5 thoughts on “NEW VIDEO: “Wisemen” or Pagan Astrologers?

  1. Carl

    Carl here again. This reminds me of that astrological reference to three bright stars in Zeitgest part 1. “Wisemen” gives me Sailor Moon vibes. You mean, the entire Nativity story IYO seems unreliable to you?


    1. I think the author made up the part about the magi. There was a real meeting of some “magi” from Armenia with Nero, and they even went back to Armenia through a different route. This sounds strangely similar to Matthew’s story. I think “Matthew” liked to embellish stories with his own imagination.

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  2. Adolf Hitter

    Another instance of Christian hypocrisy is visible. They claim to be followers of an Abrahamic religion (hint: it’s quite the contrary, most of them follow a heathen religion with ancient Greek elements, however despite lying being condemned in the Bible they do not stop lying) yet they follow the example of those 3 pagan astrologers.

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    1. Adolf Hitter

      Interestingly, the number of persons of trinity is 3 and the number of those astrologers was also 3. Maybe the number of the astrologers influenced the core doctrine of traditional Christianity?

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