20 thoughts on “BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT: I am a father again!

    1. First of all, why are you spending so much time reading such material, if you faith is so easily shaken, instead of spending the time on learning the deen? I get these kinds of questions all the time from young brothers, who are mostly in their teens. My advice would be to stop surfing on the internet, and spend more time reading books on Islam.

      Here is a good discussion by Hamza Tzortzis on the embryology issue: https://archive.org/details/EmbryologyInTheQuranHamzaAndreasTzortzis/page/n47/mode/1up?view=theater

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      1. Hisham

        I saw his article by coincidence when I was searching about the topic of science in the Quran. I tried to write on the open forum but it didn’t appear.


      2. “The last part of his article about plagarization and the word nutfa.”

        I kinda remember the gist of his arguments and all I have to say that context denotes meaning that’s it as simple as that, Hamza’s interpretation was in line with Lisan Al Arab and Ibn Kathir while disguise was trying to force his interpretation ignoring context

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      1. “I didn’t read those but If you have anything specific please quote it so everyone can help”

        I mean in regards to the romans and splitting of the sea


    1. “What about the plagarization part from Talmud?”

      Sorry for being laid back but I really don’t see where’s the issue here unless someone is tryna make a case that the hadiths have scientific miracles, even if his quotation of the Talmud is accurate it doesn’t necessarily denote plagiarism, it could simply be a factual statement on both sides as simple as that

      “defeat of the Romans”

      Adnan Oktar is a weirdo and unsurprisingly he has a habit of putting his own views and translations, refer to Tafsir at Tabari for that verse

      “sea splitting”

      Lol It’s scientifically factual that zones of partitions exists, he’s ignoring findings while arguing about semantics


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      1. Hisham

        What about this Hadith?

        Judama daughter of Wahb, sister of Ukkasha reported: I went to Allah’s Messenger along with some persons and he was saying: I intended to prohibit cohabitation with the suckling women, but I considered the Romans and Persians, and saw that they suckle their children and this thing (cohabitation) does not do any harm to them (to the suckling women).


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