NEW VIDEO: “Concluding Remarks and Sincere Advice | Revelation Now | Part 9” on YouTube

In the previous 8 parts, we refuted the ridiculous claims of the Christian propaganda channel "Revelation Now" and its deceptive use of the book of Revelation to malign Islam. In this video, we will close the series with some final comments and some sincere advice to truth-seeking Christians.

New Video: Was Muhammad (pbuh) unsure of his salvation? | Revelation Now | Part 8

As we near the end of this series, we refute another preposterous claim made by the "Revelation Now", and one which is repeated ad nauseum by other Christian apologists. Was the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) uncertain of salvation? Is there no guarantee of salvation given to believers in Islam?

New Video: “Dual Worship” of the Black Stone and Kaaba | Revelation Now | Part 6

Do Muslims bow down to the black stone or the Kaaba? Is there "dual worship" of both objects in Islam? Have "radical Muslims" tried to destroy the black stone and the Kaaba? This video debunks some more laughable claims by the Christian channel "Revelation Now".

Watch “The Beast of Revelation and the Origin of Islam | Revelation Now | Part 5” on YouTube

Were demons responsible for the beginning of Islam? Does a "Babylonian demon" currently reside in the Kaaba? Was Muhammad (peace be upon him) deceived by Satan? We answer these questions and further expose the lies of the Christian propaganda channel "Revelation Now".

New Video: The Beast of Revelation | Revelation Now | Part 4

We now come to the most important part of the series. What or who is the "The Beast" of Revelation? Is it a "Babylonian demon" that resides in the black stone of the Kaaba? Or is it something or someone else? What is the significance of the number 666? Find out the answers to these …

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