New Video – Islam Critiqued Refuted: On the Comparison of Rebekah and Aisha’s Marriages

As-salaam alaikum! This is first video of a series refuting “Islam Critiqued” (Dumbo) on his video “Was Rebekah a Child When Isaac Married Her?” In future videos of the series, I will discuss his arguments about Rebekah’s age at the time of her marriage to the 40-year-old Isaac, inshaAllah. In the present video, I will discuss Dumbo’s poorly researched claim that Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) was “pre-pubescent” at the time of her marriage to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and expose Dumbo as the incompetent and deceptive Christian apologist he is. InshaAllah, the evidence presented in the video will cause a mass exodus of IC’s fans and finish off this pathetic liar’s career (assuming his fans have an ounce of reason left). Was Aisha a biologically “immature” girl when the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) consummated his marriage with her? Was her consent given? The video will answer these questions, inshaAllah.

One thought on “New Video – Islam Critiqued Refuted: On the Comparison of Rebekah and Aisha’s Marriages

  1. mr.heathcliff

    Jonathan AC Brown 1. I didn’t say that tradition can’t be wrong… but you have to prove where this is wrong. 2. The argument from silence here is dispositive: the people who looked for any moral fault in the Prophet’s life especially his sex life NEVER mentioned this issue until exactly the time that marriage ages started dropping precipitously? 3. What evidence do you have that Aisha uttered this once? Evidence of the varied matns/hearers suggests she discussed it multiple times. I have no commitment to this Hadith. I wish it were false. But unlike others I’m not willing to manipulate evidence to make that so.

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