4 thoughts on “YouTube SHORT: Jesus’ crucifixion was prophesied in Daniel 9?

  1. Adolf Hitter

    Hi, can you publish a post about the Catholic “miracle” of the Sun in portugal? while it’s a conspiracy theory to any reasonable researcher, it, like all other conspiracy theories, falsification-resistant as it is reinforced by circular reasoning. However, if you could publish one, you would have dealt a massive damage to Christianity. Perhaps it will teach Christians to reason.

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    1. Adolf Hitter

      The funny thing is they cherry-pick and present pseudoscientists who would say it was actually a miracle. If they look deep enough they’ll find pseudoscientists who would bring “evidence” in support of reincarnation or ancient pagan pseudoscientific practices, and these obviously conflict with Catholic beliefs.

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  2. Eddie Ed


    Part of the problem with answering this question is the underlying question of “which Daniel?”. There is a major textual problem here in that Daniel is a book that has been heavily redacted over time and existed in multiple very different versions. I’ll list the different versions of verse 9.25-26 here so you can see the problem, the NETS is the New English Translation of the Septuagint, and contains a good introduction to Daniel. A good secondary resource would be the entry in the Anchor Bible Dictionary by John J. Collins:

    end quote


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