Embarrassing a minion of Christian prince(ss) on Muslims sending greetings upon the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

This is a perfect example of the mindless sheep that are attracted to the ramblings of self-promoting pseudo-scholars like Christian prince(ss). Having failed to refute my assertion that Christian worship of Jesus (peace be upon him) is a form of paganism, more akin to Hinduism than to the pure religion of Abraham and all the prophets (peace be upon them), an anonymous nutjob (whom I have come to call Jabba the Hutt, since he reminds me of a fat slob sitting on his computer spamming blogs all day long) tried to deflect by accusing Muslims of “paganism” because we send greetings upon the prophet during our daily prayers. Below are screenshots of this hilarious exchange on BloggingTheology. Notice how the ignorant Christian didn’t even realize what sending “salaams” on the Prophet meant, and responded by saying that Muslims say “Peace be upon you” to the Prophet during our prayers!

Jabba the Hutt 1Jabba the Hutt 2Jabba the Hutt 3Jabba the Hutt 4Jabba the Hutt 5

13 thoughts on “Embarrassing a minion of Christian prince(ss) on Muslims sending greetings upon the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

  1. mr.heathcliff

    i don’t understand the logic of this triplet worshiper, is he saying that if x is alive, then one can pray to it?

    for example

    lets says jesus said “elijah, elijah, why have you forsaken me?”

    is he saying that since elijah was alive, then it is okay to call to him?

    “peace be upon you oh prophet ”

    lets say that the prophet does not hear and even the angels do not convey to him (p) , how is saying “peace be upon you oh prophet” implies one is worshiping him (p) ?

    when people died , people still address them as if they are living “mum i miss you”

    i wanna ask again, how does any of this have anything to do with worship ?

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  2. mr.heathcliff

    just using “crosstian prince” thinking :

    when jesus told the jews to violently PENETRATE the infants and pregnant women with their swords, imagine the THRUSTING . “imagine the body with sword” and “body of infant”

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    1. That doesn’t bother this specimen. She said she actually gets “pleasure” from verses like 1 Samuel 15:3. Imagine: this sicko gets pleasure from stories about infanticide! If there was ever any doubt about how evil these people are, it should be removed by now.

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