Islamic Forms of Tawassul (Getting Closer to Allah)

9 thoughts on “Islamic Forms of Tawassul (Getting Closer to Allah)

      1. 😂 Calm down monkey. Your crazed rants only expose you as the demonic monkey that you are. Even the false apostle Paul would have been shocked at how perverted you are.

        Is your god evil, monkey? Give me an answer. You have avoided this question for 3 months now. Go on. Answer the question and you’ll get a banana.

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      2. Monkey, your crazy rants keep exposing you as a son of Satan. Your holy spirit has perverted you. 🤣😂

        Is your god evil? Answer the question. Based on your crazed rants, I think the answer is yes, but I want to hear it from you.

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      3. Monkey, you belong in hell with your father Satan. Christianity has failed to change your perverted character. Are all Indian Christians as sexually frustrated as you are? 😂

        So, is your god evil? Still waiting monkey…

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  1. mr.heathcliff

    what awesome response to those who are jealous of our direct relationship with GOD of heavens and earth.

    The pagans of today say

    “We only worship them because they bring us closer to GOD”

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