Watch “David Wood Challenged Me to Refute This Video! (5 Disgusting “Facts”)” on YouTube

Another excellent refutation by brother Farid! First Apostate Prophet, then Christian Prince, and now David Wood. May Allah bless Farid! He is a rapidly becoming a legend in modern Muslim apologetics!

Watch “Christian Prince: Prophet’s Name is Sperm of Hyena! [Lies #42-49]” on YouTube

Farid destroys Christian Dunce yet again. CD lies several times in this video. This man is truly from the children of Satan, a habitual liar with a sick mind. No wonder this animal attracts like-minded perverts from among the Christians.

Watch “The Lies of Christian Prince [Lies #1-4]” on YouTube

Brother Farid continues the demolition of Christian Pig (Christian Princess). Those Christians who follow this specimen need to reexamine their decision. The pig is leading you astray and lying to you! Repent ya kuffar before it's too late!