106 thoughts on “YouTube SHORT: Debunking Darwin – Did Bird Eggs Evolve by Chance?

    1. Excellent refutation of the video…not! How did the laws of physics create an egg with all the needs of the embryo finely tuned? If it was trial and error, birds would have been unable to reproduce and would have died out. Eberlin showed that each part of an egg had to be there from the start, and that suggests foresight and planning.


      1. And all the Muslim has is “nuh-uh” and nothing to support his claims.

        Alas, there is no fine-tuning, but that’s a common lie from theists. Alas, embryos often fail and cease to live. So much for your lies of fine-tuning.

        The laws of physics control chemistry and biology, so that’s how this works dear. We have arisen from them, so we fit them. No god needed.

        It was trial and error and sometimes things work out, so you again fail. I have no idea who “eberlin” is but alas they are ignorant in basic biology since eggs evolved. They didn’t start out with shells, etc.

        Before attacking something you are completely ignorant on, do some research so you don’t present yourself as lazy and incompetent.


      2. 🤣🤣 Oh the irony from the atheist! That’s basically what you did: say “nuh-uh” and give nothing to support your claim.
        Fine tuning doesn’t mean there is no suffering or death. Life doesn’t have to be perfect for there to be evidence of purpose.
        You clearly don’t know what fine tuning even means. Lol!
        And then you just repeated the same idiotic claim, without evidence! How did the laws of physics create life, dear? That’s the question that you can’t seem to answer. All you’re doing is giving a “just so” response, which is ironically what Marcos Eberlin criticizes in his book.
        Stop blindly repeating the likes of of Dawkins and other discredited atheists. You’re embarrassing yourself, you moron. 😂


      3. Alas, that is not what happened, despite your false claims.

        Fine tuning would mean that there should be no suffering or death. If there is either, then your god is an incompetent moron, causing harm that is needless.

        Again, we don’t know how life occurs *yet*. We may never know completely. Still no evidence for your god and again, yuo still have nothing more than a god of the gaps argument.

        Poor Eberlin, a chemist who is a liar and who doesn’t understand basic biology. That’s so sad.

        Alas, no one has “discredited” what Dawkins has noted about evolutionary theory or the lies of theists. but do show where this has occured, dear. Surely you can, right?


      4. 🤣🤣 Tell me you don’t understand fine tuning without telling me you don’t understand fine tuning.

        You are an imbecile. Fine tuning refers to how the universe seems to be designed to sustain life. That doesn’t mean life would be immortal, you idiot.

        No theist ever believed God designed the world to be perfect. Rather, he designed it to be a test. That includes facing trials.

        Atheists like to say science hasn’t discovered something “yet”, but they have faith that it will. How adorable! 🤣

        And no moron, it’s not a “God of the gaps” argument. Eberlin and other ID proponents don’t claim that the designer is God. They merely claim, based on the evidence, that there is good reason to believe there was a designer, just as we can infer that a computer is designed by an intelligent agent. Get it, moron?

        And oh look, the brainless idiot STILL hasn’t provided any evidence for her claims! What a fantastic fantasy world this atheist troglodyte lives in! It must be nice to be able to make any stupid accusation and yet not feel obligated to provide evidence. 😂

        Unlike your discredited fellow idiot Dawkins, guys like Eberlin actually make valid arguments using logic and evidence.


      5. and yep, the Muslim can’t explain fine-tuning, which he claims exists, and can’t show that it exist or that his god does anything at all.

        Fine-tuning does mean that the universe is exactly meant for humans, when theists make the claim. That doesn’t mean that 99.999…% is lethal to humans, which it is. Even on the earth, most of it can’t be inhabited by humans without technology. Your god is quite incompetent if you want to claim a designer, since that means your god was so stupid as to make our main energy source, give humans cancer. This also holds for DNA since it fails often, and thus this world is not “finely” tuned for human life. If it where, DNA would never fail since humans require it to exist.

        It is a god of the gaps argument, used by you and your creationist friends. You are too ignorant to know about anything else, so you must insist that “god” did anaything you are ignorant about.

        “God of the gaps (or a divine fallacy) is a logical fallacy that occurs when believers invoke Goddidit (or a variant) in order to account for some natural phenomena that science cannot (at the time of the argument) explain. This concept resembles what systems theorists[1] refer to as an “explanatory principle”.[2] “God of the gaps” is a bad argument not only on logical grounds, but on empirical grounds: there is a long history of “gaps” being filled and the remaining gaps for God thus getting smaller and smaller, suggesting “we don’t know yet” as an alternative that works better in practice; naturalistic explanations for still-mysterious phenomena always remain possible, especially in the future where research may uncover more information.[3]

        Invoking a God of the Gaps is a didit fallacy and an ad hoc fallacy, as well as an argument from incredulity or an argument from ignorance, and is thus an informal fallacy.”

        there is no evidence for a “designer” and poor theists, you can’t agree on which one you want to claim is the “real” one.

        Alas, Eberline doesn’t make valid arguments since he can’t show evidence his claims are true. You desperately hope they are, since you have nothing else but false nonsense for your imaginary god and his mouthpiece.


      6. 🤣🤣 The moron is still ranting? Who’d you cut and paste from this time?

        Yeah, you just don’t know what fine tuning is. What a shame. This is what happens when idiots with an internet education try to comment on things they don’t understand.

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      7. 😂😂 Again, you embarrass yourself. Fine tuning means the world is meant to support life, and yes, also meant for humans. That doesn’t mean humans will be perfect and immortal, dummy. It means the world is suited for us to live and survive, which we do.

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      8. If the world is meant to support life, do tell why the sun gives out radiation that kills life if fine-tuning is true.

        this should be fun.

        “Again, you embarrass yourself. Fine tuning means the world is meant to support life, and yes, also meant for humans. That doesn’t mean humans will be perfect and immortal, dummy. It means the world is suited for us to live and survive, which we do.”


      9. That’s quite funny since the sun gives humans cancer. The radiation is harmful, we can just see that from a sunburn, dear.

        The earth’s distance from the sun varies constantly in its orbit. As usual, your ignorance is demonstrated. Life fits the parameters we have, it isn’t the other way around.


      10. 😂😂 You again? I thought you were making @blackfreiza a sandwich? And you come back after all this time and still make the same stupid argument? Couldn’t you have found something better in the time you were gone?

        Dear donkey, that’s why we have an atmosphere and melanin. These are all designed to protect us from the sun. You know, fine tuning?

        The earth’s distance is just for life, stupid. That’s the point. Even with its variation, it is optimal to support life. If it was by a little, the conditions would not support life. This is basic science. How can you not know this? What kind of a moron are you?

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      11. and still no evidence for the poor muslim’s claims.

        Funny how the atmosphere and melanin don’t work to keep people from getting cancer. Humans and animals still get it. Your poor incompetent god can’t even get that right.

        Alas, a circular orbit would be better for life, but your god is too stupid to figure that out. Tsk. And nope, we wouldn’t all die if the conditions varied by a little. Your ignorance of basic physics and chemistry show you for the lazy and ignorant theist you are.

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      12. 🤣🤣 Back again, you donkey? All this back and forth, running away, only to come back and repeat the same, stupid argument? 😂

        Without the atmosphere and melanin, we could not exist, stupid. That’s the point. That’s what fine tuning is. It doesn’t mean we would be immortal or impervious to diseases. Fine tuning sets the stage for life and helps it persist. God never said this life would be perfect or without struggles, dummy. You’re too incompetent to know what fine tuning actually is, and ironically, you keep using a theological argument (if God exist, why bad thing happen? 🤪🤪🤪).

        How embarrassing for the atheist donkey. 😂

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      13. and again, still can’t show why this god was such an idiot.

        If we didn’t have a sun that caused cancer, hmm, no one would need melanin. it’s just like we evolved it, and no god needed, since we had a dangerous source of energy.

        It’s great to see theists desperately want to claim fine-tuning, aka the universe is built for humans, but being unable to explain why the sun isn’t “fine-tuned” at all.

        yep, if iyour god does exist, why do bad things happen? we have this god interfering repeatedly in your fairy tales to make things okay for humans but surprise, those fairy tales can’t be shown true and your god does nothing now.

        Why is that, dear? Why is your god hiding now?


      14. 🤣 Moron donkey comes back again and STILL hasn’t learned what fine tuning is!

        You donkey, once again, God never intended this universe to be perfect. That’s why He provided the conditions for life, so that humans can live mortal lives. Melanin is just one of countless blessings He has given to facilitate life in this finite universe.

        Idiocy will not save you. Break free of the Dawkins spell, so you don’t keep embarrassing yourself. 😂

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      15. Funny per genesis, this god did intend for the world to be perfect, and that is the argument that theists use for their claism about “fine-tuning’.

        You fail. no melanin needed if the sun wasn’t made to cause cancer. so much for a “blessing” to correct this god’s failure.

        Dawkins? poor dear, I couldn’t give a good damn about that idiot.


      16. 😂 Now you’re quoting Genesis, you donkey? We’re Muslims. We don’t believe Genesis is an authentic account, you brainless clod! Another fail!

        You’re too stupid to realize that things like disease and suffering are part of this life’s trials. So, things like melanin are indeed part of countless blessings from God.

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      17. yep, you have your own genesis, which is an awful lot like the versions of the Jews and Christians.

        so your god has to invent melanin to fix its failures from earlier.

        Hmm let’s look at what the qu’ran claims:

        “It is Allah Who has made for you the earth as a resting place, and the sky as a canopy, and has given you shape – and made your shapes beautiful -, and has provided for you Sustenance…” (Gafir 40:64)

        “He Who created all things in the best way and He began the creation of man from clay” (al-Sajdah 32:7).


      18. Lol, the moron posts some verses that she quickly googled and is reading for the first time and thinks she has a “gotcha” moment! Neither of these verses say that mankind will have a perfect existence in this world. That is only in the world to come. Well, for the believers only. For you brainless unbelievers, it will be a world of punishment.


      19. Funny how those verses show I’m right about what I claimed. Alas, both of those verses show that your claims are false. They do not mention any “world to come” but do show where they do, dear. Surely you can, right?


      20. Nice appeal to authority logical fallacy. Alas, an ignorant man is still ignorant and still has no evidence for his lies no matter how many degrees he may have.

        I do love when idiots like Eberlin also are liars who try to claim that useless medicine will work for covid. Yep, idiots who have no education in the subjects they attack are terribly stupid, just like the theists who believe them.


      21. Hahaha, you idiot, you’re the one who said Eberlin was “ignorant”, without giving evidence as usual. I was merely pointing out that he actually is an academic scientist, whereas you are some loser who read one too many books by Dawkins.

        And you keep making moronic accusations without providing an iota of proof. What kind of a loser are you? 😂

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      22. no, dear, you are trying to claim that an ignorant man who has no background in biology, genetics etc, is somehow to be believed about his baseless claims because he has a degree in something else.


    2. @täuschenfreud

      Good gosh woman, don’t you have sandwiches to make?

      “nothing to support his claims.”


      Speaking about facts and proofs, I have a very simple question which I like using to toy with atheist debate lords, what gives life to an organism?

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      1. poor dear, you want me to remain in the kitchen and barefoot? Tsk. Alas, you can’t show me wrong and have nothing but attempts to be insulting. Insults only work if the opinion of the person making the insult is considered worth something.

        Oh noes, one more christian who has nothing but a god of the gaps argument! We don’t know what gives life to an organism *yet*. We may never know completely. Alas, still no evidence for any gods, including your version of the Islamic one. I do like watching how theists of all types can’t show that their imaginary friend exists.


      1. hi MK, always nice to see you failing as always.

        Muslims and christians share many beliefs, and if you here they claim it, the same imaginary god. Funny how not one of you can show this to be true. I

        hmm, so genesis, and the much the same story in your silly qu’ran aren’t true now?


      2. 🤣 Apparently, the donkey atheist can’t read. Where does Genesis talk about the creation of the pen and the Lahw al-Mahfuz? Or the creation of angels and jinn? Is it possible to be as stupid as you seem?


      3. I didn’t say that genesis ever spoke of your pen or your ridiculous jinn. I am always amused when a Muslim is afraid of a little whirlwind.

        Your version of genesis, and genesis, both claiam that the world was created by this perfect being.

        Try again, dear.


      4. 🤣🤣 Now you’re changing your argument, as expected! You said the 2 accounts were very similar. Now that you have been proven wrong (Googling will do that), you are changing your argument. Typical atheist donkey. Go eat some hay, jenney. 😂


      5. You’re an absolute buffoon, I already knew you didn’t read the Quran, now you’re legit quoting the Bible to Muslims

        Also, since as I see your intellectual disability prevents you from thinking, maybe just maybe *Gasp*, Muslims and Christians can believe in the same God while having different sources! Rocket science, I know.

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      6. The fact you supposedly read the entire Quran, yet still make the most basic mistakes even a kindergarden kid reading the Quran doesn’t make, should tell you how much I value your useless input and opinion,

        Alas, if only you used that stubbornness to actually learn how to read, you wouldn’t be making such blatantly false comparisons.

        Since it’s clear you’re too lazy to put in the effort to read the Quran, let me just show one stark and huge difference between the Bible’s account of the universe’s creation and the Qur’ans account.

        The Bible, specifically Genesis speaks about God hovering over a body of water, and over it being total darkness, Then he said let there be light, then seperated the light from the darkness, creating day and night, then he made an expanse in the water, and seperated the water into two levels, the first level he called Heaven, and the second

        The Quran’s account of creation is that

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      7. (continue) That there was absolutely nothing in the Universe but heavens and the Earth, joined together before Allah seperated them, then he said “Be” and the Universe came together in 6 periods of time,

        If the Quran truly did copy from the Bible, or the Genesis story at all, you’d expect the accounts to atleast have some similarity, but even the very basics are different.

        Which shows me you haven’t read the Quran at all if you think they are the same or are copied from Genesis, there is no mention of a body of water in the Quran, no mention of let there be light, or seperating the water into Heaven.

        So please, using your(totally) intellectual mind tell me how there’s similarities?

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      8. What kind of red herring is this? You literally said the Quran copies entirely from Genesis, I showed you how the very basics of the Universe’s creation are entirely different in the Quran and Bible by paraphrasing the first few parts of Genesis and the Quran when it speaks of the Universe’s creation,

        But then again, what did I expect? You have sub-zero IQ and the reading skills of a literal donkey, learn the basics of using your brain in how to process words and relate them together, then maybe you’ll be worth a discussion, K?

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      9. Funny how Mohammed was a merchant and would have been exposed to the torah and the various books by Christians. There is no evidence to support the rather silly claims of divine dictation.

        Most if not all religions make ridiculous claims, and can’t support them.


      10. 🤣🤣 If he heard stories and recycled them, then we would expect almost no differences, yet we find many differences. For example, there are numerous differences in the creation accounts, the fall, the Exodus, etc. Why would there be so many differences of Muhammad (pbuh) was simply copying Christian and Jewish stories?

        Your googling is failing you, jenney.

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      11. Why do you keep throwing in irrelevant points and making red herrings instead of sticking to the topic? All you’re doing is making claims, then when someone shoots down those claims you hold your ears, ignore everything that’s being said to you, ignore even your own claims, then make blanket statements that are completely unrelated to the subject.

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      12. Also, surely if Muhammad SAW copied from the Torah and books of the Christians, there were learned Christians in Najran and Jews in Madinah, I wonder why none of them bothered questioning him if he supposedly “plagiarized” from them 🤔

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    3. Eddie Ed

      what do you tell cancer patient? that they will be worm fodder and should feel happy that worm going to digest them? just curious.


      1. poor Eddie, trying desperately to change the subject from his incompetent and imaginary god.

        nope, I tell people with cancer to live as well as they can, since there is no imaginary god or heaven or hell. Happily, us humans have been able to invent and discover ways to cure some cancers. Amazing how your god can’t do anything at all.

        Yep, everyone will die and decay and happily, the sadistic little fantasies of cultists will never come true.


    4. Eddie Ed

      “That’s quite funny since the sun gives humans cancer. The radiation is harmful, we can just see that from a sunburn, dear.”

      does it kill humans ? how long do you have to be under the sun to get skin cancer? why does the same sun give vitamin d which repair dead skin cells?


      1. and again, we have a Muslim who has been trying to excuse his god for having to patch up what he failed at. We have the sun with lethal radiation, but if this god is fine tuning the univrese, there would be none since it is meant for humans. Then this god has to invent the ozone layer to fix that problem and give humans melanin, to fix that problem. then he has to invent clothes, and humans have to go further in inventing sun screen, etc.

        Fine tuning and design by a perfect being wouldn’t have to have repeated patches, would it? How is a perfect being able to make something imperfect?


      2. 🤣 STILL unable to accept the actual meaning of fine tuning and design! This is too funny!

        Once again, for the intellectually challenged atheist moron, the world being meant for humans (and other organisms) means they can survive and continue as a species. That doesn’t mean it has to be perfect! Just as a computer many have flaws, so does this finite world, but that doesn’t take away from the evidence that the computer and the word were designed with purpose.


      3. Fine tuning is the claim that some divine entity made the universe for humans. This is shown to be untrue since the vast majority of the universe is lethal for humans.

        A computer isn’t made by a supposedly perfect entity. Your analogy fails as usual.


      4. 🤣🤣 Moron, another false claim. Theists say fine tuning means that the Earth is made for humans. The universe also serves as a sign of God’s existence. The book “Priviledge Planet” written by 2 astronomers, provides numerous examples of how earth is well suited for humans to not only thrive but also study the universe.


    5. Eddie Ed

      “nope, I tell people with cancer to live as well as they can, since there is no imaginary god or heaven or hell. Happily, us humans have been able to invent and discover ways to cure some cancers. Amazing how your god can’t do anything at all.”

      in other words you want people to have imagination while they are suffering and unhappy? how do you live happily when you have cancer which technology does not improve?

      “Yep, everyone will die and decay and happily, the sadistic little fantasies of cultists will never come true.”

      how could they be sadistic if they are product of magic which came about randomly ?

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      1. Nope, I said nothing like you tried to claim, dear.

        One can be happy with cancer as much as one can be when one is sick. Funny how your god does nothing for these people dear. Your religion does nothing to make people happy or to help them.

        I do love this incoherent question of yours “how could they be sadistic if they are product of magic which came about randomly ?”

        what does one have to do with the other?


    6. Eddie Ed

      ..cancer kills people. …

      so does running red lights. death can come through any way even while you are naked on the beach enjoying the sun.

      “IT’s hilarious that you keep offering excuses for your incompetent god”

      i believe God brings all things into existence, how could he be incompetent? are you entitled to suffering free life?

      “that has to keep patching its failures.”

      what failures? God brings all things into existence.

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      1. ROFL. Alas, for you, ignorant Eddie, if your god created the sun , universe, etc, then it is its fault. Running a red light is the fault of the human.

        You believe quite a few ridiculous things. That doesn’t make any of them true.

        If your god brought the sun in to existence, and then had to repeatedly come up with ways it wouldn’t kill humans, then it failed with the sun. So much for fine-tuning and so much for an omnipotent and omniscient god which would have realized what the sun would do before it created it.

        Your god is quite an idiot.


      2. 🤣🤣 Hey donkey, idiocy is your forte. God created everything, including diseases, stupid. I know you’re confused about the difference between Biblical and Islamic beliefs, but Muslims believe that God created everything, including cancer and radiation. These are all things He has placed in this world as trials. As I have been saying but your thick donkey skull can’t accept, this world was never meant to be perfect and disease-free. So while God made the Earth habitable for humans and other organisms, He never said it was going to an easy existence. In fact, He said it would be full of trials. I know you’ll get it eventually, even if it’s when you end up in hell for your stupidity. 😂


      3. and still with the attempts at being insulting. Poor Muslim, that would only work if your opinion mattered.

        Alas, your qu’ran makes these same claims as the jewish creation story and christians use that one too.

        It’s always great fun to see theists stealing from each other, each insisting that they and only they have the “right” version, and not one of them being able to demonstrate that.

        It’s always good to see Muslims making the same arguments that Christains do, with your claim that your god’s incompetence is really “trials”. So much for the claim that this god is perfect and made the world perfect for humans, e.g. “fine-tuning”.

        Nope, I have no reason to agree with your lies ever, dear. Just like I dont’ agree with the same lies christians tell. Happily, your sadistic little fantasies will never come true, just like they won’t come true for Christians either.


      4. 🤣😂 More donkey rants, jenney? Aww, are you crying now? 😢

        It’s embarrassing how you continue to cling to your asinine claim, even after you were shown how wrong you are! It just goes to show that atheists pretend to be rational, but they can just as stubborn as some theists can. You’re just as idiotic as the Christians that I debate. 🤣


      1. Living cells become cancerous. You are as ignorant as ever, having no clue about skin or cancer. It’s a shame that your religion glorifies ignorance. At one point Islam was quite progressive. Then idiots got in charge.


      1. 😂 You should be worried about your incompetence, because you still haven’t provided one scientific argument, and have only been blabbering incoherently about why bad stuff happens. It’s the classic atheist argument “if God exist, why bad thing happen?”


      2. Unfortunately, Muslims like you choose to lie and lie incompetently.

        Alas, poor Islam has an ignorant god that has to keep fixing what it failed to do right in the first place. Just like Christianity.

        I do enjoy the excuses you make for your gods when it does come to the question “why do bad tings happen to people” when the supposed gods claim how protective they are of their supposed chosen.

        Skin cancer which can metatasize and kill humans, is caused by the sun’s radiation. This god, rather than know that the sun would do this, was too stupid to figure that out, and then, per your own claims, has to create ways to correct its own failures.

        I don’t need a scientific argument to show how stupid your god is, dear.


      3. 🤣🤣 Strawman arguments won’t save you, stupid jenney. God created all things, including radiation from sun and cancer. These are all part of this world, which is meant to be imperfect a and difficult at times. Try to come up with something new, dummy. 😂


      4. 🤣🤣 Evidence for what, stupid? What Muslims believe? You’re the moron making a theological argument, which goes like this: God would have created a perfect world. But you have no rational basis for this. It’s just what you think should have happened.


    7. Eddie Ed

      “One can be happy with cancer as much as one can be when one is sick.”

      so what would you say to the cancer patient who wants to get assisted suicide because of his suffering ?

      your god technology failed him and his faith in better life is useless, your response would be “your gonna be worm fodder anway,” right?

      ” Funny how your god does nothing for these people dear.”

      all moments of happiness and sadness willed into existence by Him.

      “Your religion does nothing to make people happy or to help them.”

      so why the people in wore torn country and where natural disaster taking place are not turning to athieism in droves?

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      1. if someone wants assisted suicide it is their choice, not mine and not yours. You poor lil’ theists, so desperate to claim that only your god can kill people. Happily, t his god doesn’t exist.

        Yep, sometimes medicine fails. We keep trying. Your god always fails, being imaginary. And it’s always sweet when you try to lie again and try to tell me what I would say. Allah must be just so proud of such a failure as you are.

        Happily, no one needs your god or you to be happy or sad.

        Funny how your god is doing nothing for the folks in Turkey and Syria. It takes humans to rescue people, your god is an impotent little thing.

        The lies of your cult and others are strong and people make up excuses why their god fails. Alas for you, plenty of people do become atheists when shown that this god fails.


    8. Eddie Ed

      athiest wrote :
      Living cells become cancerous. You are as ignorant as ever, having no clue about skin or cancer

      okay, this dr is an ignorant moron

      start from 6 minutes. you called a dr ignorant.

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      1. yep, I call a lying man who claims he is a doctor, and who lies about what the sun does. I do love that you are so stupid to believe this fellow.

        Poor Eddie, you believe a lying chiropractor who is completely ignorant about skin cancer. IT’s also hilarious that this same fellow is trying to shill weight loss lies too.


    9. Eddie Ed

      “ROFL. Alas, for you, ignorant Eddie, if your god created the sun , universe, etc, then it is its fault. Running a red light is the fault of the human.”

      nonsense and idiotic. you assume god was doing test and trial with the sun lol?

      this is not genesis were god regrets making human kind. you are reading the bible into islamic belief.

      running red lights is fault of human being since god gave us the knowledge that if you choose a over b, you are destined for outcome x or y.

      HOW DOES THIS apply to God ?


      “You believe quite a few ridiculous things. That doesn’t make any of them true.”

      you believe that stardust became conscious .


      “If your god brought the sun in to existence, and then had to repeatedly come up with ways it wouldn’t kill humans, then it failed with the sun.”

      here comes the biblical genesis account again. “repeatedly come up with ways”

      what are you talking about ?

      it was ALWAYS the will of God to bring death by any means…..

      “So much for fine-tuning and so much for an omnipotent and omniscient god which would have realized what the sun would do before it created it.”

      now you add in “omnipotent and omniscient” to make your self look more sexy. thats the way it was meant to be.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. eddie, why does an omniscient being need to test anything at all? it knows the answer by definition. All you have shown is that your god is just a sadistic little thing.

        The evidence indicates “stardust” became conscious. You have no evidence for your petty god at all.

        I’m sorry that poor Eddie can’t grasp what omniscient and omnipotent means. It’s a shame he thinks it makes anyone “sexy”. That might be his problem.


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