NEW VIDEO: “Herem Warfare and the Bible”

The Bible’s violent verses are well-known. While Christians and Jews offer different explanations for “problematic” verses like 1 Samuel 15:3 (the Amalekite genocide), they still end up trying to justify infanticide and mass murder. So the moral problem remains.

But it runs much deeper. There is an even more sinister aspect of the violence in the Bible, seen in the concept of “herem”. This video will discuss “herem” warfare and what it meant in the Ancient Near Eastern cultural context. If you haven’t heard about “herem” before, prepare to be shocked.

The video will also discuss the inconsistencies and contradictions between different books of the Bible vis a vis “herem” warfare.

One thought on “NEW VIDEO: “Herem Warfare and the Bible”

  1. stewjo004

    To add more salt to the wound and refute the “Quran supports the mass-murdering in our text by quoting Saul” argument, Allah says about the Jews:

    This is why I mandated on the Children of Israel that if anyone kills another person, unless it’s retaliation for murder or for the person causing evil in the land, it’s as if they killed all of humanity. And if anyone saves a life it’s as if they saved all of humanity. But even after My Messengers came to them in succession with clear directions and proof, the majority of them continued to go overboard in killing throughout the land. (5:32)

    So Allah notes they used to be ridiculous with the killing and has condemned them for it.

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