NASA Disproves the Gospels! 😲

As if there wasn’t enough evidence that the canonical gospels (Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John) are not historically reliable accounts of the life of Jesus (peace be upon him), there is undeniable proof that the story of the “darkness” that covered the earth during the crucifixion is a pious myth, not in the sense that the gospel writers simply made it up, but because they confused the date of an actual solar eclipse that had occurred a few weeks before the alleged date of the crucifixion.
To begin, Mark 15:33, Matt 27:45 & Luke 23:45 say that “darkeness” covered the land during the crucifixion. The Gospel of John does not mention it all. Luke specifically says that the sun “stopped shining”:
“…for the sun stopped shining. And the curtain of the temple was torn in two.”
It is obvious that this refers to a solar eclipse. Church fathers like Ephrem the Syrian confirmed this.
Figure 1: Ephrem the Syrian’s commentary on the “darkness” that allegedly covered the earth during the crucifixion (Source: Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, New Testament III: Luke [electronic edition], ed. Arthur A. Just Jr. [Downers Grove, Ill.: InterVarsity Press, 2003], 368).
This would have occurred on April 3, 33 CE (the most common date given for the crucifixion). But is there any evidence for a solar eclipse around that time?
According to NASA, an eclipse did occur in the year 33 BUT it was on March 19, 33, which was 15 days before the alleged crucifixion.
Figure 2 – Dates for eclipses as determined by NASA (Source:
So, is it possible that the gospel writers had that eclipse in mind but got the date wrong when they wrote their respective accounts several decades later? Well, no. The March 19 eclipse would not have been visible from Jerusalem, but only from near Antarctica (

The other possibility is that it was simply made up. Either way, this discrepancy between the gospels and the scientific evidence disproves the gospels. Ergo, the so-called “New Testament” is not “inerrant”.
And Allah (Glorified and Exalted be He) knows best!

3 thoughts on “NASA Disproves the Gospels! 😲

      1. Adolf Hitter

        How many contradictions in the Bible? in exact number?
        There is more than one or two. There are hundreds. That’s because the Bible was written by different authors, some of which weren’t related to the others.

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