Watch “[Exposed:] Indian State Ties to Terrorist Groups in Pakistan and Afghanistan” – CJ Werleman

The duplicity and hypocrisy of America and the European nations when it comes to funding, arming, and training terrorist groups are well-known. But there is also undeniable evidence of Indian involvement in sponsoring terrorism. Journal CJ Werleman exposes the Indian state for funding terror groups like ISIS-K.

New Video: “Dual Worship” of the Black Stone and Kaaba | Revelation Now | Part 6

Do Muslims bow down to the black stone or the Kaaba? Is there "dual worship" of both objects in Islam? Have "radical Muslims" tried to destroy the black stone and the Kaaba? This video debunks some more laughable claims by the Christian channel "Revelation Now".

Letter to Baghdadi from Islamic Scholars

This is old news, but since some Christian boneheads, such as the pervert Zozo Francisco, claim that ISIS represents Islam, here is the Executive Summary of a letter signed and sent by 126 Islamic scholars from across the world. In the letter, the scholars refuted Baghdadi's abhorrent ideology while citing authentic Islamic sources. Source:

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