Watch “Did the Sahaba make emendation to Quran? Islam Critiqued refuted (final part)” on YouTube

Part 2 of Muslim Allegation Hunters' refuation of "Islam Critiqued" on alleged "emendations" made to the Quran by some of the Sahaba. Also, what's the deal with "Islam Critiqued's" feminine-sounding voice? 🤔

Watch “Christian prince (arabian prophet) DESTROYED again” on YouTube

Muslim Allegation Hunters exposes Christian princess yet again. Can anyone really deny that Christian princess is a liar? So that means that he is of the devil, as the devil is the father of all lies. Hell must already have a reserved seat for Christian princess, assuming she doesn't repent before death.

Watch “christian Prince (arabian prophet) BUSTED: Bani Al-Mustaliq?” on YouTube

The more I watch the Muslim Allegation Hunters destroy the fool called "Christian prince(ss)", the more I am amazed at how stupid these Christians really are. I have been hearing about this charlatan on and off, but it is becoming very clear that he is nothing but a deceiver, and the only ones who follow …

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