My Top 4 Self-refuting Claims – by Twitter Atheists

Atheists are so stupid! 😂

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You will recognize a self-refuting claim when you see it, just stay vigilant.

I have had multiple (heated) conversations with atheists (and ex-Muslims) on Twitter. In numerous cases, the conversation drifts towards subjective vs. objective morality and the freedom to blaspheme religions. In these two contexts, I was able to spot many self-refuting claims that were made. Here are my top 4:

[1] Using this logic, the idea of “ideas don’t have rights, people do” doesn’t have a right, can be mocked and ridiculed which basically undermines its narrative.

[2] Basically the same statement made in the previous tweet. This one is made by an ex-Muslim defending the right to blaspheme against religions.

[4] Then one can use your statement against you by saying that your opinion “everyone’s opinion isn’t equally valid” isn’t equally valid as well.

The general meaning or intention behind these tweets might have been nice or…

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2 thoughts on “My Top 4 Self-refuting Claims – by Twitter Atheists

  1. mr.heathcliff

    lets say that i am able to get into peoples homes and watch ladies taking hot showers, from an atheistic perspective why would that be wrong? as long as the women dont know , no one gets harmed and as long as their are no consequences who gives a fok?


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