One thought on “New Video: The Bible is not “inerrant”: Michael Jones & Jesus’ last words in the Gospels

  1. Vaqas Rehman

    It was sure nice of Michael Jones to provide, in only a few seconds, a refutation of christians who try useing the hadith of an unnamed prophet(a.s) saying “my Lord forgive my people/nation for they do not know” to prove the death of Jesus(a.s).

    In all seriousness I’m amazed that Michael or any christian could use this argument or facts IN FAVOR of the gospels. It’s like when Jews use the “Aspects Theory/Aspects Approach” to reconcile the doublets & contradictions in the torah. Sure you can say that said flaws are actually features of the text & their not meant to be strictly literal. That still leaves a basic question though , “what actually happened?” If we can’t use these texts to determine the actual history & events then christians & jews should stop saying or thinking they do. Nor should they be surprised when a new revelation comes with a different description of events.

    You know the expression “a broken clock is right twice a day”

    This would be the equivalent reading a broken clock at the correct time, but STILL getting the time wrong.

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