8 thoughts on “Watch “The Qur’an and the Secrets of Magic” on YouTube

  1. I wonder what Harut morphed into, perhaps a forgotten diety…when I used to read about Babylonian mythology I encountered the name Harduk a couple of times mostly as personal names, “aharutu” doesn’t yield any relevant result for more digging, well if the name Harduk really is some variant of aharutu then we all know what can be a possible source

    As for gematria, I’m almost certain you yankees aren’t familiar with it but I noticed that it is very similar the hindu Anka Shastra which an extension of ancient hindu numerology, each alphabet has a numerical connotation (basic gematria concept) and sometimes the names of hindu deities (this is only a little slice of a bulky spiritual concept) are converted into a combination of numbers for protection or good luck…here’s the thing the numbers are often arranged into a set of squares which has close familiarity with amulets of black magic especially here the in the east it’s not uncommon to find taweez with numbers arranged in squares which cannot deciphered except by the “magician” or “peer” himself, I remember that video of Tim Humble in which he finds similar stuff

    As for the Jewish bowls, the video should’ve gone into more details coz here’s one interesting quote I found from a researcher

    “Another male demon is Bagdana, who in fact sometimes helps humans. On the bowls he is shown as someone who helps the magus – the maker of the bowl – in his war on other demons.”


    Using Jinns to deal with other Jinns so as to provide the afflicted with some relief is a common practice in sorcery

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      1. mr.heathcliff

        “Using Jinns to deal with other Jinns so as to provide the afflicted with some relief is a common practice in sorcery”

        in the testament of solomon a jinn is used to.do over.another jinn

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