Islamophobes are dumb…

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    1. Lol, Zozo proves again how dumb Islamophobes are. There are plenty of Christians who hate Jews and believe they are under God’s curse. This was the mainstream belief until modern times, which explains why Jews were frequently subjected to persecution and often times found safe haven in Muslim lands.


      1. 😂😂😂 Hanuman can’t control his anger! The Indian crosstian toilet cleaner keeps getting roasted! I showed you the evidence moron. Ezekiel 16 describes the Israelites symbolically as a pubescent girl. That corresponds to an average age of 12, though it could be younger.


      2. 😂🤣😂 Missing your daddy’s bananas again monkey? You got roasted as usual! Don’t you pay taxes to Modi monkey? The Jews paid a tax and they were allowed to live in peace. They prospered! Get over it Hanuman. You got roasted. Stop embarrassing yourself.


      3. Lol, you are a moron! Madina was not a “Jewish state” dummy. It was a city where both pagans and Jews lived. The Madinans invited the Prophet to live there. Also, the taxes didn’t start until later you ignorant simian.

        I see you jumping around again little baboon. The roasting never ends for you! 🤣

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      4. Examples of Christian persecution of Jews:

        The Novella III of the Codex Theodosianus forbade the building of new synagogues.[21] A similar law was enacted by Justinian as well:

        “…where a heretic (and among heretics We include Nestorians, Acephali, and Eutychians) builds a house for the celebration of his worship, or a new Jewish synagogue, the most holy church of the diocese shall seize the building.”[22]

        Another similarity is that the “Pact of Umar” forbade Christians from “taking slaves who have been allotted to Muslims”.[23] A similar law was enacted by Christians:

        “A Jew Shall Not Possess A Christian Slave. If anyone among the Jews has purchased a slave of another sect or nation, that slave shall at once be appropriated for the imperial treasury. If, indeed, he shall have circumcised the slave whom he has purchased, he will not only be fined for the damage done to that slave but he will also receive capital punishment. If, indeed, a Jew does not hesitate to purchase slaves-those who are members of the faith that is worthy of respect [Christianity] then all these slaves who are found in his possession shall at once be removed. No delay shall be occasioned, but he is to be deprived of the possession of those men who are Christians.”[24]


      5. 🤣😂🤣 The monkey keeps jumping! I already refuted the moronic arguments about the Pact of Umar. Again, educate yourself first. Stop embarrassing yourself.

        Read and be enlightened filthy monkey:

        How are your daddy’s bananas?


      6. Why what happened is your wife still sucking my bananas. Who cares for your refutation. Who are you? Just another impotent like Muhammad. Now answer show me where Jews where under safe heaven under Muslims.. I gave your source about Pact of Umar. Who cares for shitty blogs, your blogs are not read in Islamic world. So now show me from authentic source coward filthy impotent like Muhammad. Now I know that like Muhammad you cannot reproduce. So whose daughter you have is it Muhammad’s or Stew.


      7. 😂🤣 The monkey has no response! I told you to educate yourself monkey. Your daddy’s bananas have corrupted your brain.

        The pact of Umar was a later document. Historians don’t believe it to be authentic.

        And who cares what you think monkey? Go clean more toilets. 😂


      8. Listen coward give me Islamic proofs. Coward want to run and go where. To your wife , but you are impotent, so allow mr.heathcliff to do the business and you give me proof. What you gave doesn’t say about Jews living in safe heaven under Muslims. So give me proof you impotent.


      9. What proof your shitty blogs which no Islamic scholars consider it seriously. Impotent give an Islamic proof not your garbage. And you didn’t answer who is the father of your daughter is it Muhammad or mr.heathcliff


  1. mr.heathcliff

    “Islamophobe: Mohammed had more in common with Hitler.”

    had it not been for islam, christianity would have wiped out people it considered “children of devil”

    statements from john’s jesus’ mouth
    pauls anti-torah attitude

    all contribute to the hate towards jews. islam need not have existed and these kafir would have done what they always do.

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      1. 😆😂 The Indian crosstian is trying to act like a tough guy! But we know you’re all just a bunch of cowards who hide under your masters’ skirts. Better be careful Zozo. Some of Modi’s thugs might beat you up and convert you to Hinduism. But it won’t be too bad. You’ll just go from one pagan religion to another.

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      2. 🤣 Idiot, this is referring to the end times and it doesn’t involve all Jews, just some Jews.

        Also, do you realize that your Bible says that Jews must convert to Christianity or die at the hands of your savior in the end times?

        Why do you keep embarrassing yourself monkey? Go clean those toilets.


      3. Really impotent the text doesn’t say end time. From where did you get this garbage that the hadith is speaking of end time. Really I pitty your mother that she gave birth to an impotent like you..
        Really, Quran is also for end time. Coward impotent. Is your wife enjoying my bananas.


      4. Dummy, it says the “hour will not be established”. That’s referring to the end time moron.

        Surah 9:29 is a general ruling about taxation. Nothing to do with the Hadith about the end times.

        Now go back to cleaning those toilets. 🤣


      5. mr.heathcliff

        “Also, do you realize that your Bible says that Jews must convert to Christianity or die at the hands of your savior in the end times?”

        filthy monkey, forget the end times, christians have used the gospel of john in the present times. they wanted the jews to eat and drink your wheat/flower and biscuit god.

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      6. mr.heathcliff

        So the reason the fourth Gospel does not include Jesusʼ teaching that one must love oneʼs neighbor/enemy (and also does not include the teaching found in Matthewʼs Sermon on the Mount about how “loving oneʼs neighbor is the law and the prophets”) is that your neighbor might not share your “beliefs” about Jesus, so heʼs “damned already,” and the most important thing according to the author(s) of the fourth Gospel is to “believe” the right things about who Jesus was… or else one is “damned already,” one has “no life within you,” one is “cut off and thrown into the fire.” It is a lesson the author of the fourth Gospel repeats ad nauseam, “Anyone who does not abide in Me, he is thrown away as a branch and dries up; and they gather them, and cast them into the fire and they are burned.” (a verse that came in handy during the Inquisition). “Those who do not believe are condemned already, because they have not believed in the name of the only Son of God.” You must even believe the right liturgical things concerning the Lordʼs Supper, because “Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you.” Speaking of right belief, the Gospel says it was composed “that ye may believe,” and starts off telling everyone what to believe about Jesus, and has the disciples call Jesus the messiah and much more the instant they meet him, and even has John the Baptist declare what one must believe about Jesus (a line found in no other Gospel), namely that Jesus is “The lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world,” something one “must” believe per John 3.


        this is what they were shoving down jewish throats for centuries and forcing them to eat flower/wheat and biscuit god.

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