NEW VIDEO: Michael Jones just can’t help refuting Christianity (and embarrassing David Wood)!

Michael Jones tries to refute a Muslim, but ends up refuting Christianity and his friend David Wood. 🤦‍♂️

4 thoughts on “NEW VIDEO: Michael Jones just can’t help refuting Christianity (and embarrassing David Wood)!

  1. Lol Michael Jones is a textbook example of why a philosopher mustn’t step out of his lane, if ever you have an exchange with him can you please link him my comments about the trinity on the hall of shame page coz I haven’t got any decent answer yet


  2. Lmao all you did was say Michael Jones made a mistake which he did he spoke an accident of words. What he said doesn’t accidentally refute Christianity. However if when will ever Muslims realize that even if there are mistakes in Christianity doesn’t mean Islam can escape withought grand points and holes in it which indeed Islam is false if not then 2k females wouldn’t be abused sexually every year. I think that are many good faith humans in Islam. But Islam is the enemy the corrupt ideology that corrupts males and females. Which should be discarded since it’s false. And last time I checked Christianity is confirmed by the Quran and a few notable good faith Muslims who admit Jesus Christ did die on the cross in agony and rise from death to Life. Islam for the majority of it’s history and still does kill other Arabians for converting to Christianity. And practically proves Islam false. If you need to kill someone because they convert to another religion this must means there’s a secret that is hidden from the ignorant naive population which is controlled by such dangerous ideology. Amen!


  3. stewjo004

    Down the line:

    1. It’s not a slip of the tongue the context of the Isaiah’s is Israel

    2. You have yet to prove our “holes”

    3. While the 2k shouldn’t have happened in, our GRAND numbers of over 2,000,000,000 people that’s…actually insanely good

    4. How do we corrupt the ideology of males and females when you all are the ones struggling with your genders at the moment?

    5. Islam doea not confirm Christianity and we clearly call you misguided disbelievers

    6. Nobody cares what ignorant heretics say. The crucifixtion is easily disproving see my Crucifiction series

    7. Whole Muslims differ on application, apostasy laws are in the Bible dumb@$$

    And Christians punished apostasy with death in Theodosian law codes

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