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848 thoughts on “OPEN FORUM

      1. Vaqas Rehman


        “refutation of a ridiculous video by a Christian attempting to link Islam with the beast of Revelation.”

        The beast of the earth(false prophet) or the beast of the sea(anti-christ) or both?

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    1. It’s safe dw, Gnosticism was bullshit made up by people with wayyyy too much time on their hands, same could be said about the Kabbalah with their overly complicated mystical teachings…hindu philosophy is another parallel as well as some branches of sufism, nothing but useless stuff, people who study these would’ve been more productive in life they bothered to read a physics textbook

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      1. stewjo004

        @ Wilhelm

        Thanks. I had done some reading on Gnosticism and it almost seemed word for word like Kabbalah where their “monotheistic” but things keep “breaking off from God” forming new entities.

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  1. stewjo004

    @ vaqas

    Here’s what I sent to the Temple of Idolatry and Ignorance:

    @ Ken

    As I know you BS a lot Ken and I’d rather not do a formal response I’ll simplify here. Ignoring that we have clear cut statements from Muhammad(saw) and his companions;

    1.This entire chapter is a response to the Jews arguments about why they don’t have to be Muslim. Some said because a prophet can only be Jewish some were just blind followers of the Rabbis. God then responds to them being the “chosen people” by narrating some embarrassing stories of their defiant past.

    2.Verse 2:75 does NOT mean they are going by what they hear and there is nothing in the text to indicate that. Let’s read slowly

    2:75. Now do you ˹really˺ hope that a people such as this (the Jews) will believe in you, when some of them used to hear God’s words and then change or twist it, even though they understood them?

    How can they be “going by what they hear” if they “understood God’s words”? You are combining two different groups together as one (more in a sec)

    3. What you are referring to is the “illiterate” ones in verse 2:78. The insult in the verse is they are “illiterate” because they don’t know the Scripture and just make things up ( ironically people such as yourself fall into this category) How can we tell the two are separate by simply reading:

    2:75. Now do you ˹really˺ hope that a people such as this will believe in you, when some of them used to hear God’s words and then change or twist it, even though they understood them?
    2:76. When THEY meet those who believe, they say: “We’ve believed!” But when they’re alone in secret, ˹they˺ say: “Are you telling them about what God has ˹revealed to us previously˺, so that they can make a case against you, with your Lord? Don’t you have any type of common sense or understanding?”
    2:77. Do they not understand that God knows what they’re hiding and what they’re showing?
    2:78. Among them AS WELL are the ‘illiterate’ ones who don’t know the Scripture except for wishful thinking. They’re only making guesses and assuming

    So God is basically saying:
    “I just narrated to you these people’s defiant ways such as the Golden Calf and the hardship they caused on Moses. Do you think people like this will believe in you and follow the truth when they witnessed all these miracles first hand? Oh and among these defiant folk are some ignorant ones who don’t even know Scripture so just ignore them. Both these groups change Scripture so may they all be cursed.”

    3.As for your “not all Jews” argument nobody ever claimed EVERY Jew ever was responsible for changing the Scripture. Just like SOME of them killed or lied on the prophets:

    2:87. I had given Moses the Scripture and continued it through several Messengers. I gave Jesus the son of Mary undeniable signs, and aided him with the Holy Spirit. So why then, every time a Messenger came to you with what you didn’t want, you all sought your own greatness? SOME of you called them liars, and SOME of you kill,
    2:88. and they said: “Our hearts are uncircumcised.” The fact is God has cursed them for their rejection, so their belief is little.

    it was their scholars and keepers who did (just like how scribes changed yours by adding in Mark 16:9-20 and John 7:53-8:11) We can see this elsewhere in the Quran for example:

    5:44. I revealed the Torah with guidance and Light. The prophets, who all submitted to God, based their ruling for the Jews according to it. And so did THE RABBIS AND SCHOLARS IN ACCORDANCE TO WHAT THE WERE ENTRUSTED OF GOD’S SCRIPTURE, to which they themselves were witnesses…

    9:30. The Jews have said: “Uzair is the son of God!” and the Christians have said: “The Messiah is the son of God!” These are the words that have come from their own mouths, PLAGIARIZING AND ADAPtING WHAT DISBELIEVERS BEFORE THEM HAVE SAID. May God curse them! HOW ARE THEY BEING TURNED AWAY FROM THE TRUTH?
    9:31.THEY TAKE THEIR RABBIS AND PASTORS as their lords instead of God…

    Finally since we’re going from other spots we get a series of things the People of the Book are accused of in the Qur’an:

    1. Splitting the revelation given to them into different pieces and kept parts of it hidden (6:91, 5:15)
    2. Changing and altering the actual revelation given to them. (2:79 , 5:15)
    3. Forgetting large portions of the revelation given to them (5:13-14)
    4. Purposely altering and twisting God’s words from their context (5:13, 2:75)
    5. Writing another book and claiming its from God. (2:79)
    6. Misinterpreting verses from their books (62:5, 5:41)
    7. Adding and innovating their own belief systems not taught by Moses or Jesus (6:91, 57:27 )

    Nobody cares about you uninformed opinion regarding qirat (which you have admitted to not understanding)

    Early Christians agreed with Muslims that the Torah had been changed. (See Ebionites) just one of the many ways you don’t believe like the people Jesus(as) actually preached to.

    You still conveniently ignore these passages from the Quran:

    5:12. God had taken a Covenant from the Children of Israel…
    5:13. But they broke their promise, so I cursed them and made their hearts hard. They changed the words from their original places and have forgotten a large portion of what they were told repeatedly to remember, so you will continue to find treachery against you or cheats from a few of them. Overlook this and forgive them because God loves those who excel in doing good.
    5:14. I had also taken a Covenant from those who say: “We’re Christians,” but they too forgot part of what they were told to remember. So I released animosity and hatred among themselves until the Day of Judgement, when God will tell them what they used to manufacture.
    5:15. People of the Scripture! My Messenger has come to you; clarifying what you used to keep hidden of the Scripture and who overlooks much ˹of what you changed˺. A light has now come to you from God, along with a Scripture making things clear,
    5:16. which God uses to guide to the ways of peace, all who are looking to follow what pleases Him. Leading them from their various shades of darkness into the Light, by His will, and onto one straight path.

    “Those who’ve disbelieved among the followers of the People of the Scripture and the pagans would’ve never stopped until clear proof came to them. A Messenger from God, reciting purified scriptures, which contain upstanding writings and laws in it.” (98:1-3)

    Become a Muslim

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      1. stewjo004

        @ QB

        Ahhh that makes sense. Can’t believe I never noticed that. Thank you. When are you doing the next video as I’m fascinated to see the Book of Revelation get even more butchered.

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      2. For an advocate of western values and free speech i wonder why he censors the comments section while us illiterate close minded followers of a 6th century Arab warrior are 100% open to any criticism

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  2. Vaqas Rehman

    A video where Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi geeks out over his new camera but also addresses some of the criticisms from a refutation style video made against him. 5:36 onward if want to skip the tech talk portion of the video and get straight to the meat of the matter.

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    1. stewjo004

      @ Vaqas

      Alhamdulillah watching it now. I always think those types of videos are really “lowball” things to do (like seriously did you think you received any good deeds from Allah?). Of course, anyone who studies and gains more life experience will change their views and positions on things. If you were to compare stew the 18-year-old to the current 27 year old stew, I have had major shifts on topics. I don’t see the issue and as he said its a sign that one still studies and learns, and is not stagnant.

      I’m glad he says point blank I never had an issue with preservation though for these missionary idiots. Now can just link and move on.

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  3. stewjo004

    @ Vaqas

    Oh forgot Temple approved of my one and didn’t this one:

    “@ Vaqas

    Yeah, this is common for Temple which is why I don’t take the time to get things anymore. For example, I just quoted two dictionaries saying the meaning means corruption, Temple ignores it and continues with his uneducated opinion. How stupid would I have to be to go quote more sources to someone like that?”

    As I said the guy doesn’t care about learning which is why Allah misguides him to kufr (as I’ve noticed any convert to Islam you usually can see the sincerity they had previously and if not they always apostate) Regarding Uzair there is NO PROOF whatsoever that this is Ezra. It’s equivalent to when ulema said maybe Dhul Qarnain is Alexander. I think paul Casanova makes a very convincing case that it’s the angel Azael. here’s an interesting paper from Crone on the subject:

    Click to access Crone_Book_of_Watchers.pdf

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    1. Vaqas Rehman


      Interesting i’ll give it a read. Personally I don’t think it matters who Uzair’s identity is. Whether Its Azael, Enoch(a.s) or Ezra. All that matters is that there was a jewish sect at the time that believed he was the son of God. We may have little to no record of them today but we also have no record of any criticism of this ayat from the Prophets(s.a.w) opponents. This is important since we know from the ahadith that the muslims didn’t shy away from recording objections to the quran and using them as a teaching tool. Like with “Mary(a.s) the sister of Aaron(a.s)”, or the “taking their rabbis and monks as lords besides Allah” the hadith record people’s negative reaction to these ayat an their proper explanation but curiously this one is absent.

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  4. stewjo004

    Hey I think I asked this question but just wanted to double-check, do you guys think Paul of Tarsus was (and if you say more than one you gotta give a percentage):

    1. A Liar
    2. Insane
    3. Visited by Shaytan
    4. Lied upon like other biblical figures?
    5. Delusional and genuinely believed in what he was saying

    The more I read about him the less sure I am. I am favoring he had something to do with the Sahendrin (since everybody seems to agree on this) but idk 🤔🤔🤔 Thoughts?

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    1. 1, 3, and 5 are all possibilities. Also, he could have genuinely believed his crackpot ideas but he still could lie to get others to believe him. A perfect example of him lying is when James asked him to purify himself in the temple. If Paul believed the temple rites no longer applied, he should have stood his ground. Rather, he went along with it. This means that he did a complete 180 and changed his mind or he pretended to do the rituals just to placate his critics.

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  5. stewjo004

    @ Shaad

    Yeah it’s weird first I thought okay the Shaytan tricked him but even in the passage you quoted has to keep throwing up his non-existent authority. Somebody is clearly arguing “dude you weren’t even there” and he is now arguing his “vision” is equal to eye witness testimony:

    9For I am the least of the apostles and am unworthy to be called an apostle, because I persecuted the church of God. 10But by the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace to me was not in vain. No, I worked harder than all of them…

    Kinda makes your last “humble” statement irrelevant dude. Seriously he keeps doing this:

    11For I certify to you, brothers, that the gospel I preached was not devised by man.b 12I did not receive it from any man, nor was I taught it; rather, I received it by revelation from Jesus Christ.

    13For you have heard of my former way of life in Judaism, how severely I persecuted the church of God and tried to destroy it. 14I was advancing in Judaism beyond many of my contemporaries and was extremely zealous for the traditions of my fathers.

    15But when God, who set me apart from my mother’s womb and called me by His grace, was pleased 16to reveal His Son in me so that I might preach Him among the Gentiles, I did not rush to consult with flesh and blood, 17nor did I go up to Jerusalem to the apostles who came before me, but I went into Arabia and later returned to Damascus.

    18Only after three years did I go up to Jerusalem to confer with Cephas,c and I stayed with him fifteen days. 19But I saw none of the other apostles except James, the Lord’s brother. 20I assure you before God that what I am writing to you is no lie.

    And we know this is the pattern of the munafiqeen to be overly religious in speech. So good argument here. Interestingly he says something (else suspicious) in the passage:

    “…He (Isa) appeared to Cephas and then to the Twelve. 6After that, He appeared to more than five hundred brothers at once, most of whom are still living, though some have fallen asleep. 7Then He appeared to James, THEN TO ALL THE APOSTLES. 8And last of all He appeared to me also, as to one of untimely birth. (1 Corinthians 5-7)

    Why did he separate the 12 from the Apostles? I know Christians are going to say some “we’re all apostles in Christ” or some crap but commentary states it’s them:

    “Then of all the apostles – By all the apostles. Perhaps the occasion at the sea of Galilee, recorded in John 21:14. Or it is possible that he frequently met the apostles assembled together, and that Paul means to say, that during the forty days after his resurrection he was often seen by them.” (Barnes)

    However, Jamieson makes a note:

    all the apostles—The term here includes many others besides “the Twelve” already enumerated (1Co 15:5): perhaps the seventy disciples (Lu 10:1) [Chrysostom].

    Here’s the verse:
    “After this the Lord appointed seventy-two1 others and sent them on ahead of him, two by two, into every town and place where he himself was about to go.” (Luke 10:1)

    So pause here I read Luke before and didn’t notice this verse. So what happened to these 72 people? Who were they? Why do we have no record of any people’s writings or testimony who were appointed by Isa(as) himself? This whole thing is just a mess.

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  6. stewjo004

    @ QB

    This is an EXCELLENT point. Even Chrisitan apologist are struggling with this point (ranging from throwing out Acts to just appeasing critics)

    So this is very telling about his conviction. Wasn’t there also a place in his letters where he lied on an interaction with James?

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  7. Vaqas Rehman

    Just as an experiment let me ask you guys a question. Can God prescribe and encourage laws that are “warlike”, barbaric, or evil as long as its temporary? Yes? or No?


    1. stewjo004

      @ Vaqas

      If answering as a Jew or Christian yes

      If answering as a Muslim:

      1.”Warlike”- Need more detail here. Fighting is part of the human existence so yes laws would come down pertaining to it.

      2. “Barbaric”- According to whom? And if “barbaric” means “tribal” it may make sense for that group and time

      3. “Evil”- Allah does not command evil. From the Quran:

      7:28. Whenever they do shameless and disgusting acts they say: “We found our parents doing the same thing.” And “God has commanded us to do this.” Tell them: “God does not command anybody to do disgusting acts. Are you saying things about God which you have no knowledge of ?”

      7:157. “Who follow the Messenger, the gentile prophet they find described in the Torah that is with them, and in the Gospel. He will order them to do what is good and forbid what is evil to them. And make things allowed for them that are pure, forbid them all the things that are filthy and remove the chains and burdens around their necks that used to be on them.

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      1. Vaqas Rehman


        Thank you for answering! I’ve asking Ken Temple this very question on our discussion on the violence in the OT and he’s been refusing to answer.

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  8. stewjo004

    @ Vaqas

    Oh, no problem because unlike Temple I’m not scared of answering things directly. Like notice, for example, he never gave any rebuttal to my point that the HS inspired a lie then when Shamoun attempted the lame “exaggerations” argument (and still has to concede “some” women and children and babies were killed)

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  9. Vaqas Rehman

    Okay now I need a link to send questions to a shaykh or otherwise authentic Islamic scholar. The sites i usually use are having issues for me whenever i try to send questions nowadays.


  10. stewjo004

    @ QB

    You’re so nice I saw that conversation your new video about not wishing Hellfire on them etc, shiiiiiiiiii…these people are basically Quraish but not as bad because they didn’t actually see the Messenger. If Allah saves me from the punishment I’llbe laughing with full tears in my eyes when their turns are up. The absolute worst of creation.

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    1. That’s what I told the brother too. I wish to see the vile trolls humiliated and punished both in this life and the next and just laugh. But I do sincerely hope that the truth-seekers among them are saved, the ones who actually want to learn.

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      1. stewjo004

        @ QB

        Fair enough Umar(ra) and others were apart of that group before so you never know who is beloved. However on Qiyama when it’s all been decided…😈 😈 😈

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      1. stewjo004

        @ QB

        I wish it would be that simple. With nationalism being so high they will probably double down on their kufr because it was the ways of their forefathers.

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      2. Well, I mean people in the west. Many are completely ignorant of other cultures and they only hear good things and what appeals to them, e.g., they see Indian culture in Bollywood movies. But if Hindu texts actually received much more attention, it would make the religion look really bad.


  11. Vaqas Rehman

    So I encountered an “interesting” argument against Islam and wanted to get your guys thoughts on it.

    “Deuteronomy 18:10-12 forbids a number of magics among them necromancy.

    Necromancy is communicating with the souls of the dead.

    Muslims communicate with the soul of the Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w) by sending salams to him and receiving salams from him.

    therefore Islam encourages necromancy and is false.”

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    1. @ Vaqas

      Before beginning its not like the Bible means diddly squat but using the same “logic” we can apply this to Jesus (as) or really all the people who raised the dead in the Bible:

      Ignoring the fact that this is one of the many contradictions of his text, (like Samuel and Saul) tell the kaffir to read Deuteronomy better:

      10Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, practices divination or conjury, interprets omens, practices sorcery, 11 CASTS SPELLS, CONSULTS A MEDIUM OR FAMILIAR SPIRIRT, OR INQUIRES OF THE DEAD. 12Anyone who does these things is detestable to the LORD; because of these same detestable practices the LORD your God will drive out those nations before you.

      Let’s pull up examples of the foorbidden act:

      So Saul disguised himself and put on other garments and went, he and two men with him. And they came to the woman by night. And he said, “Divine for me by a spirit and bring up for me whomever I shall name to you.” (1 Samuel 28:8)

      When someone tells you to consult mediums and spiritists, who whisper and mutter, should not a people inquire of their God? Why consult the dead on behalf of the living? (Isaiah 8:19)

      Now from commentary on the verse he quoted;

      Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible
      a necromancer that inquiries of the dead, or seeks instruction from them, as the Targum of Jerusalem. Aben Ezra describes him as one that goes to burying grounds, and takes the bone of a dead man, and because of his wild imagination there appears to him the likeness of forms; or as Maimonides (l), better still, he is one that fasts and sleeps in graveyards, and utters words; and, according to his imagination, sees future things in dreams.

      Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges
      a necromancer] Heb. enquirer of, or resorter to (doresh, see on seek, Deuteronomy 12:5), the dead: a general description of the consulter of ghosts and familiar spirits

      Pause. Where do Muslims consult a person or inquire about the status of Muhammad(saw)? The angels are the one carrying the salam and we are not aware of it’s return. What is forbidden in the text is the same for us that you can’t call up Ms. Cleo and ask how grandma is doing in the afterlife dumb@$$.

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      1. mr.heathcliff

        burton mack has chapter discussing this . Its about dead spirits of the prophets and how they were consulted to perform miracles and inquire about ghayb. icant remember the books name

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  12. Vaqas Rehman

    Anyone know who it is Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi is dissing here? I wanna say its Ap cause it sounds like something he’d say.

    start from 1:10:25 onward for the full context of this tangent or just 1:11:31 for when he starts talking about ex-muslims.

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      1. I asked this because I saw a comment from his saying something that I was a Muslim on former post and that’s why. I was asking just to make sure I have understood the comment or misunderstood. Because, that’s how I got the impression when I read his comment.

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      2. When I said in former post that I will deal with those monkies from on the group called exmuslim who were talking about Mohammed Hijav and A Pus, they were bashing the Salaf by saying they believed Earth is flat and you stated that people are gonna believe whatever they want. And I have said to you that: “don’t you feel like your religion is degraded?” And you have given no reply and that’s what made me think. My personal opinion


      1. stewjo004

        @ Alexander

        This post was a response to QB’s above it. Here’s the full context:

        stewjo004 (that’s me)
        Wasn’t this dude an extremist communist and then alleged “terrorist” or something?

        That’s what I had heard. Yet, he claimed he was religious before he became a murtad.

        I’m sure he did, doesn’t quite have the same ring as I was just out here and then decided not to be Muslim anymore

        I was mocking Pus because of course, he’s going to claim to be “real religious” before becoming a murtad. Who doing what Pus does would say: “No I wasn’t really religious and didn’t believe in Islam to begin with before I said I’m not Muslim anymore?”

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  13. stewjo004

    @ Alexander

    Copy, I know which one you’re referring to now. To begin I thought your question was rhetorical. To answer more thoroughly now, no, it’s not a matter of not being annoyed (they can’t degrade Islam because we’re going to win) it’s a matter of energy and the most “bang for my buck” responding to things. Most the little peons (like on Reddit that you mentioned) are:

    A. Ignorant folks who are just blind following
    B. Not important

    They have no desire for truth and they aren’t affecting anyone but themselves and their group so they aren’t spreading their evil quickly to others. Going there they already have confirmation bias and they are going to believe what they believe no matter what you show to the contrary. It’s like when Allah says:

    “As for those who refuse to believe, it makes no difference if you warn them or don’t, they’re never going to believe.” (2:6)

    I was suggesting to you to focus on bigger fish like Shamoun, Wood, White, WikiIslam etc because they are the spokesman of the kuffar working behind the scenes. While preferably we can get at those ones too, they right now are the “faces” spreading the main propaganda. For example, when I became Muslim, I found out about the Prophet’s(saw) marriage to Aisha(ra) through Shamoun (who I had no idea who he was at the time) the first thing I did was go look up more info not go to “ex Muslims/Reddit”. Most of the articles you want to target are theirs because that’s what people look up to attack the deen. This is:

    A. More efficient then arguing with idiots
    B. Educates more people like myself who research things responding to their claims.

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    1. Ok. Well I will focus more on wikiislam. But the problem is that I’m the only one and I do not have a team, because there are topics which I do not know how to answer and hence I prefer to leave this up to someone else. I’m good at only at explaining things, but I don’t know how to explain to someone about topics such as science and history. Because, that’s beyond me.

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    1. I really appreciate. But that’s not the real problem. The problem with me is that I’m scared of deception and illusion and sometimes I do not have courage to go to that website because it is illusion and I’m weak Muslim. But still I know what they are up too and what they are planning and what they plan is stupid and bad idea and I totally disagree with what they think of Islam. Also, I find it very misleading and runned by a bunch of ignorants. And if I enter into that website, I get angry quickly, I havehonestly uncontrolled anger issues.

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  14. Assalamu alaikum everyone!

    I have a great ptoject from this year which I wanna do. I know a Iranian person with the pseudonym Ali Sina who runs Faithfreedom International and he made a intresting a challenge that if any Muslim wants me to delete this website, all you have to do is to debunk my chargesa against Muhammad and I will publically announce that Islam is truth and will get the reward of 50.000$ and myself I found an intresting and cool challenge and I believe that if I debunk him, he will delete wikiislam, faithfreedom and the other website. And I emailed him and he gave me his book so I can refute his book, but when I opened up his up I almost felt like vomitting because he have made disgusting interpretations and he made the claim that if any Muslim reads this book he will definitely leave Islam, yeah right, this is only in his dream, because I have read x2 and I have not left Islam. And I spotted lies in his book. So I would need some brothers and sisters who are stronger than me and who knows history of Arabia and science, because I’m planning on making a great refutation and only like this Ali Sina will leave Islam and Muslims alone. And I would need who can be contributers on my website. What you guys think of this great project?

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    1. stewjo004

      @ Alexander

      Well, I definitely wouldn’t recommend Muslims visit those places either so they don’t get affected.= (for example on QB’s videos while I understand he had to quote his opponent to defeat the argument I skipped him EVERY time). Generally, I prefer to let the arguments “come to me” when debating. As for the challenge I doubt he’s sincere and he probably sprinkled it with lots of subjective material like “killing is bad, prove Muhammad(saw) never killed”. I know QB is interested in this type of stuff so if he doesn’t mind then I can try to take a couple out (but I’ll be completely useless when it comes to ahadith just as a quick warning)

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      1. Well then once I debubk his book, then I will challenge him for a debate, and I will be very wild and agressive with him and I will torture him while debating him. But only this time, I will be Zionist, Agressive Predetor like, Bounty Hunter, Selfish and Psychopanth. And I will not let him win the debate and I will make sure he will be ultimately humiliated by a Sunni Muslim like myself to the extend where he will have a permanent trauma and depression and I will make him pay for making the movie “Innocence of Muslims”


    2. I wouldn’t waste my time with him. Ali Sina was well-known more than a decade ago, but now, his name hardly ever comes up. You should concentrate on the more famous ones now. Forget about Sina. He’s a no-body.

      As for his “challenge”, that’s also very old. He made that challenge a long time ago. Don’t be fooled into thinking that he’s a fair and honest person. He has no intention of shutting down his website and pay $50,000 to anyone.

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      1. I don’t like this life, because it is not fair. So much injustice… and that fool likes only to mislead us! My point is that I want to End his Career so the Youth Muslims will be protected from such monsters who can be brainwashed.

        Also, in his website, it seem like the reason he left Islam is because he have not understood it and I believed that I can teach him about Islam and maybe like this he will change his mind and views. Obviously those who leave Islam are ignorant, I know this because I went into this kind of experience. One I entered by mistake into biblebillion website and I complained to my dad and I told him about leaving Islam and he told me that I should not go to such websites, because they are designed to mislead people. And since then, I have become strong Muslim. Seems like today I have a new trial from God Almighty, because I have passed the small test and now another heavy one has come and I believe that I can pass also this test of God Almighty, but it would be difficult for me to do this.

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  15. stewjo004

    Yeah, this dude actually seems dumber than Sam (I know!) just looking at Bassam’s rebuttal to some of his points:

    1. Faces being blackened and whitened
    Besides it being established there no such thing as race (which he uses) it’s clearly nothing to do with being dark-skinned or light-skinned:

    2. Muslims raided Quraish, therefore, they are the aggressors
    Uhud and Khandaq were the only “defensive” battles is his argument. Yeah that’s not how that works. Besides ignoring the 13 years of events leading up, once a declaration of war has been declared t has nothing to do with “only being attacked”. In WW2 the Allies didn’t just “wait to be attacked” by the Axis they made offensive campaigns (alos as a note he’s an idiot as Uhud and Khandaq were not the only “defensive” Quraish made raids as well (like for example the one that caused suspicions on Banu Qainaqa as giving intelligence to them to know where things were, Muslims just had a more severe effect on their economy then the latter’s on ours (plus there’s no logical reason to talk in a lecture about times Muslims were raided)

    3.Al Aqsa
    Please see QB’s infamous rebuttal of Shamoun:

    So yeah if he was more famous his points can easily be picked apart but again its the focus on big fish (also forgot to mention don’t believe their “delete if rebutted” crap. Anseringislam claims the same thing per article and still hasn’t removed the Al Aqsa despite EVERYBODY saying QB won. Same with my refutation of Is the Torah like the Quran.

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  16. stewjo004

    @ Alexander

    Two things:

    1. It is not being a “weak” Muslim to avoid those sites. They are simply trying to promote doubt not explain their faith. It honestly is not good for the heart period.

    2. Some people have different talents, like you said you might not be good at debating but you might be a good teacher. If that’s the case you might be better off going here and learning:

    Muslims are severely lacking in education so that will help the Ummah much more than rebutting idiots (as like the hydra more will just show up) The point I’m making is everyone has a talent and use yours to help the Ummah.

    3. Regarding them stressing you I’d like you to first read these ayah:

    16:127. So remain patient, because your perseverance only comes from God. Don’t be saddened over them or become stressed over the plots they’re making,
    16:128. because God is with those who only fear Him and do good…

    27:69. Tell them: “Travel through the earth and look at what was the end of the guilty…”
    27:70. Don’t be saddened over them or stressed by their plots.
    27:71. They ask: “When will this promise be fulfilled if what you’re saying is true?”
    27:72. Tell them: “Maybe what you want to hurry up is right behind you…”

    40:4. No one argues about God’s revelations except those who disbelieve. Their strutting throughout the land shouldn’t deceive you,
    40:5. Noah’s people denied before them and so did later coalitions. Every single one of them wanted to do away with their Messenger or seize him. They debated using lies to try and cause the Truth’s downfall by any means necessary. Then I was the One who seized them, so how was My vengeance and the consequences dealt out?
    40:6. Your Lord’s Word was passed in this way against the disbelievers that they would be friends of the Inferno.

    3:196. The strutting of the disbelievers throughout the land should not deceive you,
    3:197. it is just a little enjoyment. After that, their sanctuary is Hell; what a miserable place to be cradled.

    One thing that helps me is even though it’s not as severe I can appreciate the struggles of the early Muslims. Know that Allah has a set deadline for everything and when there’s comes no one can delay it. Here watch this jumuah by YQ on injustice it helped settle my heart:

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    1. But the problem is that my mom who’s a Christian, she does not want me to do this, because she disagrees with my idea and she thinks that it is bad idea to rebute someone. And also she told me that the reason he does that is so he can piss you off, so if you ignore him, he will feel hurt. And I disagreed with her and then she decides to confiscate my laptop until she sees that my desire of wanting to refute, debunk and rebuke is gone. So what I should I now? On telephone is hard to make an article as I’m not used to do this but only on laptop. Seems like I have to figure out how I can trick her so I can have the laptop so I can fullfill the mission I proposed, but no matter how much I try, I get exposed in front of her. Why do I live in a bad family!?? Can’t I have a family who can understand me?? Seems like this is the Decree of Allah(SwT). Now I feel like going nuts and criticizing Allah(SwT) because many things which I don’t like it happens in my life. But I try not to critique Allah(SwT) because that would be kufr. Right now I’m really angry because I have so may restrictions imposed by my parents and there is nothing I can do for me to lift them until I listen to them…. I live in a corrupted world sadly


      1. stewjo004

        @ Alexander

        Okay, she doesn’t want you to critique. Don’t lie and don’t do it until your out her house. This is actually beneficial because now you can study at the link I provided at this time and be more prepared when you leave. There’s always good if you look for it.

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      2. Oh my, then that’s mean that by now I would forget about this dajjal(impostor) named Ali Sina, and I would forget what I have memorized from his book and once I get off from her house, then I completely have lost these valueble information which I can use it against him. And I would also forget about the mission I proposed on myself. I just want to protect and defend the Muslim Ummah from dajjals which I have spotted. Probably I’ll get off when I’ll become like 60 or 80 years old and my mom is dead by now. I mean that, it would be way too long for me to wait for this moment and I simply don’t have patience. I just wish to do something noble and honorrable, but even this I’m restricted by her…. she does not see as noble thing. Because I explained to her that I want to defend the Muslim Ummah and she told me that this is only God Almighty will take care and not you and even if some Muslims have left Islam, then new people will come to Islam. This is her response to me. Personally I love those kind of challenges, because this is my chance of making money. And I want also to make my parents pround of me knowing that I have defeated Ali Sina and for winning 50.000$. And she told me that this won’t happen because he is definitely lying to you. I really hate this life. May God take this impostor(dajjal) in short time!


  17. stewjo004

    @ Alexander


    Regarding forgetting, go to Google Drive and make some notes for future reference. While you can do what you like, I always recommend studying as well as you’ll gain confidence and laugh when you see certain arguments.

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  18. Assalamu alaikum,

    I would love to know if there’s a website of fatwas, quotes and works of Ibn Taymiyah and Ibn Uthmeymeen. May I know if there’s such websites where I can learn about their lives, studies, education, works, biographicies, quotations and fatwas?



      1. @Alexander, Spubs seems to have a bad reputation but idk why exactly maybe @Stew could enlighten us coz he’s Salafi himself

        I don’t think they will let you contribute coz you don’t know Arabic yet nor you’re a scholar despite Abu Khadeeja himself being illiterate in Arabic and not a scholar….and you should be a Salafi…ik it’s confusing


  19. stewjo004

    @ Alexander and Shaad

    Regarding a website containing Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn Uthaymeen’s fatawa I’m not 100% sure of one.

    As for SPUBS, they are what are known as “Madkhalis” which is a minority branch of Salafis and this confuses people as they equate the two frequently. The most famous thing they’re known for is that one cannot rebel against the amir for any reason whatsoever no matter how unjust or cruel he is. While in principle this is correct there are clear exceptions in extreme circumstances or if certain parameters are hit such as preventing the salah. Rabee Al Madkhali is considered the founder but it was actually his teacher who laid most the ideological groundwork. Keeping a long story short, Sayyid Qutub (who wasn’t a scholar btw he had mostly political ideas) went to the US, came back to Egypt said we are back to Jahiliyya and basically made takfeer on all the governments in Muslim countries. This heavily influenced the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorists such as Juhayman al-Otaybi. Rabee’s teacher started refuting and then fast forward to the Gulf War where Saudi allowed US bases in and this led to Rabee himself taking up the role (despite originally being a critic of the House of Saud) Al ot of the time he really committedfallacies and more or less attaced his opponenets not their arguments (not to say their arguments were correc though) Quoting the CIA’s explanation on Madkhalis usefulness:

    “one of his favorite tactics was to call jihadis “Qutbis” rather than Salafis, since they agreed with the political doctrines of Sayyid Qutb…and suggested that they were members of a deviant sect. To this end, another of Madkhali’s effective tactics was to force an opponent to acknowledge that Sayyid Qutb, whose teachings he followed, had made a number of theological statements that were at variance with orthodoxy; thus, his followers were heretics too.”

    Click to access Stealing-Al-Qaidas-Playbook.pdf

    He was then made the department head in the university of Madina ((the reason he got a lot of support by the Saudi government should be obvious by now) He had been popular since the 90s but most of his students burned out and either fell off the deen entirely or apostated (this is who YQ was talking about in the one video and I agree with him they spend too much time attacking others and not focusing on themselves)

    While I’m not from the UK why SPUBS has a bad reputation is for a variety of reasons:

    1.Being borderline khawarij except in violence
    Like Rabee’s fallacy argumentation they do the same attacking any popular speaker calling him a deviant or Ahlul bidah

    2. Misquote
    They misquote ulema A LOT.

    3. Cult-like
    If someone criticizes a popular person to them even with evidence they will attack this person’s Islam despite the fact that a person’s Islam is not dependent on their like or dislike of a person

    4. Using Muslim women
    They generally have an exceptionally high marriage/diorce ratio (I’m talking like 9 marriages and being 26)

    5. No real plan
    Basically, they just attack others all day and when you ask them how to build the Muslim community they make generic statements like “follow the Quran, Sunnah and Salaf as Saliheen” This makes sense as many of the followers are poorer and uneducated (this is why they have such a destructive family life)

    6. Hypocrisy
    No not as in “being munafiqoon” as in the English usage of saying one thing and doing another. The will quickly call someone a “khawarij” but according to Rabee Al Madkhali you should go fight in Libya and die for Khalifa Haftar a man that has openly stated he is not going to rule by the book of Allah or the sunnah when in power:

    “Known as a secular Nasserist, Haftar worked for years as Gaddafi’s loyal aide. However, in the 1980s during Gaddafi’s attempts to overthrow the Western-allied Chadian regime, he, along with 700 servicement under his command, fell prisoner to Chadian forces. When Gaddafi denied that he had sent troops to confront Chad and failed to protect Haftar, the CIA approached Haftar and convinced him to co-operate with them…After the CIA failed to find a base for Haftar in Zaire and Kenya, he was taken to the U.S. as a refugee. Up until the uprisings against Gaddafi started in 2011, Haftar remained in Virginia close to the CIA headquarters.

    Just before the uprisings started in 2011, Haftar returned to Libya and was considered as a leader for the rebel forces. In the end, Haftar was placed third on the hierarchy…”

    “…the Madkhalis, follow the Saudi Salafist scholar Rabee al-Madkhali, and believe that the person or group in power must be obeyed, regardless of unjustified violence used against the leader’s subjects. Muammar Qaddafi initially invited the Madkhalis into Libya to counteract the Salafi-Jihadism of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group that was attempting to overthrow him in the 1990s.

    One group of Madkhalis now help to maintain the power of Qaddafi’s former ally, Khalifa Haftar, who leads the Libyan National Army in Tobruk and Bayda…”

    So after this person Khalifah who has been openly recruited by the CIA comes into power, Madkhali is then going to turn around and say “don’t rebel against the amir!” even though he just helped the guy rebelling against the amir? Man gtfo here.

    Anyways for those following reasons I do not like them and wouldn’t suggest you get involved with them as many of them do “burn out”. You should seek knowledge first as knowledge precedes action which is why I recommended the link to you. Once you understand aqeedah, how fiqh works etc you don’t need to blindly quote fatawa as you can understand the thought process in play. Again think about it how many times do you see Fawzan quoting others in contemporary fiqh issues? Almost never as he understands how evidence is derived.

    Regarding being a “salafi” if you want to call yourself that go ahead but at the end of the day, I find it redundant as there really are only 2 categories Muslim or kafir. Even if I disagree with a person on certain fiqh issues if their beliefs are in line properly and they have legit evidence they are Muslim. If not, then they’re not, it’s not that complicated.

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  20. Vaqas Rehman

    So bit of a controversial question but what does everyone think about the view that some of the children of Adam(a.s.) mated with hominids, such that some people today have their DNA?

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    1. stewjo004

      @ Vaqas
      Never heard of it until today, but I don’t think we can just mate with any ol hominid and if so I would imagine it would be like a mule or something with the offspring being infertile, but Allah h alim this is more QB’s field so waiting for the guy with the Master’s.

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    2. Well first, the paleontological history of humans has wide gaps, and most fossils of hominids are tiny fragments of bones and teeth.

      I think a good case can be made that hominids like Neanderthals were actually humans, and thus were from the lineage of Adam (as).

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      1. Vaqas Rehman


        Interesting I was always of the view that hominids were a separate creation from the Adamic line.

        Anyway the reason I bring this up is because I saw some drama between Muslims over this issue.

        One side says that hominids(in this scenario they are a non Adamic creation) mated with some Bani Adam(a.s.) in the past and people today have their DNA. Something brought up to support this view were studies confirming that some people today apparently have Hominid DNA in them.

        While another side says such a view is heretical as Quran and sunnah doesn’t say anything of the sort and that relying on any studies is basically claiming science has knowledge of the unseen.

        Personally I don’t see a problem with the first view and I can’t think of any reason to deem it heretical. Especially Since scholars like Ibn Taymiyyah says in Majmoo al Fataawa that humans and jinn can get married and may produce children.(he didn’t say that it was permissible as far as I know just that it was possible)

        But i’m not a student of knowledge so I figured I’d see what you guys thought on the issue.

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  21. stewjo004

    @ Vaqas
    I don’t find it “heretical” (due to the fact that the Quran and Sunnah don’t list a lot of things like for example all the kingdoms of the world that ever existed. Just because its not listed doesn’t mean we can’t discover an archaeological find proving a new ancient kingdom. Also again the Quran a and sunnah don’t say a donkey and a horse can breed but we know they can make mule) it’s just not very convincing. As noted by QB before Neanderthals and Denisovans who were widely believe to be two supposedly “different” hominids come to find out are basically just homo sapiens with some extra “pepper” after more research was concluded. Add in the new info that a lot of this is just some bones and teeth (and from a little research I did not even a lot, like 3 samples worth for a whole genus) and I gotta agree with QB that they’re all more than likely still among the sons of Adam(as).

    Regarding Ibn Taymiyya I have read him discussing the possibility of Jinns producing with humans (which ironically shows how close-minded we are nowadays as that is a WAY bigger claim than mating other hominids) again I just don’t really see how? (Now granted I’m still thinking biological functions (as I assume they’re different than ours because of Surah Tin) I guess nothing would prevent the Jinn from transforming into a human woman but then… sigh nevermind)

    Anyways to me, it’s an Allah hu alim as much as we like to nowadays think of ourselves as “knowledgeable” reality is everyone is just guessing and we only have a drop of our entire history recorded to even work from. Tell them Allah hu alim and leave it to Muslims knowledgable in the field of evolutionary biology to discuss the evidence (as it may in fact be weak like for example when you hear people say its a “historical fact” Isa(as) was crucified) and reconcile accordingly.

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    1. stewjo004

      @ Vaqas

      Oh and also tell them to be careful who they have those types of discussion with, for example, one time I was saying to a brother that idk how someone can believe 10 dimensions and not God (as it basically just proved the possibility of God) and as I explained to him what it was all heck broke loose and I just had to call it as he wasn’t understanding.

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  22. Assalamu alaikum,

    I have recently saw a video of Cira International where Al Fadi makes the claim that Quran 60:8 does not teach tolerance. What you think of this?

    Cira International loves to make lies about Quran continually. And those motherfuckers say that Jesus Christ is better than Prophet Muhammad.

    I’m literally loosing my mind. This is valid reason for me to antagonize Christians and to hate them badly.


    1. stewjo004

      @ Alexander

      Can’t see how:

      God has not forbidden you from being kind and acting justly towards those who did not go to war with you over religion, nor kicked you out of your homes because God loves those who implement justice. God has only forbidden you in regards to those who fought against you on account of your faith and have driven you from your homes or helped and supported in your banishment. Whoever makes friends with them, are the ones doing wrong. (60:8-9)

      Even though it’s pretty self-explanatory here’s Ibn Kathir:

      “means, those who did not have a role in your expulsion. Therefore, Allah does not forbid you from being kind to the disbelievers who do not fight you because of the religion, such as women and weak disbelievers…to be gentle with them… to be fair with them…Imam Ahmad recorded that Asma’ bint Abu Bakr said, “My mother, who was an idolatress at the time, came to me during the Treaty of Peace, the Prophet conducted with the Quraysh. I came to the Prophet and said, `O Allah’s Messenger! My mother came visiting, desiring something from me, should I treat her with good relations’ The Prophet said…(Yes. Keep good relation with your mother.)” The Two Sahihs recorded this Hadith. Imam Ahmad recorded that `Abdullah bin Zubayr said, “Qutaylah came visiting her daughter, Asma’ bint Abi Bakr, with some gifts, such as Dibab, cheese and clarified (cooking) butter, and she was an idolatress at that time. Asma’ refused to accept her mother’s gifts and did not let her enter her house. `A’ishah asked the Prophet about his verdict and Allah sent down the Ayah…(Allah does not forbid you with those who fought not against you on account of religion) until the end of the Ayah. Allah’s Messenger ordered Asma’ to accept her mother’s gifts and to let her enter her house.”—

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      1. Assalamu alaikum,

        I would like to ask you personal question if you don’t mind. I have this “obsession” with reversal of time and I was wondering if I get to Paradise and start to make such request to God Almighty, will He strongly criticize me in front of all inhabitants of Paradise such as mankind and jinnkind? Because, I have my own reasons why I’m “obsessed” with reversal of time and why I really want it to happen.


      2. I found our own Islamic Encyclopedia namely and in this wikipedia, only Muslims from all branches of Islam are allowed to be contributors and editors, but if a non-Muslims and the Apostates are not allowed to be contributors and editors of this wiki.

        Is there any Muslim wishes to voluntarly accept as contributer and editor of ?

        I have voluntarly accepted myself to be contributed and editor of IslamWiki. That wikipedia needs thousands of Muslims, and in short time, it will have also Muslim scientists as well who can be contributors and editors of IslamWiki, of course our important and special guest will Dr. Zakir Naik, but I don’t know if he has email address so I can ask him if he can be contributor and editor of

        I wanna make IslamWiki the greatest Islamic wikipedia, truthful and honest, and no deception, manipulation, lies will be involved. This is also to prove what does represent us as Muslims and what it does not represent us, and I wanna show to those on wikiislam that what they write it does not represent us.


  23. stewjo004

    Hey, no argument presented that I was curious if anybody had heard before. I’ll just copy and paste the comment:

    The Quran copies many Syriac texts. See chapter 19 of “Wiley Blackwell Companion to the Qur’an, 2nd Edition”. Here are just a few examples: The story of God ordering the angels and Iblis to bow to Adam is from the “Cave of Treasures”. The details of Adam’s 2 sons are from the “Life of Abel”. The story of Abraham observing heavenly bodies, confronting his father and being thrown in the furnace is from the “Apocalypse of Abraham”. The stories of Joseph copy “Homilies on Joseph of Pseudo‐Narsai”, Midrash and Ephrem’s Commentary on Genesis. The Queen of Sheba story is from the “Targum Sheni of Esther”. The details of Virgin Mary’s life is from the “Protoevangelium of James”. The story of Jesus making life from clay birds is from the “Infancy Gospel of Thomas.”

    Never researched said sources and was wondering maybe one of you guys had a response.

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  24. I’d wish for Him To do this physically. Because, He did that in the time of Prophet Muhammad or somewhere in Era of Prophets. And I would like to discuss with him about this topic on why I’m obsessed with reversal of time. Because, I strongly confident that He is All Powerful and Most Capable of doing anything


    1. stewjo004


      Well, Allah hu alim but from what He’s promised He wouldn’t “remove” people from Jannah:

      Those with taqwa are going to be in the midst of many gardens and waterfalls… Exhaustion will never touch them nor will they ever be asked to leave. Inform My servants that I am the Most Forgiving and the Forever Merciful, (15:45-49)

      However, He has the ability to show you without doing the action (for example when Ibrahim(as) asked how will the dead be raised again. Even in my tiny human mind ideas for you to understand what you’re asking (without disturbing everybody lol just playing around):

      1. “Big” screen showing the event
      2. Physically allowing you to experience the thing
      3. Answering the thing your curious about

      Don’t think bad about Allah as He is merciful and kind, and wouldn’t “embarrass or shame you” for being curious. Again from things, we know Allah has done in the past He may give His servant what he’s asked for without contradicting a previous decree He’s made. For example:

      Jabir bin `Abdullah said, “The Messenger of Allah looked at me one day and said, `O Jabir! Why do I see you sad’ I said, `O Messenger of Allah! My father was martyred and left behind debts and children.’ He said, Should I tell you that Allah never spoke to anyone except from behind a veil However, He spoke to your father directly. He said, `Ask Me and I will give you.’ He said, `I ask that I am returned to life so that I am killed in Your cause again.’ The Lord, Exalted He be, said, `I have spoken the word that they shall not be returned back to it (this life). ‘ He said, `O Lord! Then convey the news to those I left behind. Allah revealed

      (Think not of those as dead who are killed in the way of Allah…)”


      1. Jazakhalakahair akhi

        Sorry for having such thoughts. The reason for this, is because even my mom who’s a Christian thinks of this as stupid and ignorant, and she told me that if someone hear this, you will become a subject of mockery. And I was thinking that Allah(SwT) could mock me but much powerful than anyone among the worlds for making such request in front of everyone in Paradise. And that’s why I said what I said.


  25. stewjo004

    Wa yakkum

    Like I said ou didn’t ask anything crazy. Allah has promised that there is no negativity in paradise so you NEVER have to worry about that. Allah never embarrasses believers like that for example the last person He takes out of Hellfire (meaning they did a lot of bad stuff) He doesn’t talk down to like that:

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  26. Also, I would like to know, in Paradise, if I wish to be turned into a Transformer, will Allah(SwT) do this? Because, I would like to see myself a Transformer and have the ability to turn into whatever vehicle I desire like helicopter, car or jet fightet. Because, I dreamt of presenting myself as Transformer to Rasulullah(salalahu alaihu wa salam) and I wished to see what he would think if he sees a Transformer that has soul and life and it a different type of living being.


      1. Nap. I prefer like this, because once I turn myself into a Bughati, I can also make some updates and upgrades on myself, like I can make cool tatoos and I can make myself to look fancy and futuristic and super advanced and I can make for myself cool weapons like making laser machine guns and shield generators, and I can update myself into electric generator where I produce electricity constantly without stop. That would be much cool. Also, I dreamt of turning myself into a airplane jet fighter so I can fly wherever I want in Paradise and pose myself as military aircraft. That was my dream. For you to see what I mean, take a look at Blitzewing who pose himself as military aircraft.

        I just like to have something so I can feel proud of myself.

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    1. Same to you akhi

      Also, in Paradise if I would like to open a topic with Allah(SwT) about anything I like to discuss with Him, will that be possible? Also, if I want to have private conversation with Allah(SwT) so no one from among the inhabitants of Paradise and Hellfire will hear and neither Angels, would that be possible? Because, I have something which I feel like wanting to discuss with Him and I don’t want Jinn especially Jinn females to know about it, because I don’t like be made fun even by Jinn females. That would be too humiliating. And I don’t want either Angels(Malaikah) to know of this. Because, the topic I would like to open is about the Divine Laws and Legislations. And I would like to ask Him personal questions which I cannot say it in here, coz you might start to accuse me of kufr or shirk.. or something like this. But I would like to talk with Him directly any time while being in Paradise.


      1. Hey, I’m thinking of making contact with King Salman and Emir of Kuwait.

        Does anyone knows how I can contact and have interview with them on live face to face? Because, I would like to make some corrections in Saudi Arabia, and this is also for the benefit of Muslim Ummah. Also, can you tell me how I can contact and have on live interfew with all Muslim political leaders about how Islam should be practiced? Because, I want to make drastic and quick change so there will be no more anti-islamic websites like Answering Islam and wikiislam. This is really important, because I wanna protect the Agnostic Muslims and Youth Muslims from blatant deception and manipulation so they will not be misleaded.


  27. Vaqas Rehman

    Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi responds to the accusation that the holy Quran is wrong about christian theology.

    the tldr is basically two arguments.

    1:The Quran accurately deals with the beliefs that the Christians who the musims first encountered would have had.

    2: The Quran doesn’t care about what the councils say regarding their theology rather it deals with the actuality of the beliefs. Christians may say they don’t believe in three gods but in the lived reality they do. Catholics may say they don’t worship Mary(a.s) but in pratice in how they treat her and invoke her they essentially do.

    All in all nothing too new or revolutionary but he does provide some sources I haven’t seen before on the issue so i’d say its a good watch when you have the time.

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    1. stewjo004

      @ Vaqas

      Thank you for the video I’ll try and watch it later. But honestly, they know their researching like for example when I said to Temple when the Bible condemns pagans of worshipping idols of gold and wood they don’t really think they’re worshipping gold and wood, the god manifests itself in the idol at the time of worship.

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      1. Assalamu alaikum,

        Does anyone know how I can make contact with all Muslim political leaders? Coz I wanna make some drastic and quick changes in Muslim World and to correct their way of practicing Islam.

        Also, is there any problem if I join some Hindu chat forums if my intention is to show my friendliness to them and to also ask them if they can subscribe and follow my website?

        P.S. I wanna do this so I can prove them wrong about the mainstream and fundamentals of Islam. Please it’s important to know.


    1. Jazakhalakahir

      Bro, is there any non-Muslim here? Because, I would like to give you an important link which leads to our own Islamic Wikipedia, and I don’t want for non-Muslims to see this, because it’s not their job and bussiness to know, and plus I don’t want to create more problems than we have. I wanna avoid problems(fitnah)


  28. stewjo004

    Whelp ya’ll it’s in, Jews admit there are two creation stories in the Bible to make way for the demon Lilith:

    “In Genesis Rabbah, we encounter a brief midrash that claims that Adam had a first wife before Eve. This interpretation arises from the two creation stories of Genesis: InGenesis 1, man and woman are created at the same time, while inGenesis 2 Adam precedes Eve. The rabbinic tale suggests that the first creation story is a different creation, in which Adam has a wife made, like him, from the earth. For some reason this marriage doesn’t work out,and so God makes Adam a second wife, Eve.”


  29. stewjo004

    Please see why I say all kuffar are retarded. I mean authobillah look at this kufr:
    “The Lilith of this story confronts both Adam and God: she defies patriarchy, refuses a submissive sexual posture,and in the end refuses marriage altogether, preferring to become a demon rather than live under Adam’s authority. Notice that Lilith flees to the Sea of Reeds:the place where the Hebrews will one day go free from slavery. In this version of the Lilith story, Lilith becomes what all tyrants fear: a person who is aware she is enslaved.”

    Did they just call Allah a tyrant?

    Even worse they claim Allah (yeah you read that right) committed zina with her:

    ” In the Kabbalah, Lilith takes on cosmic power. She is a chaotic counterpart to the Shekhinah (the feminine Divine Presence, the bride of the Infinite). In fact, the Zohar imagines that while the Jews suffer in exile, the Holy One (the masculine aspect of the Divine) separates from the Shekhinah, and consorts with Lilith.Lilith’s sexual-spiritual link with the Divine will only end when the Messiah comes and the brokenness in the world is mended.”

    How can anyone ever be confused by the Jews alleged monotheism is beyond me. I mean look at this from the same article:

    “Lilith has become such a popular figure that whole enterprises (like the women’s music concert Lilith Fair and the Jewish feminist journal Lilith Magazine) are named after her. Once a source of fear, Lilith has been transformed into an icon of freedom. While some disapprove of this widespread embrace of a former demon, Lilith’s rehabilitation makes sense. The frightening character of Lilith grew, in part, out of repression: repression of sexuality, repression of the free impulse in women, repression of the question “what if I left it all behind?” As modern Jews begin to ask questions about sex, freedom, and choice more directly, Lilith becomes a complex representation of our own desires.

    What?!?!?!?!?!? Let’s say this story was true for argument’s sake, it’s from the freaking shayateen that openly defied Allah’s command directly speaking with Him, what are you talking about?!?!?!?!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Assalamu alaikum,

        I have some questions only.

        1. Does Islam have to be interpretated literally?
        2. How would you respond to critics who tells us that we have to interpretate Islam literally?
        3. I’ve been told by someone that I’m heretic innovator and that Islam is fixed and does not need interpretation. What should I say to such accusation?
        4. Are there Islamic blogs and websites which deals with exposing Ali Sina and refuting Ali Sina and debating with Ali Sina continually similar to ? Because, I’ve been told by him on email that I should not use insults like other Muslims do when I start to refute his book which clearly means there are Islamic Websites which are refuting Ali Sina’s book. May I know if there are such websites and what are they? So I can subscribe and follow them.


        Liked by 1 person

      2. stewjo004


        This is a long discussion (which is why I told you to go to school and study) Summing up some small things (but this is by no means comprehensive):

        1. Depends. The best way is to think of it as a “dial” you can’t reject the obvious meanings but there is a time and place for it.

        2. Give common examples:
        A. The Romans
        A lot of people reading ahadith that says “the Romans” in the End TImes interpret that as “the West”. They are engaging in a metaphorical interpretation. You still can’t reject the possibility that the Italians may reestablish the Roman empire or it can be like now where people say the West is the intellectual inheritors of them.

        B. Hadith of Jibreel:
        “…He asked: “When will the Hour be?’ He said: ‘The one who is being asked about it does not know more than the one who is asking.’ He asked: ‘Then what are its signs?’ he said: ‘When the slave woman gives birth to her mistress’…”
        Another example of the “dial turning” one may interpret it literally the slave woman will give birth to her master and this will be widespread. Or another valid interpretation is that children will become disobedient to their parents.

        C. Water and the Message in the Quran

        13:3. It’s He who expanded the land, placing stable mountains and rivers on it, as well as made pairs for every kind of fruit. He draws the night’s veil over the day and there are signs in this for people who ponder.
        13:4. There are neighboring trees, vineyards, cornfields and palms growing from a single stem or many branches in the land ˹that are˺ all watered with the same water, yet I make some of them taste better than others. There are many signs in that for people who apply their intellect… These are the ones who’ve disbelieved in their Master and who will be linked to one another by the chains around their necks to stay as the inhabitants of the Inferno.

        The neighboring plant represents different types of people. The water represents the message of Islam. Some will drink from it and have sweetness in faith while others will drink and become bitter enemies.

        7:57. It’s God Who sends the winds, as a carrier of the good news of His coming mercy. And when it has lifted up and tossed around the hefty clouds, I then feed dead land wherever I cause the raindrops to fall, making all kinds of fruit come forth, just like how I will make the dead come forth, so that you can continue to make efforts to remember.
        7:58. As for the good land that is taken care of, it brings out its fruits by its Lord’s Will, and the land that is bad produces nothing of benefit even after working so hard. This is how I keep presenting My signs for people that look to be thankful.

        The winds are the Messengers, water is the deen, and like how this water brings plants to life Islam brings people’s hearts alive. When the good land (people) is watered (with the message) it will bring forth many fruits (good)

        I can keep going but water is a common theme of Islam in the Quran.

        4. The only one I can think of is Bassem:

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  30. Great, I had Twitter for short time and my mom was “forced by me” to delete my account and now I have lost all the users I used to talk with on Twitter, and I had important users like Dr. Habeeb because I would like to invite Muslim scientists to

    I literally hate this life, coz my mom is a female devil! How can I obey her when she tortures me like this and she imposes her stupid Xtian belief on me!! Like she forces me to listen to music and have a girlfriend. I don’t like this kind of life. Now I feel like blaming God for making me such family I have which is a father that is Muslim and a mother that is Christian…..

    And I’m also sick that non-Muslims want to teach us how Islam should be practiced😡😡😡 and I’m also literally sick to see non-Muslims using the same sources which we use😡😡😡😡😡 why on Earth they do not mind their bussiness!?? They have the idea that if they use our sources, they can “expose” Islam as false and evil(audhubillah)

    I feel like I’m going nuts.

    I don’t like this life.

    Is it ok if I wanna jump off the window if I wanna escape from something which I simply cannot handle it!??

    The non-Muslims are so deluded to think that they are the only good people and we are bad people for following Islam….


    1. stewjo004


      No, it’s not okay to jump out of a window. Don’t lose hope and have taqwa because Allah has chosen you for this time to put in the greatest chance of receiving Jaanh tul Firdos. Allah has promised us victory and will fulfill it just remain patient and believe.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. If my mother is ex-Muslim and she makes hate speech about Islam in front of me, what should I do? I cannog handle with a female devil!

        And I don’t like to keep hearing people slandering Prophet Muhammad by making the claim that he married a 6 years old girl(audhubillah)! People are have lost their minds(aka non-Muslims) who love to interpretate Islam literally, because in their mind they have this idea that they can “expose” Islam…..

        I don’t like this life at all.

        Anyways, as future Prime Minister of Romania, I’ll make my move which I gave you the ideas so these things will not happen anymore.

        I wonder how you can have such patience.


      2. Assalamu alaikum,

        I would love to ask some questions only

        1. Are there best Islamic websites which deals with wikiislam?

        2. Are there Islamic websites which deals with Answering Islam and answering muslims on wordpress?

        3. Does Call-To-Monotheism have wordpress so I can follow and subscribe it?

        4. Are there possibilities I can follow and subscribe to so I can receive from email what new things have happened?

        5. How do I make myself courage for me to use and search Internet if I want to look for something I want to know about Islam without getting deceivef by non-Muslims such as Sam Shamoun, David Wood and Ali Sina? Because, of islamophobic websites, now I cannot use anymore internet if I want to search something related to Islam or Christianity.



  31. stewjo004


    I can have patience because Allah quotes Musa(as) as saying:
    “…Musa said to his nation: “Seek help from Allah and stay patient. The land is Allah’s and He will inherit the earth to whoever He wants to from His servants. The final outcome is in favor of those who are truly God-fearing. They complained: “We were oppressed and tortured before you came to us and now we are being oppressed and tortured since you’ve come to us.” Musa responded: “It’s very possible that your Lord will destroy your enemy and make you the next successors in this land; then He will see how you conduct yourselves…” ” (7:128-129)

    And more importantly, Allah says:

    “…I wish to favor those who are oppressed on the earth and make them leaders, the ones to succeed. As well as give them stability in the land and through them show the Pharaoh, Haman and their armies the very thing they feared… (28:5-6)
    We just have to be aware and act on the light given to us. InshaAllah things will turn around.

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    1. Jazakhalakhair,

      Does anyone has Discord? Because, I have just now created my own Discord account. I would like to join Islamic websites on Discord.

      Also, does Farid Responds have Twitter?

      Also, does Muslim Warrior have Discord?

      Does Mohammed Hijab and Ali Dawah, Imam Murrah the Time Traveller have Discord?


  32. Assalamu alaikum,

    I’m thinking of making article about “most misinterpretated peace loving verses of Bible” is this good idea?

    Also, as a contributor and editor of I’m thinking of making the longest article called “Biography of Prophet” and I wanna make in such that the non-Muslims will start. But for this, I need some really good, authentic and excellent Islamic websites.

    Also, I want to make article about Banu Qurayza and also article called Persecution of Muslims.

    My questions are:

    1. Do you know websites which I can quote the works of Ibn Ishaq?

    2. Do you know Islamic websites which I can quote all Ahadith of Musnad Ahmad?

    3. Do you know Islamic website which I can quote fatwas, Narrations, Stories etc… of Ibn Sina?

    4. Do you know Islamic website which I can quote fatwats of Ibn Utheymeen?

    5. Do you know Islamic website which I can quote tafsir Sadi?

    6. Do you know Islamic websites where it has all authentic Islamic historians, philosophers and theologians which I can quote from them?

    P.S. The reason for this is because, I wanna make the longest and greatest article on and the article I want to make is the article called Biography of Prophet. And also, I want to also bring strongest and authentic evidence that proves that we as Muslims were persecuted by non-Muslims in Makkah, Saudi Arabia 1400 years ago in Lunar calendar.

    May God reward you


    1. stewjo004


      And may he reward you with even more. Down the line on your questions:

      1. Do you know websites which I can quote the works of Ibn Ishaq?
      Here’s the book (remember a lot of things aren’t reliable in it when reading though)

      Click to access Ibn%20Ishaq%20-%20Sirat%20Rasul%20Allah.pdf

      2. Do you know Islamic websites which I can quote all Ahadith of Musnad Ahmad?

      3. Do you know Islamic website which I can quote fatwas, Narrations, Stories etc… of Ibn Sina?
      No idea

      4. Do you know Islamic website which I can quote fatwats of Ibn Utheymeen?
      No idea but Islam Qand A quotes him a lot look for a reference he gives and Google search it

      5. Do you know Islamic website which I can quote tafsir Sadi?
      Here’s the book:

      6. Do you know Islamic websites where it has all authentic Islamic historians, philosophers and theologians which I can quote from them?
      No idea


      1. Thank you very much. I really need that.

        I’m thinking of making here an article called “most misinterpretated peace loving verses of New Testament” as a response to Christians who make the claim that we misinterpretate Quran 5:32

        Is this good idea or bad idea?


      2. Thank you very much.

        I”m thinking of making an article in this website called “Most misinterpretated peace loving verses of New Testament”as response to Christians who allegate to us that we misinterpretate Quran 5:32.

        Is this good or bad idea?


  33. Inshallah,

    Bro, do you know ways how I can contact Harun Yahyaand Dr. Zakir Naik? Because, I’d like to ask them to be administrators on my website, because I’m planning on ultimately humiliating Wikiislam. Also, do you know how I can contact Dr. Shabir Ally? Because, I’d like to invite him to be administrator on my website, because I wanna also plan on ultimately humiliate Answering Islam team.


    1. stewjo004


      No idea. The easiest thing though is just going one at a time refuting stuff and slowly build it up you don’t really need an administrator. For example now when we get into “re-run” arguments we just send the link and tell them to refute.


  34. stewjo004

    Man so I’m watching the new MH and Ali Dawah vid that dropped today:

    And tbh it was kinda annoying. I sincerely believe this is a classic case of minding your business that pays you.

    1.UK Activism is NOT older than the US. Keeping it real nobody even knows any UK activist but the most famous Muslim activist from the West is American and that’s Malcolm X. THese dudes are doing stuff we were doing in the 60s-90s. They have not even met real opposition yet when the government is going to systematically attack your leaders through assassination, arrests and deportation (more on this point in a sec)

    2. Don’t have enough knowledge on Linda Sarsour to comment. But agree on the right/left paradigm and Ali Dawah’s beautiful kill the body/kill the soul. I also agree on LGBTQ but there is no doubt the civil rights and Muslim struggle in the US are intertwined (that is how Islam even got established here) I would however like to note them worrying about institutes supporting her shows they’re lack of knowledge of the US as a major problem is we don’t have the leadership, to begin with, and all the elder Muslims are fighting petty squabbles for it. Not to mention the divide across ethnic lines with many AA Muslims upset at racism and selling liquor to black communities (which to the best of my knowledge is not a problem in the UK. From what I know the Desi and Arabs are cut from a different cloth)

    3. Complete disregard for the UK/US culture, geography and numbers. The UK is just a tiny island with a population of 56,000,000 with a 5% Muslim population in concentrated areas. The US is the THIRD largest nation in the world with a population of 328,000,000 with Muslims being less than 1% of the population. The United States is essentially spread out across multiple zones that are their own countries in and of themselves and the Muslims here are spread out in pockets (with each community having its own challenges because again like different countries)

    Also in regards to the guns rhetoric yeah non-Muslims have them too and it’s much harder to lock a block down depending on where you’re at. Ignoring the amount of organization required, I have reservations that any of the middle-class foreigners are going to want to get into that and have to worry about getting busted at when they take their children to the playground (assuming they will even live in the area at all)

    4.Regarding the “Strategic alliances” while I admit the UK is FAR more intelligent than we are in this regard, this is still a HEAVY realm of debate thanks to Madkhali coming out of the UK.

    5. Agree on LGBTQ but there is no doubt the civil rights and Muslim struggle in the US are intertwined (that is how Islam even got established here). WIth that said what they’re proposing is an organization we simply do not have at the moment.

    I just found the whole podcast pretentious and ignorant of the US situation.

    Liked by 1 person

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