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848 thoughts on “OPEN FORUM

      1. Assalamu alailum,

        Why do when non-Muslims see a peace lovinh hadith they say it is fabricated or weak but when they see a “violent” Hadith they say it is strong, good and authentic and they shout at us like we reject something which is Authentic and Strong?

        Also, why do they keep insisting that gambling, pedophilia, smoking etc are not haram but sanctioned and condoned in Quran?

        And why they say sth like “Biblical interpretation on Quran”?

        And why they say “Muslims are ashamed of their prophet”?


  1. Assalamu alaikum,

    I have seen those animals(aka Christians) play dirty games with us(I.e. they love to quote things from Quran and interpretate as they like and use our scholars who agree with them) For example, Collins and other scumbags are using Yasir Qadhi so they can attack Islam and say that Quran is not preserved and that it sanctiones and condone child marrage.

    Do you think Yasir Qadhi should be kicked out from Muslim Ummah since he is a traitor?

    How many scholars like Yasir Qadhi are? And who are they?

    Do you think it is time for Muslim Ummah to eliminate the black sheeps from among us such as the terrorists and Yasir Qadhi?

    I mean seriously, he made also the video “the comon Muslim does not understand” and sheyteen are using this video so they can humiliate Muslim Ummah


    1. stewjo004


      No, we wouldn’t remove Yassir Qadhi from the Ummah. For one he had an opinion and had his evidence. Nothing he said negates his Islam. Two we know they’re twisting his statement which is most important (and if they do that to God’s words what’s a normal human at this point?) Regarding terrorist, while I believe we should all create taskforce etc it doesn’t get to the heart of the problem of why terrorism is forming and that’s due to lack of education and Muslims not working together.

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    1. One more thing. I started now to read Ali Sina’s book and I’m about this year to ultimately refute and debunk. And in his book I saw that he said that Allah is an alter ego of Muhammad. So how should I answer to it without insults?


      1. Assalamu alaikum,

        How should I prove that Allah is not alter ego of Muhammad? And how should I prove that we don’t worship Muhammad but the Creator? I find this challenge very difficult for me to ultimately refute and debunk it.


  2. mr.heathcliff

    “When Christians make a desperate attempt to prove that Muslims worship Prophet Muhammad, they unknowingly admit that it’s wrong to worship a man. They can’t swallow the fact that they’re polytheists so they want to show that Muslims are polytheists as well to make Islam look bad as if that’s going to help Christianity look better.
    Tu quoque fallacy.
    This is basically man worshippers wrongfully accusing others of worshipping a man to make them look bad as if they are pure from man worship. How ironic”


    1. Yeah, the Christians are evil disguised as good people. They simply don’t want to admit and acknowladge that they’re idolatry which is an unforgivable sin in Judaism and Islam.

      I feel pitty for them:P


  3. Assalamu alaikum,

    I would like to say that the fact that there are people like Ali Sina and Muhammad Syed, they are great challenge to us, because they help us increase our Iman and make us strong believers like never before. And since I started to have some courage to read Ali Sina’s book, my Iman started to grow much higher and now it is impossible for he to mislead me as I’m fully aware that non-Muslims are liars when they talk about Islam but us as Muslims, we have Al Haqq(The Truth) But the problem is that, sometimes I loose my courage and start to not have guts for me to go to Ali Sina’s website called Faithfreedom, I don’t know but I have weird thought which I would like to express it it if you don’t mind so I can solve it. But another greater challenge to us is WikiIslam which is fake Islamic wikipedia. And I do not have courage to go there so I won’t get deceived by those on WikiIslam. Because, I hate deception and propaganda.

    Also, after I get diploma of my high school, I’m going to register in a Party in Bucharest where I can have the chance of becoming the future President of Romania. Because, my only wish I have is to exterminate ISIS and make sure it will be the last and final khawarijite group by seeking help from United Nations and NATO so I can send a large military troops on Syria and Iraq, and I want to send bombing airplanes so I can bomb the headquarters of ISIS and so I can bury ISIS in non-Muslim graveyard and not in Muslim graveyard, because they are munafiq

    Plus I want to invite all Muslim political lead for live chat conference so I can talk with them about reforming Islamic teachings to the extend where people will see that Islam is The Only True Religion of Peace, Justice and Equality by permanently removing and banning child marriage and if a Muslim murders a non-Muslim, then he is to be sentenced to death penalty for violating Quran 5:32 and this applies even to non-Muslims, because life should be respected and not disrespected and if anyone commits pedophilia, then he is to be sentenced to one hundred lashes for violating Quran 4:6 and child marriage cannot be practiced by quoting hadith of Aisha and Muhammad, because that is extremely misleading.

    My questions are:

    1. Is it ok in Islam if I as Sunni Muslim want to be President of Romania so I can start exterminating ISIS and bury it in non-Muslim graveyard and not in Muslim graveyard?

    2. Is it ok those laws which I want to implement it? Because, I strongly believe that this is the Best and Excellent Debunk and the Greatest Refutation which any Muslim can do. And plus, this is what I believe to be the only way of proving to WikiIslam, Ali Sina, Sam Shamoun and David Wood that they’re wrong about Islam and they should give up on criticizing Islam

    3. Is it possible or impossible for as future President of Romania to make ISIS be the final and last khawarij group so there will not appear anymore khawarij group?

    P.S. This is actually my intention and my desire of doing it is extremely strong to the extend where I cannot let it go and to the extend where I see myself as obliged to do this.

    May God reward you


    1. stewjo004


      While I’m ecstatic your iman has been growing, say “inshaAllah it’s impossible for him to mislead me and alhamdulillah Allah has guided me” because Allah can turn it around. If you think your iman will be affected don’t go there AT ALL. You do not gain anything by putting yourself at risk for kufr.

      As for your questions:

      1.There main thing about being a leader of a non-Muslim country is you have to understand that is making the best of a bad situation.

      2. Sina, Wood, etc will never stop as it’s not a matter of “I think this is true”. If you look at CL Edwards who was with the type he says they are making +100,000$ a year from their crap.

      3.Regarding ISIS Allah hu alim but they won’t be the last of the khawarij, YQ said there’s a hadith that the Dajjal first appears among that sect. Also, they appeared during Ali’s(ra) time and he was a better Caliph and more knowledgeable about the deen then everyone on this blog combined so it’s highly likely they will appear again when more corruption emerges. But in reality, I don’t see them sustaining themselves and they’re kind on their last legs.

      However, with that being said I do think it’s important we have counter-extremism programs in place otherwise they’re going to keep wrecking our stuff and never giving Muslims the chance to build.

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  4. Assalamu alaikum,

    Yesterday Hell arrived to me at night. I emailed that sheytan named Sam Shamoun and asked him couple of questions and called me to skype and I talked with him on Skype but not much and I asked him not on live because I don’t like to be on live. And he asked me if I know Quranic Arabic and I said “no” and he asked me “did your profit respect women?” And he saw my face and I saw his face. But I hanged up on him as he disrespected my wish after I told him “I can prove you wrong” but what he did was different than what I had in mind to do. Yup, it seems like Scumbag Shamoun is retarded, because he doesn’t understand anything.

    Can you check and see if that scumbag posted our conversation on his YouTube channel? If he has, then next time I will destroy Scumbag Shamoun after I get myself prepared. I honselty not used to do this and I’m not used to speak with non-Muslims who attack Islam face to face. I felt stress.

    I almost felt like wanting to kill myself for the mistake I did.


  5. mr.heathcliff

    brothers, why does matthew look like a mixed bag?

    (Matthew 7:15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves. 16 By their fruits you will know them. Do you gather grapes from thorns or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every good tree produces good fruit, but the corrupt tree produces evil fruit. 18 A good tree can’t produce evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree produce good fruit. 19 Every tree that doesn’t grow good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them.)

    (Matthew 12:33 “Either make the tree good and its fruit good, or make the tree corrupt and its fruit corrupt; for the tree is known by its fruit. 34 You offspring of vipers, how can you, being evil, speak good things? For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. 35 The good man out of his good treasure brings out good things, and the evil man out of his evil treasure brings out evil things. 36 I tell you that every idle word that men speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment. 37 For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”)

    17 Don’t you understand that whatever goes into the mouth passes into the belly and then out of the body? 18 But the things which proceed out of the mouth come out of the heart, and they defile the man. 19 For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, sexual sins, thefts, false testimony, and blasphemies. 20 These are the things which defile the man; but to eat with unwashed hands doesn’t defile the man.”)

    all men are evil because all hearts produce evil yet when he wants to single out the Pharisees from the crowd, or distinguish between false prophets and true ones, suddenly there appear to be also good people with good hearts?



  6. Assalamu alaikum,

    I have come across to this article and

    The second link I gave it is from who gave us a list of questions to answer them. But some of them I find it quiet irritating and offensive. Does anyone knows how to answer to such questions?

    Also, the first link, I found and I started to doubt it’s authenticity. How sound and authentic it is this story? And is it truly authentic or fabricated?

    Also, I really want to have absolute guts to go to all anti-islamic websites without getting myself effected so I can easily to ultimately refute without any problem, like to be capable of going daily to and start to ultimately refute and debunk every single argument and premises Ali Sina brings, because right now I don’t have courage as I’m in state of doubt and I need something that kills the doubt so I can go ahead and do it. Because, I want to also start to refute on every argument and premises they bring against Islam and including that fake Islamic website such as on every argument and article they bring against Islam.

    So, is there an excellent medicine so I can have full self esteem and guts to tye extend where I can do whatever it goes in my mind without any problem? I have been thinking of hypnosis, but I don’t think this is the correct medicine. Because, I dreamt of getting also myself well known like Mohammed Hijab is known but much known than him.

    I would like to ask other questions if you don’t mind.

    1. Do you know easy deeds in Islam which I can easily practice daily so I can have guarantee of being capable of reciting Shahada at my time of death?
    2. Do you know easy deeds I can do so I can be saved from the Punishment of Grave besides chapter the Kingdom? Because, that chapter is difficult for me to memorize as I have memorization issues.
    3. Do you know deeds which I can do daily and easily so I can cross the Sirat Bridge with speed of light with ease without dying as martyr?
    4. Do you know easy deeds I can do daily so I can have on Sirat Bridge extremely powerful and bright and big in size of Sun?

    May God reward you


  7. ApHawk

    Hi everyone,

    I recently came across the claim that Islam was heavily influenced by Nestorianism, as Waraqa was a Nestorian and interpreted Muhammad (PBUH)’s vision in the cave.

    Can anyone help with this?

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    1. Hi,

      Lool, Nestorians were groups of Jews and they were the ones that did planned on cruxifying Jesus Christ and after the ascention of Jesus Christ, that group started to form.

      By the way, Waraqa was Christian Arab.

      I geniunly don’t see how it is influenced by Nestorianism. Obviously the one who said that is ignorant.

      Waraqa is that Christian who confirmed the Prophethood of Muhammad.


    2. stewjo004


      Sorry, your comment got buried. This one is pretty simple:

      1. So what?
      Okay for argument’s sake let’s say he was…and? It neither proves nor disproves anything about Islam. We already concede he was a Christian.

      2. Proof
      What is the proof for this other than assuming? From the best of my knowledge, there isn’t a hadith weak or otherwise, that has Waraqa (rh) refuting the hypostatic union much less his personal beliefs So how are they proving this because there were Christians in Arabia wh were Nestorian? Just like how there are various denominations living together in the same country everywhere.


  8. mr.heathcliff

    mark says “no faith”
    matthew says “little faith”
    in mark , the disciples wake jesus up and ask him, “r u not worried that we will perish?”

    Matthew changes it to “lord SAVE us”

    this “save us” is not in mark. Mark seems to be saying that.the desiples are saying “are you not worried that we are ALL(inc jesus) DOOMED?”

    i quote:

    The disciples are of weak and of little faith. Somehow having a God-man in front of them was not enough to convince them of his power, at this point in time they clearly were concerned about their well being, if they had the belief that Jesus was a deity, then they would not have been concerned in the least. To the contrary, they awoke him when they found their lives and his life to be endangered, Jesus then rebukes them for their little faith. A question needs to be asked here, in what regard was their faith, little? If they believed he was a God, then either awake or asleep, he would be all knowing and would protect them. If they believed in him as a messenger of God, a human, then waking him to invoke the mercy of God would save them from the perilous waters. Therefore since they woke him to make him aware of the dangerous weather, then it clearly implies they did not view him as a deity. He rebukes them in this case because they should have been aware that God would protect him and his disciples, for God is always in control of the earth. If we do take this verse in the Christian sense though, it becomes problematic as it renders the disciples as people of little faith despite the deity among them. Continuing, we read in Luke 9:46-50:

    End quote

    So no idea what parallel the terrorist christian al finlandi was trying to find between psalms 44 and jesus sleeping in the boat


  9. Assalamu alaikum,

    I’m literally tired to continue living as I do not have what it need for me to become the future President of Romania and I do not have qualities of a President either. Because, if I had I would definitely invite all Muslim political leaders to chat with me about reforming Islamic teachings, and I want to also ask all Muslim political leaders to fully practice the capital punishments like

    1. Anyone who does pedophilia, then he is sentenced to death penalty for going against Quran 4:6
    2. Any Muslim who murders a non-Muslim citizen, then that Muslim will be sentenced to death penalty for violating Quran 5:32
    3. Anyone who commits homosexuality, necrophilia(someone who does sexual intercourse with an dead body) and bestiality will be immidiately sentenced to death penalty for going against Shariah
    4. Anyone who does an act of terror will be sentenced to death penalty.

    But the problem is that I’m in post secondary school and for me to be President of Romania, I have to read a lot of books! And reading books, I’m lazy on reading books, because it bores me a lot.

    And what bothers me a lot is that a Muslim have said on Twitter that one of the signs that you are a Liberal Muslim is that you go against Apostasy Law and I have read on the questions of WikiIslam about terrorism “Sunnis, why do you distance yourselves from Salafis, are you ashamed of the Salaf for they are most pious Sunnis?” and that literally pissed me off as I know what they’re talking about, they are reffering to terrorists being most pious Muslims(audhubillah)

    What are the easiest ways I can do so I can end my life without any pain? Because, I want to end it so in Monday, I will be dead so I will not see anymore nor hear critics of Islam.


    1. stewjo004


      Relax it’s not necessary o kill yourself and it’s haram. I think you should take a break for a while from talking to Islam critics since you’re getting so stressed. Go for a walk in the park with your family and do some productive stuff like memorizing the Quran.

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      1. I know, but sometimes I do not have patience and sometimes when I’m lost, I begin to loose my mind. Even a Christian woman told me on YouTube “calm down, lool. I was just trying to make valid points and you have lost your mind. Who cares whom you’re worshipping?” and even an Atheist black man called Paul Williams have noticed that I get angry pretty quickly and he advised me to remain calm.

        I’m trying to learn how I can accept criticism of non-Muslims to the extend where it doesn’t effect me and to even have guts to go to every anti-Islamic website such as WikiIslam, Answering-Islam and Faithfreedom International without getting myself effected by them. Because, I intend to refute those websites by myself and to ultimately humiliate Ali Sina and Sam Shamoun and of course: Robert Spencer. Do you think hypnosis is good medicine for this case?


  10. Peace be upon you,

    Right now I’m trying to have hopes and I try to have strong determination and will to become the future Sunni Muslim President of Romania, because my wish is to annihilate ISIS by sending military troops, because I really want to see ISIS dead and to bury them in non-Muslim graveyard. And next, what I want to do is to invite all Muslim political leaders such as Emir of Kuwait and King of Saudi Arabia to chat with me face to face like political leaders and the topic will be about reforming the teachings of Islam so in future violence, oppression, injustice and terrorism will not happen again. Because, I really want to prove to non-Muslims that Islam is The True Religion of Peace to the extend where they’ll feel ashamed of themselves for criticizing Islam and for slandering Prophet Muhammad and so they can make sincere repentance to God for criticizing Islam and for slandering Prophet Muhammad.

    Now I feel like I want to explode the volcano and burn everything I touch mainly because I do not like the fact that non-Muslims have made WikiIslam which doesn’t represent us but them only. Had there would be Muslim grassroot movements and have created WikiIslam in 2000, today I would be happy as I would know that we have our own Islamic Wikipedia and I can be contributor on that Wiki, but since we don’t have, but only I feel disappointed at the situation. Because, is not created by a Muslim grassroot movement sadly…

    And now after I become future President of Romania, I’m thinking of making Christian terrorist groups so Christianity will earn bad reputation and bad image 2000 years later, because I want to turn Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists and others against Christians, Christianity and Bible. Because, I want a pay back so Christians will see how it feels when your faith is been critiqued.

    Plus, I have emailed Jay Smith and I have given Dawah to him while talking with him and he told me that I’m good hearted Alexander unlike other Muslims who emailed me. And he even told me that it was fun interacting with you. I hope I will have more conversation with Jay Smith and I hope by the Grace and Mercy of God, Jay Smith will willingly recite Shahada and become Muslim by himself.

    Article 1 Law 1

    1. Any Muslim who murders a non-Muslim innocent who lives in Muslim country, then that Muslim will be sentenced to death penalty
    2. Anyone who commits extramarital sex(i.e. bestiality, necrophilia and homosexuality) will be right away sentenced to death penalty for it is indecency.
    3. Child Marriage is haram as it goes against Quran 4:6
    4. Anyone who commits premarital sex(i.e. fornication, pedophilia, adultery and rape) will be sentenced to one hundred lashes for it is indecency
    5. Freedom of Religion is halal because Quran says to you is your way and to me is my way and I do not worship that which you worship.

    My questions are:

    1. Is it ok if I want to reform the teachings of Islam just so I can prove to non-Muslims that they are wrong about Islam?
    2. I have evidence that proves that child marriage is strictly forbidden in Islam and the proof lies in an application called Aisha where it clearly says that she wasn’t a child but woman when she married the Master of Mankind and Jinnkind namely Muhammad ibn Abdullah al Muttalib? Because, I have been told by an Catholic that if you want me to think that Islam is beautiful and doesn’t teach terrorism, why don’t you prove us? And from there I got the idea of reforming the teachings of Islam. And those laws I want to implement in Muslim World as a means of proof. Is there any problem if I want to do this as a mean of proving someone wrong?
    3. Is it good idea if I want to make Christian terrorist organization that do bombing operations and before that to say “in the name of Jesus Christ” and boom continually if my intention is to teach them a valuable lesson with hope that they may stop criticizing Islam and realize they were wrong about 9/11?
    4. Is it true that extramarital sex means Zina or Premarital sex means Zina? Which one does it mean Zina? Because, I’m trying to find the straightforward translation for Zina that carries exactly same meaning in English so I can translate The Glorious Quran to Classic English without errors in translation but with same meanings.
    5. How come we haven’t made a Muslim grassroot movement just like the so called exmuslims have their own grassroot movements?
    7. How come we haven’t made our own Wikipedia which is founded by a Muslim grassroot movement that deals with that hypocritical website called WikiIslam?

    May God reward you


  11. @Wilhelm

    do you often get unwanted thoughts?

    My response:

    Recently yeah, because I am literally tired to see people bashing Islam and I’m sick to see many anti-Islamic websites such as WikiIslam. And I even did the same on and an Atheist told me that suicide is forbidden in Islam and he even told me that I have one life which I must not waste it.


    1. Tiyaan

      Salam alexanderabood,

      There are a few things that you wrote that doesn’t sit well with me. I’ll just say this, the means is as important as the goal.


  12. Assalamu alaikum,

    Guys, I would like to ask you couple of things about Paradise and Allah(SwT) if you don’t mind.

    I dreamt of having in Paradise to have my own supernatural powers so I can create my own Universe and create whatever I like with my own hands, because I dreamt of being the Absolute Ruler so I can see how it is to be absolute ruler and to do whatever I want with what I create only and not what I have not created. Because, I dreamt of when being in my castle in Paradise, I can create as much as I want numbers of Universes in sizes as I like.

    I have been wondering for some time now. Since before the Universe, Allah(SwT) haven’t created anything, but how does He know about Himself that He can create whatever He likes and do things so perfectly without being taught? Just in curiosity

    My questions are:

    1. Is there any problem if in Paradise I can ask Allah(SwT) for this?
    2. Will I get bashed(strong criticism) by Allah(SwT) for making such request?
    3. Will I get kicked out from Paradise if I ask such thing?



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