridiculous claims of the Christian propaganda channel "Revelation Now" and its deceptive use of the book of Revelation to malign Islam. In this video, we will close the series with some final comments and some sincere advice to truth-seeking Christians.

Watch “Emotional address of a Son in Court in New Zealand مسلمان کی مجرم سے گفتگو (جذباتی مناظر)۔” on YouTube

The son of one of the Christchurch victims speaks to the coward terrorist. I hope his words pierced the coward's heart. Watch how the scumbag turns away during the speech. May Allah bless the victims and their families and reward them with Jannatul Firdaws.

Watch “Mohammed Hijab vs Apostate Prophet [HIGHLIGHTS]” on YouTube

This is just a small sample! Ridvan, aka Apus, took yet another beating. First, it was Daniel Haqiqatjou, and now, Mohammed Hijab. Hey Apus, maybe stick to being a small-time thug impressing your Hindutva fanboys and leave the debating to more educated people. 😂😂 For the full debate, see here:

New Video: Was Muhammad (pbuh) unsure of his salvation? | Revelation Now | Part 8

As we near the end of this series, we refute another preposterous claim made by the "Revelation Now", and one which is repeated ad nauseum by other Christian apologists. Was the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) uncertain of salvation? Is there no guarantee of salvation given to believers in Islam?

New Video: The Seven Hills and Seven Demonic Kingdoms | Revelation Now | Part 7

In Part 7, we revisit the symbolism of the seven heads of the beast as "seven hills" and "seven kings". Was Mecca built on seven hills? Does Revelation prophecy seven "kingdoms", culminating with the 8th kingdom of the beast (i.e., Islam)? We separate fact from fiction using maps, Google Earth, and some good old research, …

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