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  1. Mishal

    hey stew, im wondering how the prophet saw looked like in real life. Not like a description but like a picture. Not like a potrait of the prophet saw himself ( astaghfirullah) but like a picture someone who resembles him or looks alot liie the descriptions given about prophet saw. The reason is just so i can visualise him abit mire easily ya know. Also how come when regards to the caliphate, only from the quraysh they are allowed to choose? Also what are the most famous male and female descendants of the prophet saw living today? Jzakallahu khair.


    1. stewjo004

      @ Mishal

      You’re going to laugh but my sis had seen him(saw) in a dream before. Obviously, we all joked she didn’t but she started describing him(saw) and she had never heard the ahadith on his(saw) appearance. Naturally, I then asked her the same question you did about a pic of someone similar. She found a pic online of a random person and said this man looks very close and lol it’s kinda hard to describe (and I can see why people in the hadith struggled with it). We tried finding it again but couldn’t but basically, the most famous people I can think of as a starting point is, imagine:

      This upper half of Drake:

      With Mohammad bin Salman (except with a bigger beard)

      This isn’t exactly it but inshaAllah it will a least it will give a roundabout of what she showed me.

      Regarding Ahlul Bayt they’re all over but probably the most “famous” in modern times in the King of Jordan:

      Finally on Quraish, ignoring the fact that we’ve had non-Quraishi Khalifah (since 1517 CE until it was abolished in 1924CE )

      Allah hu alim but I believe this is a misunderstanding. To begin Umar(ra) was going to appoint a non-Qurashi Sahabi Sad ibn Muadh(ra) as Caliph when he was stabbed. Here is the entire hadith as opposed to the snip commonly quoted:

      Narrated Abu Hurairah: that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: “Leadership is among the Quraish, and reasoning and judgment is among the Ansar, and the Adhan is among the Ethiopians, and the trust is among the Al-Azd.” meaning Yemen.

      Now pause here. If they’re consistent if the caliph can only be from Quraish is someone going to argue only black people can give the athan? Obviously, that makes no sense. So Allah hu alim but I believe it’s something that there is an extra blessing in a righteous Qurashi caliph but it’s not a requirement.


  2. Mishal

    what are talking about man? I woukdnt laugh thats just freaking amazing! Altgo i didnt expect drake of all people to look like the prophet saw lol. Yeah about the ahlal bayt, i heard that the king of jordans family are descendants but i didnt think they are legitimate but nvm. Yeah it makes sense that muhammad saw is simply talking about the virtues of each group instaed of beimg commands but Allahu alim. Also about the previous post, you linked a book written by ibn jawzi talking abput the virtues of black people, there are mentions of some people basically pining after their black slaves. In islam, is that really allowed? Also i have one mpre question. In islam, its allowed for one to marry their own cousin. I heard that couples who are cousins habe children have genetic defects and stuff like that. How cpme its allowed even tho its technically incest?

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    1. stewjo004


      Lol, it was only kinda like Drake (thinner cheeks, more sloped brow and the eyes were more together) but as I said it will give a roundabout idea if I can ever find that guy’s pic I’ll post it because he really did match the description you read in the hadith.

      As for the king of Jordan yeah he’s legitimate. His ancestor was this guy who was a descendant of the Prophet(saw):,_Sharif_of_Mecca

      As for them pining majority of that quoted was like from the Abbassids who were real lovy dovey and drama queens. The point of me quoting that was because that is the most interaction I have seen between men and concubines. As you read they were hardly “sex slaves being raped” as portrayed by some people. Did people abuse it of course but it looks as I said basically like any other relationship.

      Finally, on cousins, there are no real birth defects associated with it. Remember you’re introducing new genes into the pool from both sides still. The small chance of complications arise if you have repeated first-cousin marriages as the recessive traits have a higher chance of becoming more pronounced however if you read both articles (and one includes a statement from the human genetics commission) there is no difference in risk than a 40-year-old having a child:

      The reason laws were drafted is because people had an over-simplistic view of genetics at the time.


  3. Mishal

    Jazakallahu khair man. I have a few more questions that I hope you can clarify inshaallah.
    A. What is the overall structure of a caliphate? As in the positions, titles, etc. Is the caliph a one among equals or not?
    B. Can you explain the context of the zaynab situation. Can you explain the reasons why its unauthentic amd can you quote some well known and trustworthy muslim scholars opinion on the issue? How come there are some who accept the story as authentic? Can you go into detaik about that situation?
    C. In a hypothetical scenario, I’m able to get married at 15 years old or something close. Is that really recommended or should I wait till I’m in my adult years?

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    1. stewjo004

      @ Mishal

      A. That is kind of a long question, especially in modern times. The structure is kinda unique. Imo in the modern world when all the fiqh is said and done this setup makes the most sense:

      B. What part are you referring to him(saw) seeing Zaynab(ra) and walking away?

      C. To keep it real with you for one at 15 by basically all scholarly opinion you’re an adult in Islam. Next, it depends on you. One shouldn’t just marry anybody but you should be open to the idea imo. And this isn’t hypothetical or something I got married at 18 before graduating high school. Marriage does mature you faster if you go in with the right intentions and want the relationship to work.


  4. Assalamu alaikum,

    Yo guys, in Paradise will I be able to talk with God Almighty about every topic I want? And will I be able to even have a private conversation with God just like Moses had with God?

    In Paradise, if I want to have my own Empire, will God Make for me an Empire as I describe since I would love to be Emperor which governs lands?

    Also, I want to make 18 Universities after I get my diploma from my High School so I can become the greatest Sunni Muslim scholar, scientist, philosopher, theologian and debater after Sayyidatuna Aisha(peace be upon her) such as Harvard College of Debating Union, Al Azhar, Islamic University of Madinah, Zaytuna College and top University where I can learn and master any language such as Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac and many other languages since my desire is to be Linguist Master, and since I want to be the 2nd Greatest Sunni Muslim scholar, scientist, debater, theologian and philosopher I want to really convince the khawarij(terrorists) to follow the Traditions of Prophet and stop following your whims and desires and I want to be the End of Terrorism and Violence so I can give a glorifying image and glorifying reputation to Islam and Prophet Muhammad.

    My questions are:

    1. Is it halal if I ask God To Allow me to live long so I can fulfill the dreams I have which I mentioned?

    2. Is it true that by doing and graduating Harvard University Debating Union will make me far greater debater than Mohammed Hijab, Ali Sina and David Wood?

    3. Is there any problem in Islam if I ask God To increase my life span until age of 1000 years old and To increase my young age?

    Just imagine watching my YouTube videos where I do debates with Christian Prince, Ali Sina, Rob Christian, Hatun Tash, Jay Smith, Robert Spencer, Rydvan Aydemir(aka Apostate Prophet), Harris Sultan, Muhammad Syed and with many and I even ultimately psychologically trigger and humiliate them in every debate. I’ll be to them like T-Rex to them.



  5. Mishal

    Huh the system looks pretty unique i gotta say. Is the caliph a ” one among equals” type postion or its like any other peadership postion?
    “What part are you referring to him(saw) seeing Zaynab(ra) and walking away?”
    The part where the prophet saw seeing her and then zaynab mentioning to zayd that he saw said glory be to the one who controls hearts and also genereally all the narrations that say the prophet saw fell in love zaynab. Can you clarify that?
    I wish that i get married but the thing is i live in the maldives. Even tho it is a muslim country, people tend to get married at their adult years and the youngest i heard at least was at 20 or so i tgink. Im not that well versed in tye genereal zietgeist of the maldives but thats what i heard anyways. Should i migrate? The maldives is lets say muslim in name. Alot of women dont wear hijab and other issues. Altho i didnt discuss it woth my paremts, i did mention in passing to my brother that i want to mpve to saudi arabia. I mean whats better than the birthplace of islam?


    1. stewjo004

      @ Mishal

      1. His main job is to enforce the Shariah and organize collective duties like war and zakat. His legislative power is pretty limited.

      2. Been a while since I heard I believe (but double-check) there is no chain but it was a popular story in early Islam.

      3. Oh you live in the Maldives that’s cool. It’s hard for me to give general advice but you have generalities and exceptions in regards to women. If you come correct most women and their families (especially young ones) are going to say yes. As for migrating of course if you believe you can practice Islam better in a different area you will inshaAllah get the reward of hijrah. I wouldn’t recommend Saudi though because I heard they didn’t treat desi migrant workers there too well (along with the fact that it’s hard for foreigners to open businesses). I would inshaAllah look at Turkey or Malaysia. More stable economy and still Muslim.


      1. Mishal

        Jazakallahu khair. Hey I’m just wondering if it’s like fully prohibited for me to be friends with a Muslim sister? Can I discuss permissable matters with her like deen and not get inappropriate? BTW which country are you and how old are you exactly?
        Also this is a hadith related question but is the majority opinion always the correct opinion ie with the most amount of evidence?
        Yeah but nowadays unfortunately people are getting into girlfriend and boyfriend relationships. Well I hope I can marry a girl but I don’t think my parents would agree since I’m 15. Hey since you’re married at quite a young age, what’s your advice with regards to how to view marriage? What I mean is that people nowadays tend to view marriage as a bow on a gift as in a final stage of a long term relationship usually followed by boyfriend and girlfriend relationships. I thinks that’s why before I’m kinda icky regards to marriage even in the future as I feel that marriage is something as sort of a finale or something and that it’s full of responsibilities, etc. What’s your advice akhi?


      2. stewjo004

        @ Mishal

        1. The Prophet(saw) said whenever a man and woman are alone together Shaytan is the third party:

        Don’t put yourself in danger of committing a sin. There is no such thing as opposite gendered friends (and I mean this even from a non-religious perspective) they usually both like each other and don’t want to commit. If you have to wrok together or whatever that’s fine but just chit-chatting on the phone or getting coffee together is going to potentially lead to problems.

        2. I’m 27 and from the United States

        3. No the majority opinion is not always correct. Strength of evidence is all that matters.

        4. You don’t need their permission as a man (note you should to keep fitna down talk to them and tell them you want companionship and that you’re willing to start taking on the responsibility of raising a family. Maybe start looking at getting a job and saving some money)

        5. My advice on marriage is simple. The first thing to know the dating long-term thing has been proven to be irrelevant in relationships. If you watch the reality show “Married at First Sight” they discuss this. Next, the main thing is that you both are entering an agreement to help each other get to Jannah. Remember that those looks are going to eventually fade, money will come up and down but having religious goals and pushing one another to be better Muslims always lasts. My wife and I have basically NOTHING in common but since we both know we want to help the Ummah that is why our relationship is strong alhamdulaih. Don’t wait on marriage as it matures you but make sure she has good character. The best way to gauge this is would want your daughter to grow up to be like her. You have to make an effort to both agree that no matter what Islam says we’ll do it with no complaint. Marriage isn’t really that hard but people either act selfish, arrogant, don’t work on their Islam, or and have no goals and so it falls apart from what I have seen.

        6. Yeah definitely look into them as they were where I had tried to move to.


  6. stewjo004

    Oh look kuffar got caught lying about Muslims again (the ever so infamous “Muslim Muslim Grooming Gangs” was a lie started by Andrew Norfolk Times magazine:

    “Over the past decade, the ‘Muslim grooming gangs’ narrative has become firmly established in popular and political discourse in the UK. Claims of how Muslim culture and faith supposedly perpetuate sexual abuse have helped collectively demonise British Muslim communities, especially young Muslim men. Initially driven by the rightwing media, this construction has been advanced and legitimised by ostensibly liberal and feminist actors. Additional boosts have come via discredited, highly-politicised and partisan ‘research’ from special interest groups, apparently seeking to capitalise on wider anti-Muslim attitudes in order to influence government policy and otherwise profit.”


  7. Assalamu alaikum,

    Guys, I would like to read the history of Islam and I’m thinking of ordering History of Al Tabari which contains 40 volumes and now I’m reading Al Bidayah wa An Nihayah by Ibn Kathir

    What are best Islamic books so I can order them and read about Islam?

    How authentic, reliable and good are History of Al Tabari, Ibn Ishaq/s Biography, Sira ala Nabawiyah and Al Bidayah Wan-An Nihaiah?

    Also, may I know a list of best Islamic online bookstore?



    1. stewjo004

      @ alexander

      Ibn Ishaq and Tabari’s history books have a mix of reliable and inauthentic hadith. (Also as a note you can get them for free online so you don’t have to spend any money) I would personally avoid them. From my little knowledge, I believe Ibn Kathir is a bit better but still check with your local scholar.


  8. Mishal

    hey stew, i know that this kinda looked like i took a left turn but please try to take this seriously. Last night, i did something very shameful…. i repented alhamdulillah but i wont get into the specifics. Basically i saw a bunch of anti islamic content on google of all places ( again cant get into specifics). It was by accident but ngl it kinda scarred me. It was onky titles and stuff, i didnt delve into it alhamdulillah but those stuff kijda bothered me. I have some questions that i hope you can clarify. I know that these rambly paragraphs of doubts are just a waste of time but this will be the last time i do such a thing. The content deals with the prophets saw character, ya know the whole slavery thing which i dont have a big deal with. Also the whole lie about forcing safiyaa ra into marrying him or him seeing her beauty and stuff like that. The new thing is that he did that to safiyya ra while having the head of her father on his palm astaghfirullah, im just wondering where the heck that details mentioned? Is it ina unauthentic narration or story? Here are the actualthings i request.
    A. Can you look into the website on wordpress called themaldivianapostates.


  9. mishal

    specifically their atricles on the ‘ sex slave of mohammed’ astaghfirullah and the articke of mohammeds extreme womanizing or something like that. I know tgese type of tgings annoy you but please do this for me. This will be the last time of my rambly episodes. Jazakallahu khair


    1. Can you send a link to make it easier…I’m on the blog right now I can’t find any mention of it

      While for the rest generally his overall problem is having sex with slaves= bad

      And oh I found an article about having an orgy with 80000 boys in heaven but turned out to be his own assumption while the narration never implies it

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      1. stewjo004

        @ LVillage Boy

        Yeah, I always found that complaint weird:

        “A lot of women wanted to married to Muhammad(saw) why can’t I have all those women. What they see in him, whatever.”

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    2. stewjo004

      @ Mishal

      Looked at the article (note I do not like going on these sites please just quote next time) Didn’t mention of any story about a head in the palm. Basically quoted from Ibn Ishaq who we don’t even use except for time frames and this story contradicts a hadith in Bukhari about when the ayah about being allowed to have sex with concubines was revealed. So yeah more than likely not authentic (especially coming from Ali Sina who I have personally caught making mistakes in his reference quoting)

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  10. Mishal

    Jazakallahu khair. May Allah reward you stew and village boy. Im sorry if this annoyed you both as it bothered me and this overall feeling that what they are saying is true came over me. Hey im just curious but what did the murtad say in the Maria the copt the “sex slave of the prophet muhammad” article ?( may Allah be pleased with her). Also is the site in wordpress still active? Thanks stew and village boy. May Allah preserve you. Ameen.

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    1. This guy lacks common sense here’s where it boils down to in his article….plus that’s not his article btw he quoted Ali Sina

      “The existence of the above Hadith and its difference with the one narrated by Omar reveals yet another fact that the companions of Muhammad were willing to lie, (as Muslims are today) to save the image of their prophet from blemish. It would be foolish to accept the excuse of drinking honey to justify those Ayat. First of all honey does not smell bad. But above all it is inconceivable that a trivial incident like drinking honey could cause such an upheaval in the household of Muhammad to the extend that he decides to divorce all of his wives or to punish them for one month by not sleeping with them. Could such an insignificant incident like drinking honey provoke so much uproar that the creator of this universe be forced to intervene with a warning to Muhammad’s wives that he would divorce all of them and He (Allah) would give him virgin and faithful wives? This explanation is absurd unless honey is a code name for what Muhammad drank from between the legs of Mariyah.”

      It wasn’t about the honey it was about JEALOUSY

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  11. stewjo004

    @ Mishal and Village Boy

    To add what I said earlier about the honey:

    1. Certain honey does stink depending on the nectar showing his complete inept research (again):

    “Every autumn a large number of beekeepers report stinky honey. The source of the smell is nectar, most probably from plants in the aster family, including goldenrod and small daisy-like flowers that grow in clusters. When your bees start to dry this nectar into honey the smell can be overwhelming and somewhat startling. It’s just not the odor you expect from your sweet bees. Although goldenrod, dandelion, and aster honeys are often not favorites, they aren’t terrible, and they taste nothing like the odor they give off. Nevertheless, many beekeepers prefer to let the bees keep the aster honey for themselves.”

    2. More importantly “maghafir” is what was claimed to cause the bad smell, not the honey. AS IT SAYS IN THE HADITH, let’s read:

    “… I said, “By Allah we will play a trick on him (to prevent him from doing so).” So I said to Sa`da bint Zam`a “The Prophet (ﷺ) will approach you, and when he comes near you, say: ‘Have you taken Maghafir (a bad-smelling gum)?’ He will say, ‘No.’ Then say to him: ‘Then what is this bad smell which i smell from you?’ He will say to you, ‘Hafsa made me drink honey syrup.’ Then say: Perhaps the bees of that honey had sucked the juice of the tree of Al-`Urfut.’

    So they said he smelled like maghafir, not honey which he ate. Again for him not to know this shows his incompetence.

    3. The reason this matters is :
    A. They tricked him
    B. He made this forbidden on himself and so imagine someone then narrated a hadith that the Prophet(saw) forbid to eat honey and now we all think honey is haram. Thus making something Allah has made halal, haram.

    I keep trying to tell ya’ll kuffar are retarded but for some odd reason, people refuse to believe little ol me.

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  12. Mishal

    seriously didnt the ali sina know that the mariah hafsah incident occur in a mursal hadith? Aka only one narrator who is also a THIRD generation muslim? This makes aot of sense. Thanks stew and village boy. Hey i know that you already clarified it but what are the opinion of islamicate scholars ( non muslim scholars in islam) on the acceptance of the honeg incident as the reason for reveal of surah tahreem? The reason im asking is so that i can be certain. Jazakallahu khair.


    1. @Mishal

      “opinion of islamicate scholars ( non muslim scholars in islam) on the acceptance…”

      “The reason im asking is so that i can be certain”

      1. Why does the opinion of non muslim scholars matter so that you can be sure?

      2. Is there any other incident or narration which fits the verses better than the honey incident?

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      1. Can you please make it easy for everyone by giving proper references

        “Its to see a unbiased point of view on the issue”

        You’re assuming they’re unbiased I’m sure Stew can work out a long list of why they aren’t he’s not a fan of those so called “scholars” afaik so am i….

        btw are the Muslim ones biased? Why would all of us use a flawed explanation and then call it a day?

        Why not use your own reasoning instead

        “mariyah incident narrated in sahih bukhari by anas ibn malik ra?”

        Hadith number?

        “surah tahreem was revealed with regards to both the honey incident and the mariyah incident”

        How can it be both when both are two conflicting possibilities to explain the same verses…or maybe you mean what evidence is there that it refers to narration A of instead of narration B but you yourself already rightly mentioned before that the Mariah incident was a weak narration

        ” is there any evidence to suggest….”

        I reiterate do you have another authentic narration other than the honey incident which better fits what the verses are implying?


  13. Mishal

    Its to see a unbiased point of view on the issue and also is there any evidence to suggest that the surah tahreem was revealed with regards to both the honey incident and the mariyah incident narrated in sahih bukhari by anas ibn malik ra?


    1. “role model of humanity is depicted in a bad way”

      The key here is from **which moral lense** are you looking at it…if you’re looking from a near to liberal lense akin to the Christians and atheists then he’ll always be flawed


  14. Mishal

    Hey guys sorry that i kinda disappeared but i just wanna say that im sorry of my rambkings recently. I should habe learnt by now that the maryah incident is not a big deal like qb said and that the honey incident makes more sense as it fits with the surah. Its just that i have this anxiety of the possibilitt that the prophet saw is that or this or is a monster or something. It really shakes my faith if i know the founder of the religion, someone who is a role model of humanity is depicted in a bad way. I also have this anxiety that what im told or what others are teaching might be debunked by somebody, its just i didnt seek it out or that our scholars wpuld be biased and try to justify absurd things or sweep stories that depict the prophet saw in bad light amd that we are just ignoring those who are legitimately criticising the faith in a informed way. How do i deal with all these guys?


    1. “our scholars wpuld be biased and try to justify absurd things or sweep stories that depict the prophet ”

      Then investigate the justification instead of assuming so many things…

      Mr Dumbtard made a claim
      Mr Scholar uses a hadith to refute him
      Mr dumtard quotes another hadith
      Mr Scholar says it’s weak

      Now should we assume whether the scholar simply made that up or is there a JUSTIFICATION behind it? That’s what you shoul always investigate investigate instead of overthinking


      1. Mishal

        @village boy
        Sorry if my ramblings kinda bothered ya lol. I really dont have a strong fpundation as in terms of knowledge in islam so thats why i go on these ramblings amd overthink things alot but thanks for clarifying that, man. I apreciate it. May Allah preserve you. Btw where are you from exactly? Im just curious.

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  15. stewjo004


    1. Know that all kuffar are biased no matter how much they claim otherwise. The entirety of “Orientalism” was created by missionaries to degrade and intellectually attack other cultures. When this is your foundation there is no neutrality as you were designed to have an agenda.

    2. Telling you as someone who has read Muslim vs nonMuslim scholarship (and several of whose teachers have PHDs from there) our tradition is vastly superior. The best knowledge I’ve ever received from them is Quranic historical connections to other works.

    3. I think you misquoted there from my quick glance no hadith on Mariah in Sahih Bukhari or Muslim:

    4. You’re not “sweeping” anything most of these retards don’t even know what they’re quoting. For example was debating a “Black Hebrew Israelite” and he brought up Quraza. Ignoring that he couldn’t even pronounce names (including modern nations like Yemen) when I being familiar with the incident asked him to give me a brief background I basically got the Pikachu face.


  16. mishal

    Thanks fpr clarifying my doubts despite it being annoying. Ive realised that learning islam through looking at content that casts asperasions on the traditions of islam or casts asperasions on the prophet saw is not very effective. When im older, ill try to have a foundation in islamic knowledge and whenever i have a doubt, ill ask you guys as i know youll answer it with honesty and integrity unlike these kuffar. Hey i habe a few questions ( arent doubts btw), did the prophet saw ever tried to marry maria? I heard she rejected the proposal, if so why?


  17. @Mishal

    It didn’t bother me bro I used to suffer from the EXACT same thing, that’s why I’m desperately tryna make you understand the reality behind it and how to tackle it….it all goes inside your head, it’s not a bad thing you know when ask yourself questions, Actually my first impression of you is that you’re an intelligent person and a critical thinker and very humble at the same time….but there is a time when you overthink to the point that it gets irrational, and i want you to identify it when it happens that’s the only way you can fix this otherwise it will torment you and trust me I know how painful it is…

    “Btw where are you from exactly?”

    I’m from mordor

    Stew is from Hobbiton


  18. Mishal

    hey village boy, lemme just say this. Surah tahrim was revealed with regards to the honey incident. This is the majority opinion of scholars however there are others who say that the surah was revealed with regards to the prophet saw being bothered by his wives to forbid his slave girl to himself. The mariyah incident is specifically considered to be weak however is there an incident where the prophet saw forbid a slave girl to himself? I remember that i read sometging to that effect of a hadith in qbs article refuting sam shamouns article on the topic of concubinage.


    1. “where the prophet saw forbid a slave girl to himself? ”

      Interesting…that’s new to me, can you quote it? Hope you’re not having doubts again lol that’s why im being casual otherwise i would’ve taken out some time and read the whole stuff


  19. mr.heathcliff

    would u guys kiss a stone rather than pharoah who claimed to b god?

    so crosstians would rather have moses kissing pharoah, than a stone which claims nothing for itself?


  20. Mishal

    Guys? What the heck is the son of man the christians keep talking about? Ive read that its anpther titke of jesus and also a name denoting mankind in general. Can anyone clarify tgis for me? Also village boy, its ok you can take time on it lol

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    1. stewjo004


      Summing it up as briefly, first, it depends on if you ask a Jew or Christian. Like “son of God” they have completely different interpretations.

      Next, as far as I can in the context being discussed (as it’s used frequently in the Bible for different things) it is the title for some intercessor deity in the book of Daniel 7:13-14

      “In my vision in the night, I continued to watch, and I saw One like the Son of Man coming with the clouds of heaven. He approached the Ancient of Days and was led into His presence. And He was given dominion, glory, and kingship, that the people of every nation and language should serve Him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion that will not pass away, and His kingdom is one that will never be destroyed.”

      So basically Ehrman is claiming Isa(as) believed that this intercessor deity is what Isa(as) was waiting for to come and smite the world, establish a kingdom and then he would be rewarded for his loyalty as the leader of that kingdom. The reality is though is the “Son of Man” is really the pagan idol Baal and “the Ancient of Days” is what the pagan Babylonians claimed about Allah being an “old man in the sky” (where it appears that stereotype image of God comes from) that the Jews took from them and incorporated into their text (note this is why I keep calling the Bible Jewish fanfiction) QB did a video and (more detailed) article on this if you’re interested:

      Video showing it’s Baal

      More detailed article:


  21. Mishal

    Jazakallahu khair. May Allah increase your reward. Thanks for beimg patient with me and even clarifying the issue from both sides. Im overthinking again and i should know by now that theres essentially nothing wrong here. Youve made a bunch of valid points at the same time you were humble. Qb also ckarified the issue befire but i was overthinking things and being irrational. I shall be more careful with regards to the content i come across. Can you teach me a dua that helps me to replace all the doubts i have with certainty? Its just theres this anxiety that i feel where even after reading an answer to a doubt that examines it even from a neutral point of view and clarifies it with good points, i get this overwhelming feeling that maybe the answers logic is flawed and im just naive to not realise it or that theres a refutation to that answer or the person is lying. Please is there a dua that could help me with these anxieties? Jazakallahu khair.
    Hey i thought i shpuld adk you in here as the open forum is more fitting for stuff like this. Sorry if it is long lol.


    1. stewjo004

      @ Mishal

      No worries even the Prophet(saw) would have anxiety from the Quran:

      26:3. Are you going to worry yourself to death because they won’t believe?
      26:4. If I had wished, I could have sent a sign from on high to them that would cause their necks to bow in utter humility.

      18:6. But are you going to worry yourself to death over them when you see the destruction they’ll leave in their wake if they don’t come to believe in this speech?

      This is also why you will constantly keep telling the Prophet(saw) you’re not crazy, you’re not crazy just be patient and do what you’re told.

      So if he was a Messneger and had anxiety what about regular folk? Here is the dua he (saw) would say for anxiety:
      Anas b. Malik said:
      I used to serve the Prophet (ﷺ) and often hear him say: “O Allah, I seek refuge in You from grief and anxiety, from the hardships of debt, and from being overpowered by men.”

      And for doubt:
      ‘I believe in Allah and His Messenger.’

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  22. Assalamu alaikum,

    Guys, I personally don’t have patience until I graduate High School, because I really want to do Islamic University of Madinah, Al Azhar, Zaytuna College and University Debating Union so I can become 2nd Sunni Muslim greatest scholar and mufti after Sayyidatuna Aisha(peace be upon her) And afterwards, I will travel to Iraq and Syria, and I’m going to preach and promote peace and love and I will also do some debates with the chief of khawarij(terrorists) and I have strong hopes that ISIS will be the last of khawarij(terrorists)

    My questions which I would like to ask is as following:

    1. Is it halal or haram if I study art of manipulation and philosophy?
    2. Is it good idea if I travel to Iraq and Syria in order to preach my message?
    3. Is it ok if I speak out against Antisemitism and wife beating?
    4. Is it ok if I seek for reformation just like Sheikh Muhammad ibn Abdul al Wahhab did? Because I believe what he did is not complete and I want to make some correction so violence and terrorism will never happen again.



    1. stewjo004

      @ Alexander

      1. Manipulating people and lying is haram. however you can study charisma and persuasion instead.

      2. I wouldn’t. Besides being a foreignor those are some of he biggesst hot beds on the planet with fitna from both sides.

      3. Yes

      4. Yes, but the reality is the 100% elimination of violence and terroism (for any idealogy) is impossible because you will always have crazy people and extremist. The most you can do is minimize it to statistically very low.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have a hard time reconciling the verse in the Quran in refrence to the 7 earths I dbout such a thing existed and I think it is just a reflection of what the Arabs would see in the night sky e.g venus, mars… I unfortunatly cant speak Arabic yet to ascess the classical sources on what they say about this issue. I was wondering what were the possible reconciliations of this verse.


  23. stewjo004

    @ Mustafa

    You can correct me if I’m wrong but did you read this or are you assuming because I am not aware of any reputable tafseer (whether modern or classical) that says such let alone any explanation from the Prophet(saw) or even a Sahabi.

    Another thing is this interpretation contradicts things we actually do have confirmed the ayah says:

    It is Allah who created seven heavens, and a number similar to them of the Earth. Between them the Command gradually descends, so that you can know that Allah is in control over everything and has no doubt enclosed all things in His knowledge… (65:12)

    1. How does the command descend through the planets? In any hadith reffering to the heavens we never hear anything about the planets.

    2. The famous hadith of the ring in the desert:
    Abu Dharr al-Ghifārī said that the Messenger of Allāh (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said:
    “The seven heavens in comparison to the Kursī is nothing but like a ring thrown in a desert, and the excellence of the ʽArsh (Throne of Allāh) over the Kursī is like the excellence of that desert over that ring.”

    So Islam clearly acknowledges the universe is HUGE. What we call “space” is only the LOWEST heaven.

    I’ve decorated the nearest sky with stars and planets, (37:6)

    The reality is we just don’t know anything about these things similar to the Earth. Which is why the original audience who heard it didn’t comment (except maybe Ibn Abbas(ra) who argued for aliens)


    1. Mustafa Feroz

      Thank you for the response I was not aware of the major commentaries on this verse
      Just a thought in surah 74.15 it says ” do you not see how Allah has created 7 hevens” does this not mean we can see them and is it not the sme case with the 7 earths. key word being ” see”


      1. stewjo004

        @ Mustafa

        Are you talking about this ayah?
        “Can’t you see how Allah created the seven heavens, layered one on top of one another?” (71:15)

        The context is Nuh(as) is basically telling his nation to fear Allah and marvel at His various creations just look at how the skies above us are structured (here’s a pic of the actual sky without light pollution from the city):
        View at

        “Do you not see” is a common rhetorical question by Allah in the Quran. For example:

        “Don’t the disbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were once fused together in one piece, and I then tore them apart and made every living thing from water? So then will they still not believe?” (21:30)

        Obviously, they can’t see this so Allah is informing them.

        “Didn’t you see how your Lord dealt with ˹the nation of˺ Aad? Or of Iram, the city with the tall pillars and men, the likes of who had never been created in the lands? ˹Or˺ Thamud ˹the nation˺, who carved out the boulders in the valley, ˹Or˺ with the Pharaoh, the ‘Stakeman’’, who were all rebellious in these lands?” (89:6-11)

        Again obviously we didn’t see this Allah is informing us. It’s kinda like if someone was talking about fighting someone named Lonzo and a person said: “You didn’t see what Lonzo did to Eric?”


  24. Mishal

    Hey since you habe a background in fiqh, can you clarify these issues for me?
    A. If a scholar holds a weak on an issue ( not specific), can that scholar be comsidered less reliable or not?
    B. Since there is no set age more marriage, how can we exactly ensure the two parties getting married would be compatible with one another when the age difference is huge?
    C. Whats the ruling on music? What are the beyter alternatibe to it?
    D. This might appear as abit of an odd questiob but i hope you wont judge. In a hypothetical scenario isit allowed if one has a slave girl to force or coerce her into intercpurse if she doesnt want to be in a intimate relationship with her master. Again dont judge lol, dont be afraid toget real and honest. May Allah increase you in reward. Ameen.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. stewjo004

      @ Mishal

      Ameen and you even more.

      A. A scholar holding a weak or incorrect for that matter opinion on an issue doesn’t affect his reliability. At the end of the day basically EVERY scholar (yes even known mainstream ones) have had an opinion that raised an eyebrow or two. THhis is not to say they aren’t infinetly more qualified than everyone on this forum but they are still humans at the end of the day. Heck we even have Sahaba who held incorrect positions before, is anyone going to attack their reliability?

      B. Uhhhh have them talk like any other relationship? I know you’re young and havent marriet yet but there are a variety of factors that effect a relationship working out or not (and yes age can be one)

      C. I’ll avoid quoting evidence for brevity sake (but can do it on request) but the strongest position is that music itself is not haram, its INSTRUMENTS (barring textual proof exceptions such as the duff) that are. So Allah hu alim looking at all the availabe evidence, while Quran is undisputably better, probably followed by nasheeds, an “acapella” song is not in and of itself haram as long as it isn’t promoting something haram like drinking etc.

      D. I would argue no, because it is not a requirment to have sex with a concubine, only an option that you can. For example you can theoretically marry any non mahram Musim or Ahle-kitab woman on this planet but that doesn’t translate to they WILL marry you. Does that mean you can force them now? Obviously not.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. “In a hypothetical scenario isit allowed if one has a slave girl to force or coerce her into intercpurse if she doesnt want to be in a intimate relationship with her master.”

      No, perhaps you forgot but I brought an example answering this back then


  25. Mishal

    hey guys ive been wondering in the near future, a caliphate woukd reunite the muslims, what would be the flag? Like what are the motifs amd design on that flag? Also can we say that islam is the religion for the entirety of creation? I mean thr ENTIRE creation in the sense not only humanity amd the jinn? I often hear that the propjet saw is the best and noble of creation, in this context what does creation refer to? Here are some more question dealing with more theological aspects.
    A. Is there a heirarchy within the sahaba? Like there are different ranks and stuff, the reason im askimg is that a heard there are a group of companions called the companions of the bench or something likr that. Im wondering if there are other sahabeen like that.
    B. We know that there is no other deity except Allah. Tgeres no doubt about that but can we say that there are beings or creations who are powerful amd stuff but arent like deities in the sense of being worshipped as such. Like lower cosmic being who serve functions and duties, etc. The beings im tal,ing about arent angels or stuff like that but in the sense of the cosmic beings depicted in the marvel canon but except they are not gods. Also what i mean by powerful is not being equal with Allah astaghfirullah but jn the sense like haveing special abiloties like the angels or jinn have but in a more bigger sense.
    C. Are messengers and prophets two types or categories. Types usually denote a specific characteristic while a category is much more broader. There are individuals in ancient times where they are called oracles, seers or wise men or stuff like that. Also btw these individuals im talking about arent like those fortune tellers but individuals who mightve been prophets of Allah subuhanahu wata ala’ like zoroaster, mani, etc.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. stewjo004

      @ Mishal

      1. Flag can be designed, however. Traditionally we’ve had two Liwa (white one) and Rayyah (black one) which are basically the Shahadas

      But you can design the motif differently. For example here is a design someone made of Rayyah in Kufic script (which is actually closer to the Prophet’s(saw) as this was the style they used)

      2. Yes it is appropriate to say Islam is the religion of the creation as all things submit to Allah:

      “He owns all that’s in the heavens and everything obeys Him. (30:26)
      “All that’s in heaven and earth falls down bowing to Allah, whether it wants to or not,” (13:15)

      3. Yes the Sahaba are in ranks Allah says:

      “… Know that those who spent and fought before the victory are not equal to the others. They’re greater in rank than those who spend and fight afterwards. But Allah has promised the Best for everyone and Allah is aware of whatever you’re up to. (57:10)

      Here is the ranks:

      4. Regarding the question about powerful beings I get what you’re saying and the reply is Allah hu alim but it appears angels are the strongest creation (seriously go read Jibreel’s(as) description) as they guarded it as it came down to Earth (and it looks like according to those jinns who became Muslim’s(ra) testimony the heavens more or less got shut down when they come down)

      5. Categories. Every messenger is a prophet, but not every prophet is a Messenger. Scholars have debated on the difference adn Allah hu alim but the strongest position with textual evidence is a Messenger will fight and defeat his people (Muhammad(saw), Musa(as), Nuh(as)etc) while a prophet might not win and they just convey the message (Yahya(as), Zechariah(as) etc) Evidence:

      Those who continue to oppose Allah and His Messenger, will be humiliated because Allah has decreed: “I and My Messengers will prevail…” So know that Allah is the Almighty and always able to enforce His Will. (58:20-21)

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  26. Mishal

    jazakallahu khair. Personally id like the flag s to ne the liwa and rayyah but enscribed on each of them the shahadatayn in the kufic script. Does the liwa represent the first half of the shahada ( there is no deity except Allah) and the rayyah represent the second half ( muhammad peace and blessing upon him is the messenger of Allah) ? Here are a few more questions
    A. What does the armor of the prophet peace and blessings upon him looked like?
    B. Is there any description of the personalities of the prophets peace be upon them all? Like i heard ibrahim peace be upon him is compassionate while musa peace be upon him is quite strict, etc.
    C. Has there been any schokarly explanation of what bani arfida means? The prophet peace and blessing upon him callex the abyssinians in the mosque that. What does it mean?
    D. Does islam allow forceful conversion? I heard that the companions may Allah be pleased with them calls the polytheists to islam while swords over tbeir heads. You can be honest and dont sugar coat anything.
    Also i shlu,d inform you that site you linked in the post had a question where they referred to the prophet peace and blessings upon him as the lord of the universe astaghfirullah. Also you shouldnt abreviate the peace and blessing upon to pbuh. In islamqa, it is said that it dpesnt bring any benefit if you abrevite it. Thpught i should inform you. Mah Allah bless you and forgive you.


    1. stewjo004

      @ Mishal

      1. No they’re complete on both

      2. No surviving pieces but we can kinda guess from the period. We know the Arabs did trade with the Romans and Persians. When you see certain hadith talking about having “golden armor” this is what is being reffered


      So we have no reason to think the Prophet(saw) or the Sahaba are going to look much diffrent from the time (especially when we take into account rules in war such as being ab;e to keep the equipment of the person you kill)

      So by the time of Uthman(ra) the Muslims probably looked something like this:

      So before this time frame Muslims during the Prophet’s(saw) era probably had a lot less armor because they were basically a militia so it’s not crazy to say he (saw) wore something like this (horse is definetly accurate):×682.jpg

      Or with some basic maille

      3. Idk about a description of all their personalities but we can see it show sometimes in their stories.

      4. I’m not aware of the meaning of “bani arfida” can just tell you it sounds like a foreign wrd but someone can correct me.

      5. Thank you for informing me of the site I was simply giving the rankings (which were accurate) As for shortening the salawat I am aware of the position but disagree with it and Allah hu alim but tif you desire I can write it out.


  27. Mishal

    Just to stay on the safe side, you shoukd write out the salawat. Can you clarify question D for me? I tried to use islamqa but im not exactly clear on that so i hope you can explain the ” forceful conversion” thing. Also i ave a few more question, shoukdnt the caliphate be an obligation? Like i noticed alot of rulings pertaining to obeying the leaded and going to the main body of muslims. Before islam, has there been any records of people going to hajj to the kaaba and worshipping the god Allah? Can you provide any examples?
    This question specifically deals with marriage. Im 15 amd i have to go to school and stuff, so if i decide to get married, how do i exactly balance that with school? Also is it obligated to live in a seperate accomodation other tgan my parent’s houses?
    It is presciribed for the man to see the woman first before deciding whether to marry her or not, so how does it exactly play out? Is it a one time tging or you can do that muktiple times so that you can get to know her way better so as to be sure?
    Th reason im asking all these questions is that i want to get married. I realised recently i reall needed to be woth someone but the problem is that im worried about what people would tgink of me and especially my family. Even tho i live in tge maldives which is a nearly 100 percent muslim country, its muslim in name and boyfriend/ girlfriend thing is quite the norm altho the people who do tgis dont commit zina or atleast they say they dont. Im pretty sure my parents wont accept that and ill be ridiculed by pretty much everyone. What advice can you guys give me regarding tgis?


    1. stewjo004

      @ Mishal

      1. Oh sorry got distracted and forgot to answer that. Long story short forced conversion is haram by consensus. Allah says:

      There is no forcing in religion. The difference between the right way and the twisted one has been made clear… (2:256)

      Even historically I can count inquisition type incidents we’ve had on one hand.

      2. Yes the caliphate is obligatory

      3. Historical pre-Islamic text is scarce (not strange seeing as the Arabs didn’t write) but we might have a couple of (debated) references.

      4. You may live in your parent’s house if she agrees. Basically, you can do any setup as long as you both agree. So for example you can perform the marriage and still live in both your parent’s home and you guys “halal date”. In regards to marriage and school, as you mentioned people date and are in school so that’s not a real stopper.

      5. It is recommended you see her:
      It was narrated from Anas bin Malik that:
      Mughirah bin Shubah wanted to marry a woman. The Prophet (ﷺ) said to him: “Go and look at her, for that is more likely to create love between you.” So he did that, and married her, and mentioned how well he got along with her.

      And yes you can see her in the right context multiple times.

      6. Just be honest with them. And tell them that this is very important to you and you want their help because you know they can bring you a good girl who they’ll be happy with etc. and you are willing to show you’re ready for this responsibility by getting a part-time job, saving for a car etc.

      7. Screw everyone “ridiculing” you there a bunch of people doing haram and are in no position to talk about anyone. Ask them to tell you the difference between marriage and the “games” they’re all playing. Always remember that Allah is the King and they are slaves. When you do something Allah’s ordered you never have to worry about being dishonored. So make dua to Him first, say bismillah, then go about trying to get it done.


  28. Mishal

    Jazakallahu khair. Im not exactly ready to tell them at the momemt but inshaallah i shall try to work up the courage. I have a few more questions.
    A. In judaism, there has been the mention of a group called the gentiles. What are they exactly and i heard they are mentioned in the quran altgo idk which surah or verse. What are their role in islam?
    B. I have to be brutally honest here and say, is it true that islam says that women are defecient in some way? Ik that the explanation for the whole the majority of the people of hell is women hadith is that women are the majority of bani adam alaihissalaam but im not convinced. This is due to one reason:
    1. First of all in the hadith, he already mentioned the reason which is that women constantly backbite and they dont appreciate their husbands. If the reason is women are the majority of humanity then the prophet peace and blessings upon him wouldnt need to warn the women about it in the first pkace as in the hadith, he warned them about the fact women are the majority of hell.
    Can you tell me which opinion is more correct? Im ok with the fact women are kinda defecient in some ways, im not afrais to admit that women and men are different.
    C. I heard that the prophet peace and blessings upon him sent letters to the kings all over the middke east to call them to islam. What are the kings who recieved his letters and which of them accepted islam and what are the one who didnt? For the ones who didnt, what are the reasons why they didnt?
    D. Is it blameworthy for one to be martied to someone for lust only?


    1. mr.heathcliff

      “. I have to be brutally honest here and say, is it true that islam says that women are defecient in some way?”

      define deficient

      since satan is a clever being who is able to trick people, are humans deficient in intellect than satan ?

      deficiency is defined as not having enough of something ?


  29. stewjo004


    A. Gentiles (Hb. Goyim) – literally “nations” used commonly in reference to non-Jews

    B. Again the definition of deficient is needed:

    1. More women than men is a classical position with a decent amount of evidence for it.
    2. The context of the hadith is he was joking in a gathering and these two articles give a good explanation:

    C. No idea. Would have to ask them.
    D. Not a sin, but not smart. After you do it a couple of times all that beauty will be gone. Very simple criteria for you to use “do you want your daughter to grow up and be like her.” As she will be the main one raising them. Wait and get a woman with good religion and character as that is what makes or breaks marriages,

    Liked by 1 person

  30. Mishal

    Sorry if i sounded very misogynistic as I was confused about how the hadith should be interpretated. Can you make a detailed post as I’m still not exactly clear about it. On islamqa, they made the interpretation that hadith is referring to the deficiency in women ontologically speaking altho I’m just paraphrasing and I might be wrong about them. The question is what is the correct opinion concerning about how the hadith should be interpretated and what is the overall context of the hadith? Again sorry if I sounded like those misogynistic dating coaches lol and sorry about my annoying habit of asking questions that has like PARAGRAPHS of answers, that’s what islamqa is for. May Allah dispose of your affairs in an effective manner.


  31. Assalamu alaikum,

    Yo guys, I’m thinking in short time to publish a Islamic book called Shariah Law where I teach both Muslims and non-Muslims the true message of Islam which was distorted, and I pray this will have strong positive effects, because I literally want to be the first Traditionalist Muslim who ended terrorism, extremism and violence. Once I finished my book, I will start preaching against terrorism and I hope by God’s Permission, I will change their way of thinking so I can make them from bad Muslims to good Muslims like the rest of us.

    Because, I dreamt to be like a 2nd Sheikh Muhammad Bin Abdul al Wahhab who spoke out against ignorance. But the ignorance of today is terrorism and violence which I must speak out against them and preach against them.

    My questions which I’d like to ask is as following:

    1. What are verses of Holy Quran that prohibits murder?
    2. Do we have verses from Quran that prohibits misogyny?
    3. Is this good idea if I start preaching against Antisemitism if a Jew is in front of me? Would like this he or she start thinking of Islam positively?
    4. If my book contains only absolute truth would I by the Permission of God to end terrorism and violence?
    5. If a Muslim murders a non-Muslim citizen, then does that Muslim deserves death penalty? And would that be a violation of Quran 5:32?
    6. Do we have verses that speaks against Antisemitism?



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