NEW VIDEO: “The Fall of the Dark Side | Muhammad vs Jesus | Episode IX |

This is the end. Darth Hammer and the Dark Side are finished once and for all. Make sure to watch till the end for a little Star Wars surprise!

This final video in the “Muhammad vs Jesus” series will cover the following topics:

The Marriage of Zaynab
Concubinage and rape
The Hafsa-Maria Incident
Beating wives
Women allegedly being called “stupid”
Alleged “Pagan” practices in Islam
Alleged “forged” stories in the Quran
Allah is a “deceiver” and Jesus was a “failed” prophet

2 thoughts on “NEW VIDEO: “The Fall of the Dark Side | Muhammad vs Jesus | Episode IX |

  1. 'Abd-arahman

    Aahh yes let’s compare jesus a person who claimed to be God ( according to the man worshippers) to Muhammed peace and blessings upon him who claims to be a human messenger and last of the prophets. Totally not a bad comparison. Seriously that’s like comparing Robin to darkseid like… Its ridiculous. These xtians are acting like stupid fan boys comparing the power levels of their favourite characters.

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