DEBATE: The Qurʾān or the Bible, Which is the Word of God? Dr. Michael Brown & Ust. Ijaz Ahmad

May Allah reward brother Ijaz for his efforts! The Christian apologists have no where to hide when good old facts are presented to them.

Calling Christians

Bismillāh, Alḥamdulillāh, As-Ṣalātu was-Salāmu ʿAla Rasulullāh.

In April of 2021 I had the pleasure of debating Dr. Michael Brown (Line of Fire) on a new short form debate series for AWKING TV, a Christian streaming channel. The series, That’s Debatable was meant to cater for hot topics in short form debates with a focus on robust rapid fire segments. In total, my episode was the last to debut at #8 and generally holding to the same 25-30 minute format of the show. Br. Zakir Hussain (Muslim Debate Initiative) referred me to the show and after a quick round of emails everything was set up, including a contract which allowed me to distribute a recording of the episode after a sunset period. That clause kicked in to effect last month and it is with that in mind that I’ve released the debate video.

Notably, this is the only episode that…

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5 thoughts on “DEBATE: The Qurʾān or the Bible, Which is the Word of God? Dr. Michael Brown & Ust. Ijaz Ahmad

  1. That’s sloppy apologetics and idk where he pulled that number from, we have nothing from the first 200 years in regards to manuscripts, by the 6th century we have about 250 manuscripts with the earliest of them being too late for us to take seriously, by the 10th century we have 1000 manuscripts, the 5000 figure is the total number of what we consider ancient manuscripts and parchments combined so there’s a huge misunderstanding on his part there.

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    1. Vaqas Rehman


      I mean sloppy apologetics was the consistant through line for all arguments he used about either faith & their texts. For example the common argument he used of

      “You Muslims are not assured paradise as opposed to us Christians with the bible”

      This is interesting as awhile ago christian twitter was up in arms against muslim twitter for saying that Christians are guaranteed salvation due to Jesus(a.s) death for sins & hence could sin with abadon yet still reap said “free gift” Christians responded that was false & that continuously sinning unrepentantly will revoke the gift or promise of salvation. With this in mind how does said argument even make sense? As far I’m aware no Muslim believes that one who enters Islam & dies upon it without leaving the pale of the faith due to shirk or something has a chance of just never entering paradise. The idea is simply Islam is the only path to salvation as the general rule such that if those who die upon it all enter paradise eventually even if they must atone in hell first. We say “God willing” in terms of our fate cause we literally don’t know the future & could leave the path of salvation not becuase the path itself dos not give that guarantee.

      Yet even in talks or debates when this is clarified it generally is not taken well by the Christian side. At least if I remember correctly.

      If Christians were angry their beliefs were misrepresented then maybe they should talk to their apologists & marketing team.

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