4 thoughts on “New Video: The Satanic Verses | Muhammad vs Jesus | Episode II | Part 2

  1. Mishal

    yo dude i heard you are a biologist, i habe some questions. What shpuld be the interpretation of Adam and hawwa pbut in light of science and biology? It is mentioned in the quran the story of sulayman pbuh meeting the queen of saba, is there any problem with the story in the lense of history? Is there a possiblity that before humanity, there was a another civilization. Kinda like the silurian hypothesis.


    1. We don’t know how long ago Adam and Hawwa lived. The current view among scientists is that humans originated around 200,000 years ago. Some scientists have argued that humanity could have originated from an original couple (see Ann Gauger).

      Regarding Suleiman (pbuh) and Saba, the archaeological record is sparse, but archaeologists generally accept that Suleiman was a historical person.

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  2. Mishal

    hey QB. I need some advice. The whole hafsa maria story kept bothering me evne though ive read your articke and video on the topic. Ive always have the suspicion that maybe youre lying and the things they say is true or sometging even tho the evidence you presented is sound. If in the scenario the story is true, is there any problems it might bring up about the prophets pbuh character? Also whats your advice on how to deal woth these doubts festering my mind? I found that it prevented me from doing my duties wgich is a problem and also prevented the enjoyment of this religion as a whole. Whats your advice concerning both of these issues?


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