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      1. stewjo004


        You are going for a doctorate?!?!?!?!? I just feel like I know nothing about you now… QB is a master biologist, Heathcliff is going for a doctorate, Vaqas do you work for NASA or something?

        Regarding your thesis, Heathcliff I agree. We know the metaphor of water for revelation appears elsewhere in the Quran. So this makes sense as a metaphor as opposed to prohibition with a slight implicit showing of alcohol’s corruptive nature. Thank you for that one real eye opener.

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  1. stewjo004

    Hey, everybody France’s tolerances at it again. Let’s read from the champion of free speech and religion:

    “France’s Macron issues ‘republican values’ ultimatum to Muslim leaders

    French President Emmanuel Macron has asked Muslim leaders to accept a “charter of republican values” as part of a broad clampdown on radical Islam.

    On Wednesday he gave the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) a 15-day ultimatum to accept the charter.

    The CFCM has agreed to create a National Council of Imams, which will reportedly issue imams with official accreditation which could be withdrawn…President Macron has also announced new measures to tackle what he called “Islamist separatism” in France.

    The measures include a wide-ranging bill that seeks to prevent radicalisation. It was unveiled on Wednesday, and includes measures such as:

    Restrictions on home-schooling and harsher punishments for those who intimidate public officials on religious grounds

    Giving children an identification number under the law that would be used to ensure they are attending school. Parents who break the law could face up to six months in jail as well as large fines”

    What! Say it ain’t so kuffar are undermining their own principles while talking crap about us! Who would have ever had thunk? 😱😱😱

    More BS from France:

    “The French government is not the champion of free speech that it likes to think it is. In 2019, a court convicted two men for ‘contempt’ after they burnt an effigy depicting President Macron during a peaceful protest. Parliament is currently discussing a new law that criminalizes the use of images of law enforcement officials on social media. It is hard to square this with the French authorities’ vigorous defence of the right to depict the Prophet Mohammed in cartoons…France’s record on freedom of expression in other areas is just as bleak. Thousands of people are convicted every year for “contempt of public officials”, a vaguely defined criminal offence that law enforcement and judicial authorities have applied in massive numbers to silence peaceful dissent. In June this year, the European Court of Human Rights found that the convictions of 11 activists in France for campaigning for a boycott of Israeli products violated their free speech…n a disturbing sign of history repeating itself, the French government is now in the process of dissolving organizations and closing mosques, on the basis of the ambiguous concept of ‘radicalization’. Throughout the state of emergency, ‘radicalization’ was often used as a euphemism for ‘devout Muslim’. Gérald Darmanin, the Minister of Interior, has also announced his intention to dissolve the Collective Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF), an organization that combats discrimination against Muslims. He has described the CCIF as ‘an enemy of the Republic’ and a ‘back room of terrorism’. The Minister has not produced any evidence that could substantiate his claims.

    I’m sorry lol I just can’t take it sometimes from these liars.


    1. Vaqas Rehman


      Just like was stated in the video the idea of Jesus(a.s.) saying that they will be like angel implying purity and yet in their scriptures angels eat food(and there is said to be food in heaven), have desires, and can fall. It just seems so odd to me. It really feels more like the biblical Jesus(a.s) was just saying it to get out of the trap set by the Sadducees in Mark 12:18-23 at best or a contradiction at worse.

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      1. stewjo004

        @ Vaqas

        I couldn’t find my 5 gospels pdf so I could go into detail but the reality is the saying is inauthentic, only Mark 12:17 and Mark 12:38-39 are

        This brings up a question. I was thinking of doing a modern version of Ibn Kathir’s “Lives of the Prophets” with modern biblical criticism to assemble a more authentic bio of what we know of the prophets using Jewish, Christian and Islamic sources. Do you think anybody would be interested in that?

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      2. Vaqas Rehman


        Heck yeah man that sounds awesome! I know I would be interested in it at least. And while I can’t speak for everyone I feel like it would do well and be of great benefit. Just don’t overwork yourself since that sounds like quite an undertaking at first glance.

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  2. stewjo004

    @ Vaqas

    Well, I did most of the heavy lifting already (spoiler noting we don’t already know) there are now only the adding of any “obscure” authentic ahadith in their bios. if you’re interested I can email it to you and you can tell me what you think.

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