NEW VIDEO: Evidence for the Trinity? | The Johannine Comma and Other Trinitarian Verses

What is the evidence for the Trinity from the Bible? Do Trinitarian Christians have overwhelming proof for the core doctrine of their religion? In this video, we will briefly look at some verses that are frequently used to defend the Trinity as a Biblical concept, with special attention paid to the so-called “Johannine Comma” (1 John 5:7-8). The evidence will show that, not only is the Trinity lacking in “scriptural” support, but that there is strong evidence for a non-trinitarian worldview.

3 thoughts on “NEW VIDEO: Evidence for the Trinity? | The Johannine Comma and Other Trinitarian Verses

  1. Emily

    Hello! Stumbled upon this video while studying for my Trinity test haha. I made a discovery in class this week and it might be an interesting thing to think about. As the Bible says, we are made in God’s image and are called children of God. God is perfect and unchanging in His ways as we know. Now, say that the trinity did not exist, would it have been in God’s character to create us, His children? I strongly believe, had the relationship between Jesus, the Son, and God, the Father not existed, it would not have been. A complete, infinite, and unchanging God would not have this relational desire had it not already been a part of who He was.

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  2. stewjo004

    @ Emily

    Hi Emily and welcome to the blog I’m Stew and do a couple posts here and there. I’m sure everybody else will sooner or later greet you but are probably asleep right now. To begin may your test go well and may you pass it with flying colors. Ameen (amen).

    Now onto your point, there are a couple of things to discuss:

    1. God and us
    I’m sorry maybe you can elaborate more as I fail to see the correlation between the Trinity and God creating us. We were created to glorify and worship God so He does not need a partner in order to do this. Before creating anything He was always All-Knowing, All-Seeing, All-Hearing etc. He simply manifested those attributes when creating (whew mouthful there)

    2. Scripture
    At the end of the day Scripture’s job is to provide us with insight into who God is, and what He wants from us. if you don’t have the core belief in the text (and worse still ppeople tried to falsify into the text) that is a MAJOR problem.

    3. The Trinity, logic and idolatry
    One thing is revelation is assisted by logic as we know the first commandment is “thou shall have no other good before Me”. Idolatry is the ultimate sin (because it is an insult to God Himself) and is the ONE thing God does NOT forgive if someone died before repenting from it. So, if the devil wants to deceive the best way to do that is mix lies with the truth (which I’m sure you’ll agree) as he won’t be able to get everyone with “bow down to these idols”. So he will take righteous people and “trick” people into praying to them etc. The reason i say this is because Jesus(as) is the Messiah, a righteous man and one of the greatest prophets but he is NOT nor ever can be God Almighty. He told people to worship God and prayed to Him so how can we follow then say no I’ll pray to you? That is having another god with God wouldn’t you agree?

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