6 thoughts on “Watch “Apostate Prophet FINALLY Responded to Me!! (ft. David Wood)” on YouTube – Farid Responds

  1. Vaqas Rehman

    Pretty disappointing that’s the best ap can muster as a response with a year in waiting. Does anyone know if the hadiths or any Islamic literature states how far apart the moon halves were during the miracle?

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  2. Waziri Musa

    Its important to note that this event could well be local not universal event.

    Some pagan Meccans demanded the Prophet to split the moon FOR THEM according to the report of Anas bn Malik and the Prophet prayed to God to do it. It occurred just as they demanded!

    Did they see it? Yes, the Quran inplies that they saw it but they just dismissed it as a “magic” as they dismissed other signs from God (Qur’an 54:2).

    So if God showed that event only to the people that demanded it, it was just local not universal event.

    Its indisputable that the Quran is a contemporary document (produced in that contemporary time and place) and it reports the sign of the splitting of the moon as a contemporary event. The contemporary people would have seriously questioned it if it claims something happened in that time and place which didn’t actually happen – and the Quran would have been rejected by all the contenporary people for this. But no such thing ever happened. On the contrary, almost all the local people (and far beyond) came to believe it before the demise of the Prophet. This fact strongly indicates that the people of the time and place really witnessed that event.

    Further, Arabia in the time was “Ummi” which means not literary community. There was no single historian living at that time and place who wrote down any historical event. This explains the lack of secular historical record for this local event or any other event of the time and place.

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  3. mr.heathcliff

    it is important to note that this event , if the chains are authentic, is greater evidence than any miracle story in the nt gospels because NONE of the gospel writers IDENTIFY their sources or even DEMONSTRATE how they know what they know. when ehrman hammered licona with this question, he said “i can’t demonstrate from the gospel of john that john was written by an eyewitness”

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