4 thoughts on “Watch “A Singaporean Hindu Lady agrees to accept Islaam with her family… – Dr Zakir Naik” on YouTube

  1. Akainu

    God wants to see?
    But God knows the future then why god wants to see?
    A question I have in my mind from sometime: If god knows the future doesn’t it means god has created that future?
    For example–> Hitler killed many people. When he was a child god would have known that this kid will be a murderer. From this 2 things can be concluded:1) Future or Fate is fixed, what someone will be in the future is fixed.
    2)If god created everything then he also created future which means god made hitler a murderer.


    1. stewjo004

      @ Akainu

      “To see” was just a bad choice of words. What Dr.Naik meant was like “to demonstrate” or “establish proof”etc.

      “1) Future or Fate is fixed, what someone will be in the future is fixed.”
      Yes, we as Muslims believe this. This is part of “Qadr” (i.e. destiny). That is why it is incorrect for us to say “freewill” and more accurately use the term “free choice”.

      “2)If god created everything then he also created future which means god made hitler a murderer.”
      In your example, God knew the outcome already of the event when those parameters were in order and is judging based on Hitler’s intent (as you yourself know you don’t feel some magic compulsion every time you choose to do something). If I pull the trigger of a gun on someone and then the gun jams I had the intent to kill the person and that’s what I am being called to account for. Let’s say you have a small family member like a son, daughter, niece, etc. Imagine what their favorite show is now sit them down and give the option between their favorite show and a documentary on wheat. Which show are they going to pick? Obviously their favorite show. Did you “force them” or “take away their choice”? No, you just know the family member, At a “large scale” this is essentially what’s happening. Finally, in conclusion, God allows evil for the good it will ultimately bring in the end and this is the point of the Quranic story of Moses(as) and Khidr(as).

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      1. Vaqas Rehman


        In my opinion believing in Qadr or destiny is the natural consequence of truly believing that God is all-powerful and all-knowing. After all what explanation could someone give as an alternative to to Qadr other than God didn’t know evil was going to occur or that on some level human will was able to override the will of God?

        If I’ve said anything wrong then by all means please correct me.

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      2. stewjo004

        @ Vaqas

        That’s basically it. The only other alternative is what other religious systems like Zoroastrianism (and I would argue Christianity as well) came up with in that are there are actually 2 gods, one of evil and the other of good but then that comes with a whole new set of complications.

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