Paul Williams the Racist

If there was any doubt among some naive Muslims regarding the racist hypocrite Paul Williams, see below. When you see phrases like "race realist" and "you are not even white" coupled with racial epithets like "paki" (a derogatory term for people from Pakistan, like using the N-word for black people), is there still any lingering …

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My reply to ‘On the Question of Christological and Theological Development in the Gospels’ by Denis

Blogging Theology

In his article published on Blogging Theology earlier today Denis attempted to refute some of the reasons scholars have for seeing Christological development in the gospels. I will focus on a few points by way of rebuttal. I assume the standard solution to the synoptic problem, namely that Matthew and Luke used Mark (and other sources) in the writing of their respective gospels.  For this article I focus on how Matthew used Mark.  (For introductions to the Synoptic Problem see here).

Examples of how Matthew uses Mark.

According to the dominant sources theories, Matthew preserves about 90% of the stories and passages found in Mark’s Gospel, but he edits/changes this material according to his purposes. Studying these editorial changes is the job of ‘redaction critics’ (the discipline is called redaction criticism).

Here are some examples of Matthew’s alteration of Mark. I have listed them in order of significance: minor…

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Paul Williams Becomes a “Freelance Monotheist” (whatever that means…)

            Some sad news to report... it appears that brother Paul Williams has "left" Islam...again. This is the culmination of a months-long saga that started with an ugly incident at Speaker's Corner in the UK. And to be honest, I am shocked.             According to Paul's Twitter account, which as of this morning was active …

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