Watch “David Wood, Sam Shamoun & Anthony Rogers Vs Shaykh Uthman Ibn Farooq” on YouTube

The three stooges of Christianity (Hassamo, Wood, and Anthony Rogers) attempted to take on Sheikh Uthman at his Dawah booth. May Allah bless the sheikh for his calm and collected exchange with these losers. 😂

4 thoughts on “Watch “David Wood, Sam Shamoun & Anthony Rogers Vs Shaykh Uthman Ibn Farooq” on YouTube

  1. omihi12

    Do you know some great books about logic and this stuff? I love this sheikh’s way of arguing. I want to learn more about it 🙂


    1. 1) Have a proper foundation

      2) Always be open minded and skeptical at the same time in other words adopt a “convince me” attitude when listening to your counterpart

      3) Stew/Drake can help you with links for a proper foundation in Islam and Christianity as well

      4) Number 1 and 2 pretty much summarizes bulky books, the specifics are just about unimportant techniques and styles of argument when you can just go with the flow

      5) Patience mah dude, I lack patience a lot and always end up fighting when arguing with stupid people which makes me look like a school kid arguing about Naruto power levels on otaku forums…not really a good sight for others reading or listening


  2. mr.heathcliff

    yhwh went to the toilet

    christian doctrine:
    who = son
    what = human nature
    what 2 = divine nature

    anthony rogers:
    “in virtue of human nature”

    he is answering a WHAT question and deliberately avoiding a who question lol


    1. mr.heathcliff

      the kuffar tried to say Allah is a composite…i wish uthman used the essential vs accident argument to show.that yhwh is either three distinct essences or composed of non-ESSENTIAL ACCIDENTS

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