Watch “ROB CHRISTIAN AND THE FIG TREE” on YouTube – Muslim Warrior

Excellent refutation of “Rob Christian” (aka Rat Christian) and his master Hassamo Shamoun on the embarrassing fig tree episode in the gospels. Subscribe to the channel and support our brother Muslim Warrior!

3 thoughts on “Watch “ROB CHRISTIAN AND THE FIG TREE” on YouTube – Muslim Warrior

  1. mr.heathcliff

    can someone explain what the hell the man worshipper shamoun was on about? I would like to know, because i want to “greekly” investigate his idolatrous “defense”

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  2. Atlas

    That word salad hy Hassamo was the most pathetic attempt I’ve ever seen to try and reconcile the idiocy that they believe. And I love the way that swine ended his ”refutation” as if his verbal diarrhea had any merit. This just goes to show that these manworshipers have nothing to refute you with. NOTHING.
    They’re just your typical blockbuster movies with GIGANTIC plotholes. But because of the special effects in the form of loud speech, ‘majestic’ handsings like the swine Hassamo makes all the time and the act of overconfidence that they put up in order to conceal their garbage just like a garbage movie uses special effects to conceal its garbage plot, they think this impresses people with more than two braincells.
    They’re just moneygrabbing whores. And the morons who eat up their garbage are throwing money at them just like morons throw money at a garbage movie with many special effects and with zero consistent and meaningful plot.

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