5 thoughts on “When human life is denigrated, you know things have gotten bad…

      1. stewjo004

        @ QB

        Just living in Mecca all over again:

        “No, no you don’t have to kill your children.”


        Then they get mad when you say they’re retarded

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  1. So either we have a liberal Paulus who doesn’t know basic biology or maybe he’s too low IQ to correctly put his argument, one of their argument about fetuses is that it doesn’t feel any pain before the third trimester,

    1) that’s still a shit argument as the fetus is already living

    2) When I think about it going by the same *moral spectrum* I can legally kill any Tom, Dick and Harry (without consent ofc) as long as I use a totally painless method like let’s say euthanasia

    3) On a not so unrelated point, a huge chunk if not the majority of those advocating for this are ironically vegans maybe I should apply the same moral to animals

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