32 thoughts on “YouTube SHORT: Debunking Darwin – Did Bird Eggs Evolve by Chance?

    1. Excellent refutation of the video…not! How did the laws of physics create an egg with all the needs of the embryo finely tuned? If it was trial and error, birds would have been unable to reproduce and would have died out. Eberlin showed that each part of an egg had to be there from the start, and that suggests foresight and planning.


      1. And all the Muslim has is “nuh-uh” and nothing to support his claims.

        Alas, there is no fine-tuning, but that’s a common lie from theists. Alas, embryos often fail and cease to live. So much for your lies of fine-tuning.

        The laws of physics control chemistry and biology, so that’s how this works dear. We have arisen from them, so we fit them. No god needed.

        It was trial and error and sometimes things work out, so you again fail. I have no idea who “eberlin” is but alas they are ignorant in basic biology since eggs evolved. They didn’t start out with shells, etc.

        Before attacking something you are completely ignorant on, do some research so you don’t present yourself as lazy and incompetent.


      2. 🤣🤣 Oh the irony from the atheist! That’s basically what you did: say “nuh-uh” and give nothing to support your claim.
        Fine tuning doesn’t mean there is no suffering or death. Life doesn’t have to be perfect for there to be evidence of purpose.
        You clearly don’t know what fine tuning even means. Lol!
        And then you just repeated the same idiotic claim, without evidence! How did the laws of physics create life, dear? That’s the question that you can’t seem to answer. All you’re doing is giving a “just so” response, which is ironically what Marcos Eberlin criticizes in his book.
        Stop blindly repeating the likes of of Dawkins and other discredited atheists. You’re embarrassing yourself, you moron. 😂


      3. Alas, that is not what happened, despite your false claims.

        Fine tuning would mean that there should be no suffering or death. If there is either, then your god is an incompetent moron, causing harm that is needless.

        Again, we don’t know how life occurs *yet*. We may never know completely. Still no evidence for your god and again, yuo still have nothing more than a god of the gaps argument.

        Poor Eberlin, a chemist who is a liar and who doesn’t understand basic biology. That’s so sad.

        Alas, no one has “discredited” what Dawkins has noted about evolutionary theory or the lies of theists. but do show where this has occured, dear. Surely you can, right?


      4. 🤣🤣 Tell me you don’t understand fine tuning without telling me you don’t understand fine tuning.

        You are an imbecile. Fine tuning refers to how the universe seems to be designed to sustain life. That doesn’t mean life would be immortal, you idiot.

        No theist ever believed God designed the world to be perfect. Rather, he designed it to be a test. That includes facing trials.

        Atheists like to say science hasn’t discovered something “yet”, but they have faith that it will. How adorable! 🤣

        And no moron, it’s not a “God of the gaps” argument. Eberlin and other ID proponents don’t claim that the designer is God. They merely claim, based on the evidence, that there is good reason to believe there was a designer, just as we can infer that a computer is designed by an intelligent agent. Get it, moron?

        And oh look, the brainless idiot STILL hasn’t provided any evidence for her claims! What a fantastic fantasy world this atheist troglodyte lives in! It must be nice to be able to make any stupid accusation and yet not feel obligated to provide evidence. 😂

        Unlike your discredited fellow idiot Dawkins, guys like Eberlin actually make valid arguments using logic and evidence.


      5. and yep, the Muslim can’t explain fine-tuning, which he claims exists, and can’t show that it exist or that his god does anything at all.

        Fine-tuning does mean that the universe is exactly meant for humans, when theists make the claim. That doesn’t mean that 99.999…% is lethal to humans, which it is. Even on the earth, most of it can’t be inhabited by humans without technology. Your god is quite incompetent if you want to claim a designer, since that means your god was so stupid as to make our main energy source, give humans cancer. This also holds for DNA since it fails often, and thus this world is not “finely” tuned for human life. If it where, DNA would never fail since humans require it to exist.

        It is a god of the gaps argument, used by you and your creationist friends. You are too ignorant to know about anything else, so you must insist that “god” did anaything you are ignorant about.

        “God of the gaps (or a divine fallacy) is a logical fallacy that occurs when believers invoke Goddidit (or a variant) in order to account for some natural phenomena that science cannot (at the time of the argument) explain. This concept resembles what systems theorists[1] refer to as an “explanatory principle”.[2] “God of the gaps” is a bad argument not only on logical grounds, but on empirical grounds: there is a long history of “gaps” being filled and the remaining gaps for God thus getting smaller and smaller, suggesting “we don’t know yet” as an alternative that works better in practice; naturalistic explanations for still-mysterious phenomena always remain possible, especially in the future where research may uncover more information.[3]

        Invoking a God of the Gaps is a didit fallacy and an ad hoc fallacy, as well as an argument from incredulity or an argument from ignorance, and is thus an informal fallacy.”

        there is no evidence for a “designer” and poor theists, you can’t agree on which one you want to claim is the “real” one.

        Alas, Eberline doesn’t make valid arguments since he can’t show evidence his claims are true. You desperately hope they are, since you have nothing else but false nonsense for your imaginary god and his mouthpiece.


      6. 🤣🤣 The moron is still ranting? Who’d you cut and paste from this time?

        Yeah, you just don’t know what fine tuning is. What a shame. This is what happens when idiots with an internet education try to comment on things they don’t understand.


      7. 🤣🤣 The moron still doesn’t understand what fine tuning is, and that no one ever claimed that fine tuning means the world has to be perfect! This is another embarrassing performance for the brain-dead atheist!


      8. 😂😂 Again, you embarrass yourself. Fine tuning means the world is meant to support life, and yes, also meant for humans. That doesn’t mean humans will be perfect and immortal, dummy. It means the world is suited for us to live and survive, which we do.


      9. If the world is meant to support life, do tell why the sun gives out radiation that kills life if fine-tuning is true.

        this should be fun.

        “Again, you embarrass yourself. Fine tuning means the world is meant to support life, and yes, also meant for humans. That doesn’t mean humans will be perfect and immortal, dummy. It means the world is suited for us to live and survive, which we do.”


      10. 🤣🤣 Oh my, the poor dear is still persisting in her stupidity!

        The sun gives off radiation, but the earth’s distance and position are just right to allow for life, dummy. Seriously, how stupid can you be?


      11. Nice appeal to authority logical fallacy. Alas, an ignorant man is still ignorant and still has no evidence for his lies no matter how many degrees he may have.

        I do love when idiots like Eberlin also are liars who try to claim that useless medicine will work for covid. Yep, idiots who have no education in the subjects they attack are terribly stupid, just like the theists who believe them.


      12. Hahaha, you idiot, you’re the one who said Eberlin was “ignorant”, without giving evidence as usual. I was merely pointing out that he actually is an academic scientist, whereas you are some loser who read one too many books by Dawkins.

        And you keep making moronic accusations without providing an iota of proof. What kind of a loser are you? 😂


      13. no, dear, you are trying to claim that an ignorant man who has no background in biology, genetics etc, is somehow to be believed about his baseless claims because he has a degree in something else.


    2. @täuschenfreud

      Good gosh woman, don’t you have sandwiches to make?

      “nothing to support his claims.”


      Speaking about facts and proofs, I have a very simple question which I like using to toy with atheist debate lords, what gives life to an organism?

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      1. poor dear, you want me to remain in the kitchen and barefoot? Tsk. Alas, you can’t show me wrong and have nothing but attempts to be insulting. Insults only work if the opinion of the person making the insult is considered worth something.

        Oh noes, one more christian who has nothing but a god of the gaps argument! We don’t know what gives life to an organism *yet*. We may never know completely. Alas, still no evidence for any gods, including your version of the Islamic one. I do like watching how theists of all types can’t show that their imaginary friend exists.


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