Christian commenter thinks rape and bestiality were not “sins” before the law of Moses was revealed…(no, really) 🤦‍♂️

In a discussion with a complete moron (sorry, but it needs to be said) named Larry, I asked this Christian why his god tolerated Abraham’s marriage to Sarah, when according to the text, they were HALF-SIBLINGS (i.e., they committed incest). To get around this problem, Larry claimed that it was not a “sin” since his god had not revealed a law banning it, at least not until the Law of Moses was revealed. In other words, he thinks that a particular act would only qualify as a “sin” IF God had specifically said it was a sin. To show how utterly idiotic this line of argumentation is, I asked Larry if RAPE and BESTIALITY were considered “sins” before the Law of Moses was revealed. Here was his response:

“Loool take time to think.. For something to be consider a sin it has to come from God, then that will require you to believe in God. If God have not send down the law and people decides among themselves what they consider right or wrong then that’s what anyone will follow…that’s what we call moral … if at the time they consider Rape as a moral thing to do then its not a sin for them because God has not condemned it.. it only become a sin when God say so… Your problem is You think you and God are the same or you think you know better than God.. You want to know why God didn’t condemned it earlier before Moses.. and for that reason you think God is Bad….”

I mean, really? This is the state of these Christians. They are willing to throw their own god under the bus just to get away from admitting that their religion is a fraud. He really thinks that his god did not reveal any moral laws before the Law of Moses and that immoral acts like incest and rape would not have been considered to be “sins”.

2 thoughts on “Christian commenter thinks rape and bestiality were not “sins” before the law of Moses was revealed…(no, really) 🤦‍♂️

  1. mr.heathcliff

    This actually can justify amalekite attack against israel. They had no laws, no divine guidance ect…so why were hebrew slaughter rituals applied on infants and unborn?


    1. mr.heathcliff

      One can understand amalekite butchering israel from larrys perspective, but why israel, after it got command “do not murder” did it kill amalemite infants?

      it gets worse

      Pharoah had no divine guidance either….

      So his enslavement and butchering of yahood must be normal like walking in park or eating cake.


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