Mr. Q will soon be on Amazon, inshaAllah!

As-salaam alaikum! I have BIG news! I have decided to start publishing my articles on Amazon as printed books. I have already reviewed and submitted my first book and it is now being reviewed by Amazon. The process can take up 72 hours, after which the book will be available for sale. I chose to publish the article on the Book of Revelation (with slight changes) first, as it is one of my favorite topics. The picture of the cover below is from the rough draft. The final version will look a little different (you can see I made a note on the cover as I was editing it!).

I would like to point out that the articles will remain on the blog, and new ones will continue to be published, inshaAllah. Free PDFs will also be continue to be available. I decided to publish books as an extra option for those who prefer reading books rather than stare at a PDF on a computer screen. I also prefer books myself. 😉

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