New Video – Second Addendum to Ahmed v Brown: More Responses to Christian Trolls

As-salaam alaikum! Check out the newest video on the fallout from the Nadir Ahmed/Michael Brown discussion. The Christian trolls on my channel are desperately trying to answer my questions to "prove" that Jesus (peace be upon him) was the Prophet mentioned in Deuteronomy 18. Enjoy!

New Video – Why Jesus Cannot be the “Prophet” of Deuteronomy 18

As-salaam alaikum! The videos keep coming, alhamdulillah! In the newest video, I attempt to educate some brainless Christian trolls about the controversy surrounding the "Prophet" of Deuteronomy 18. If you haven't seen the previous video of my discussion on Nadir Ahmed's discussion with Michael Brown, see here.

Debate Challenge to Shamoun: Let’s Do This!

... Now that I have your attention Shamoun, I would like to tell you that since you are always begging to debate someone, why not debate brother Nadir Ahmed on the evil, genocidal teachings of your Bible? Oh wait...did you think this was a debate challenge from me to  you? Did you think that I …

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