The destruction of the Midianites, according to Josephus – Revisiting Numbers 31:18

To continue further exposing Cerbie’s lies in his attempts to cover up the brutality of Numbers 31, here is the 1st-century Jewish historian Josephus’ account of the war against the Midianites, and the sparing of the virgins:

“Now when the enemies were discomfited, the Hebrews spoiled their country, and took a great prey, and destroyed the men that were its inhabitants, together with the women; only they let the virgins alone, as Moses had commanded Phineas to do, who indeed came back, bringing with him an army that had received no harm, and a great deal of prey; fifty-two thousand beeves, seventy-five thousand six hundred sheep, sixty thousand asses, with an immense quantity of gold and silver furniture, which the Midianites made use of in their houses; for they were so wealthy, that they were very luxurious. There were also led captive about thirty-two thousand virgins” (Antiquities of the Jews, Book 4, Chapter 7).

So, notice that he said that all the “women” were killed, and the virgins were spared.  It seems pretty straight-forward, unless you are a brainwashed Christian who is too embarrassed by the facts. 

3 thoughts on “The destruction of the Midianites, according to Josephus – Revisiting Numbers 31:18

  1. John Stewart

    Are we still arguing about Numbers 31:18? I have yet to see a single source say they were women but at least seven various Jewish and Christian sources say they were children.

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    1. Lol, well since Cerbie felt compelled to come back to the blog, I felt compelled to lay down some more inconvenient facts for our canine friend. He never admitted to the bare facts about Numbers 31:18. So let’s keep piling it on for the unfortunate dog of hell!

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