Watch “The Phantom Magic | Muhammad vs Jesus | Part 2, Episode 3” on YouTube

The Christian Sith are at it again, young padawans. Despite failing again and again in their vain crusade against Muhammad (peace be upon him), their fear and hatred of Islam force them to deny the Prophet his rightful claim to the title “the messenger of Allah”. Fear leads to anger…anger leads to hate…hate leads to suffering…

In this video, we will discuss the brief bout of magic that affected the Prophet, and why it does not discredit him as the messenger of Allah in any way.

6 thoughts on “Watch “The Phantom Magic | Muhammad vs Jesus | Part 2, Episode 3” on YouTube

  1. Mishal

    hey QB. I need some advice. The whole hafsa maria story kept bothering me evne though ive read your articke and video on the topic. Ive always have the suspicion that maybe youre lying and the things they say is true or sometging even tho the evidence you presented is sound. If in the scenario the story is true, is there any problems it might bring up about the prophets pbuh character? Also whats your advice on how to deal woth these doubts festering my mind? I found that it prevented me from doing my duties wgich is a problem and also prevented the enjoyment of this religion as a whole. Whats your advice concerning both of these issues?


    1. Walaikum as-salaam. I don’t even know how to respond to your question. You say the evidence is “sound” yet you still have “suspicions”. What makes you think that the Islamophobes aren’t the ones who are lying? And what kind of “advice” can you possibly expect from me to solve your problem? If I told you that the earth is round and present evidence to show this, but you still have “suspicions” that I am lying and that the flat-earthers are telling the truth, what else can I say to convince you? The problem is in your perception, which only you can change.

      And why would it be a problem for the prophet’s character that he had sexual intercourse with his concubine? Or that, in his rush to please his jealous wife, he took an oath that was not religiously binding?

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  2. Mishal

    Sorry that was a stupid question. I think im letting the lies of these islamaphobes influence my perception on the matter that objectively shouldnt be controversial. Im sorry if i annpyed you alot with these questions. Im really anxious and sometimes it dribes me to do these stupid tangents.

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    1. I strongly suggest that you avoid watching their content. I get alot of questions from younger brothers, mostly teenagers, who get doubts because they watch videos from Islamophobes. In most cases, these brothers lack knowledge and are very impressionable. I’ll tell you what I tell them. Spend your time learning about Islam from reliable scholars, and spend less time on social media until you’re a little older. I’m not saying don’t use social media at all but use it sparingly and avoid the Islamophobes completely.

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    2. “Im really anxious and sometimes it dribes me to do these stupid tangents”

      It will stop eventually dw, do make sure to clear your doubts by asking clarifications from knowledgeable people….it’s a harsh feeling I know but trust me it will stop

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  3. Mishal

    Jazakallahu khair. I didn’t think you would respond as I thought you’d find me as more of a nuisance or something. Thanks really you guys are incredible. I’ll always keep you guys in my duas and I will pray for you guys inshaallah success in this world and in the hereafter.

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