NEW VIDEO: Refuting a Christian Apologist: Does Daniel 11 Prophesy the Reign of the Anti-Christ?

The Christian apologist “Al-Finlandi” just can’t help digging himself into a deeper and deeper hole. Instead of accepting the facts about false prophecies in the Book of Daniel, Al-Finlandi desperately tries to resist the truth. As we will see, that is a losing battle. Does Daniel 11 foretell the coming of the Anti-Christ, as Al-Finlandi claims? Watch the video to find out…

10 thoughts on “NEW VIDEO: Refuting a Christian Apologist: Does Daniel 11 Prophesy the Reign of the Anti-Christ?

      1. He was one of the most close minded people I ever dealt with, his little protégé was worse he used to jump in between discussions accusing me of lying and dropping insults and irony is finladi always lectured Muslims about manners while he never rebuked his friend, my main contention was if these people really are ex Muslims yet open minded enough though stupid to change faith then why were they so blatantly close minded when refuted

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      2. Who was his friend?

        They are all just a bunch of hypocrites. Very quick to cry about Muslims putting their brethren in their place, but will usually remain quiet against their own brethren and will only speak up when they are called out.

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      3. Ah here he is, thank you

        As for his friend he had another fellow murtad protégé, I forgot his tag it was something like Schuler or Schumer or something like that, whenever i refuted one of his posts finladi would jump in shortly I suppose he ran to him whenever he didn’t have any answer

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      1. Vaqas Rehman



        And yet he has the gall to say “hatred” behind concepts like al wala wal bara’ were “difficult doctrine for me as a well as a practicing Muslim”

        I asked him before if the various genocides commanded by God in the OT were just as difficult for him? Never got a response.

        To be fair & clear I have had nice productive back and forth talks with Finlandi on twitter before. But I’m begining to think that no matter how small, some level of hypocrisy or cognitive dissonance is a prerequisite in order to reject and preach against the truth of Islam.

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      2. stewjo004

        Assuming he doesn’t have a mental illness there is something else amiss as this is all just ounds like smoke and mirrors for what his deep seated issue(s) really is. I would have to sit and talk with him but I don’t believe it would be productive over the internet. But Allah hu alim

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